Daveed Diggs talks about what fans can expect from 'Hamilton' on Disney+

The actor, rapper and producer starred in the original Broadway production as both Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette, and now stars in the TNT series, "Snowpiercer."
6:17 | 06/29/20

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Transcript for Daveed Diggs talks about what fans can expect from 'Hamilton' on Disney+
started with us here. We are counting down to Friday. That's when everybody can finally watch "Hamilton" on Disney plus. I already have that appointment with my daughters. We are celebrating all week long here and, robin, you have a great guest to help us kick off the week. I certainly do. He is a Tony and grammy award winning actor, rapper, producer and he starred in the original Broadway production as beau Thomas Jefferson and marquis de Lafayette. So happy to have daveed Diggs joining us on "Gma." Multitalented. I'm telling you, I am so appreciative of this time we have together. So just tell us a little bit here. Word on the street is when you were approached about doing this "Hamilton" on Broadway, you were like, um, I'm not too sure about this. You had mixed reviews? I just thought it was a bad idea. This is well before Broadway. This is before there was even a whole play, but Tommy, our director approached me and said, Lin is writing a hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton. That is a terrible idea. I stand by that. You can tell me that today and I would tell you that's a terrible But it all worked out and worked out big time and the movie, oh, my goodness. It is the actual Broadway show. The movie is the actual Broadway show. You were sent a link and I understand you haven't taken a look at it. Yes, I still haven't watched Why is that. Here's what I like about theater is that I never have to watch myself. That is, in fact, why I do plays and so, you know, this is no exception for me. I'm a little nervous to watch it, honestly, because I'm so critical of myself but eventually I will. I would love to relive all the wonderful things my castmates did. Okay, so you may want to look away. Because we're going to show a clip for folks at home to give them an idea. I'm good. Okay. Here it is right now for everybody else. Alexander was on Washington's doorstep one day in distress and disarray sndz said I have nowhere else to turn and basically begged me to join the fray I approached Madison and said I know you hate him but let's hear what he has to say well, I arranged the meeting, I arranged the menu, the venue, the seating but in the room where it happened in the room where it happened the room where it happened Such a work of art. So many people have said that. Sounds great. I hope you will watch it. I'll be in therapy for the rest of my life. What do you want people where we are right now in this world N. This country, what is your hope that they'll take away from watching it? Well, we're in this moment in our country with a renew add wareness around the black lives matter movement and the deaths of George Floyd and breonna Taylor and rayshard brooks and this movement is led by young people, those are the folks we see really out here leading the charge and this is a film about how young people change the world. You got to remember "Hamilton" and all the sons of liberty from 18, 19 years old and fighting in the revolution. These big ideas came out of very young people and young people are the folks who gravitated toward this show first so I hope they find a source of inspiration for their continuing movement. It has been something to see how young people have taken to the streets and how they have also with "Hamilton," how they have their own adaptation of it and it's been something to watch. You are so busy. I cannot turn on TV without seeing a promo for "The snowpiercer." That tnt show and also -- I want to ask you something here, daveed, I read in "Variety," you and Anthony Mackey had this really deep conversation, dialogue talking about as a lead, as a black man playing the lead, do you feel a sense of responsibility with the rest of the project to make sure that there is inclusion and diversity like in the writers' room? I do. Here's the thing is like I'm not at a point where I have to say yes to everything so if I'm in a show it says something about me at this point. I said yes to this at the exclusion of other things so I have a responsibility to make sure that the show is diverse in all senses but I think everybody should feel that responsibility. I don't really think that should only fall on the shoulders of the black leads in shows. We should as an industry be taking that on. Well said, well said. I applaud that. "Little mermaid." Can't ask about that or the Disney lawyers will come after you but I know you'll be playing Sebastian in "The little mermaid." I cannot confirm or deny. I'll let you off the hook there but let me ask you real quick, are we going to see you back on "Black-ish" as Johan? I love seeing you on "Black-ish." I love that show and I love Johan and I do miss playing him. It's nothing but schedule, you know. That's the only thing that's been keeping me from being on there for sure. That's a nice problem to have, my man. That's a nice problem to have that you are so busy and rightfully so. Rightfully so. Hey, but thank you for getting up and joining us on putting on pants. I know sometimes you say you forget to put on pants while You don't know if I'm wearing pants or not, robin. You have no clue. Okay. Stay seated. Stay seated. It's a morning show. Stay seated. Thank you and "Hamilton" will be available to stream exclusively on Disney plus and it starts this Friday.

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{"duration":"6:17","description":"The actor, rapper and producer starred in the original Broadway production as both Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette, and now stars in the TNT series, \"Snowpiercer.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71507429","title":"Daveed Diggs talks about what fans can expect from 'Hamilton' on Disney+","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/daveed-diggs-talks-fans-expect-hamilton-disney-71507429"}