Danny Farquhar throws out first pitch at White Sox game

The White Sox pitcher made a miraculous comeback after suffering a brain aneurysm during a game in April.
3:04 | 06/02/18

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Transcript for Danny Farquhar throws out first pitch at White Sox game
Teammate. Fifth on Chicago's south side and throughout the ceremonial first pitch sparking another step in his incredible recovery and possible return to thinking that he months. It was just one pitch. But regaining far acquire it was eight any ordinary pitch it was my first time there on since April when it. The thing that caught me off guard as a whole team coming out. To the mound. I thought that was an incredibly special moment. The White Sox pitcher flanked by his baseball family throwing for the first time since the brain and you risen nearly took his life 42 days ago. Danny recalls virtually nothing about the incident. For five days. After my surgery was my first memory. It's still spot again so you remember I think. But for his wife flax seed and the mother of his three children. Remember outsourcing your life and I mean at first thing that they told me when I wait needs an emergency room wives as if you meet that burden and you let your family the whole. I'm two that this threat that was that came into the that trainer told my hat head pains. And that passed out. And I've started bombing. We ten minutes he was at the hospital so. This is the scar from opening a school where he'd spend seventeen days in the icy hill after undergoing two surgeries. You were fighting for your life and surgery she knows it better if they have to come out scared. If they can open up my X Baltic. The first procedure they were doing words there's a good chance ever become a part of my brain that was gonna prevent it walking. Considering the statistics Farc whereas recovery is now being short of remarkable. An estimated six million people in the US have a brain and your ism. 30000 experience a potentially deadly rupture every year. And only a third of bill survivors. Are able to return to a way of life similar to that prior to their rupture. I heard that number is I definitely need my front fell a little bit. I've known Danny for a long time and it didn't think anything like that with efforts comments coming in of the top one. I love he has society and today is a really important step towards a figuring out if he has a future in based out doctors said that. He can try pitching he's been cleared to throw today but he says because the surgery was on the left side of his brain which controls the rights and he's a righty he says. I won't know if I had ain't if I can hit my spots until I start from Wayne. Until it starts throwing today which starts today it's like I don't know man so today tonight an indication today can we get clothes indicate pretty get with a first and say look I. I don't happen even in just that he survived this that he's walking talking that he's able to throw the ball at all at least already announced such amazing progress and amazing act and it's great to see a smile on submitting this.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"The White Sox pitcher made a miraculous comeback after suffering a brain aneurysm during a game in April.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55604607","title":"Danny Farquhar throws out first pitch at White Sox game","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/danny-farquhar-throws-pitch-white-sox-game-55604607"}