'Descendants 3' stars remember Cameron Boyce

In an emotional interview, director Kenny Ortega and stars Booboo Stewart and Sofia Carson struggled to put into words just how special Boyce was to them.
5:24 | 08/01/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Descendants 3' stars remember Cameron Boyce
We are back with "The descendants" cast and director speaking out about Cameron Boyce after the Disney star's sudden death at just 20 years old. T.J. Holmes spoke with him. It seems like Cameron is leaving a real impact on them and so many more. People say nice things about people who pass. But still I have never in my life seen anything like this. To a person they describe Cameron Boyce as somehow other worldly how extraordinary of an individual he was. As difficult as it was for him to talk, Cameron would want -- we're not going to focus on what we lost but how incredible his 20 years were. We've been through a lot together. Cameron, even when he was around, is the hardest person to put into words, you know. Sorry. When he walked into the room the light changed and the energy shifted. One, two, three. Reporter: Director Kenny Ortega and dove Cameron and booboo Stewart still struggle to find words to describe how special Cameron Boyce was. That's hard because he is such a wonderful like -- he was just Cameron. Like literally just Cameron. Like he was the person you would always ask for if you needed to talk to someone. He was that person for everybody. Even when he was standing still, right, he was bioluminescent. He was lit from the inside out. Reporter: He was best known for roles in "Jesse" and the ongoing franchise "Descendants" where he starred as the fun-loving son of cruella de Vil. He died have an epileptic seizure. This is the first time his co-stars are sitting down together. I'm 69 years old. Been alive long enough to have witnessed some pretty tough stuff. This was as tough as it gets. I didn't realize that I had as deep a place for pain to come from that the shock and awe of this unfathomable idea of losing this beautiful soul with such promise to this world could possibly be real. This was the first time I ever dealt with anything like this and something that you might have said it, someone said it. Just to be okay with any thoughts that you have. It's fine. Like because when you're grieving, you think things -- I thought things I've never thought before. Do you remember the last conversations you individually had with him? Uh-huh. What were those? I mean it was pretty normal, you know, we -- we all expected to see each other a lot more. Oh, we were expecting to see each other a lot. For a lot more. You know, because we had a lot of press coming up that we were meant to be doing and we always did it together. Booboo, you remember? Yeah, the last time I saw him we were actually just -- we were at the radio Disney music awards which was very recent and we were just planning to hang out and like make videos and we just liked creating stuff together. They were like two puppy brothers together. Oh, yeah. He was like my little brother. Reporter: Their other "Descendants" co-star Sofia Carson. If you could bottle up happiness, that was cam. He was pure happiness and pure joy. There really will never be any words to describe the pain and how much we miss him and not much helps except knowing that he lived life with more happiness than anyone I've ever Reporter: The final installment in "The descendants" franchise set for release Friday will be dedicated to Boyce and followed by a tribute video. I think that as absolutely heartbreaking as this one is, it is a personal loss for so many young people who watched Disney. I truly think the best thing we can do for them is to remember Cameron exactly as he was in the most positive light, but not to avoid it. Reporter: Their five-year "Descendants" journey is coming to an end without one of their brightest stars and there sure leaves a long legacy. Cameron said something. He said we all go. He said -- What you leave should be bigger than you. What you leave here has to be bigger than you and I think it's important for us all to make every beat count. Every moment count. And, look, there were more smiles than tears this that interview as they talked about him, he got going. They couldn't help but light up. He was described by one of his co-stars as sunshine in shoes. You just don't hear that kind of stuff and on one note their plan now, they have to have a pool party because the last conversation that Ortega had with Boyce, he knocked on his window, his car window and said, hey, you're behind on planning our pool party so me and booboo are going to do it ourselves. They're going to have a pool party. Man, that hit them hard. What a legacy for someone so young. Definitely had an impact. Thank you, T.J. You got it, guys. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"In an emotional interview, director Kenny Ortega and stars Booboo Stewart and Sofia Carson struggled to put into words just how special Boyce was to them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64703703","title":"'Descendants 3' stars remember Cameron Boyce","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/descendants-stars-remember-cameron-boyce-64703703"}