Diane Warren up for her 12th Oscar nomination

The legendary songwriter of classics like "Because You Loved Me," "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" and "Stand Up for Something" joins "GMA" to talk about her upcoming Oscar nomination for "IO SÌ (SEEN)."
5:30 | 04/10/21

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Transcript for Diane Warren up for her 12th Oscar nomination
We are back now with that sharing song from the Italian motion picture "The life ahead." Legendary songwriter Diane Warren nabbed her 12th Oscar nomination for co-writing that song. Her other movie tunes like "Because you loved me," "I don't want to miss a thing" and "Stand up for something." The list goes on and on, they've all been part of the soundtrack of our lives so we're rolling out the red carpet and welcoming Diane Warren to the show. Diane, good morning to you. It's great to have you on a Saturday. Good morning. Hi. So you've been nominated for oscars over five decades going back to the '80s with "Nothing's going to stop us now" from "Mannequin." Does it feel any different now going into this year's ceremony? What's it like for you. It's always great. I want to say I started out when I was 5 so, my first nomination, just kidding. You know, it's always -- it's amazing. I mean, to be nominated, yeah. That many times. I haven't won yet but I've -- it's great to have all these songs that people seem to love and it's amazing, so I'm pretty honored. It's amazing. You've had 12 nominations but you haven't won yet so maybe this is the year. Let's talk about your song, "Lo si," part of the title that is in Italian. And you got to spend time on set with Sophia Loren. What was that like? It was amazing. We went to the set when she was, you know, filming a pretty heavy scene in the movie and I read the script and what usually -- when I do a song for a movie I usually just read the script before seeing the movie. This time I got to see the whole energy of it and I took that with me but meeting Sophia was amazing. That day, I wanted to get a selfie with her. She said, I can't do a selfie. I'm dying today. I don't have any makeup on. It was kind of funny. It was pretty amazing to experience that and I'm so honored I got to write the song for her movie. And you've worked with some of the biggest stars an artists in the business, Celine Dion, aerosmith, Carrie Underwood, lady gaga, the list goes on and on. Don't mean to put you on the spot but seriously who is your favorite to work with? All of them. This year it's Laura pausini, and she's one of the best singers on the planet and, you know, when the song had to be -- I wrote the song in English. I wrote the song and the movie is in Italian and we needed to put -- the song needed to be in Italian to fit the movie and Laura wrote these beautiful lyrics inspired by my song and, you know, so -- But what's it like though for an average person out there, you work with all these stars, to go to somebody like Celine Dion and you've written this song and you're exchanging ideas and she sings it a certain way. Do you ever think -- how do you tell her you don't like something and it should be done a different way? What is that like? Well, I'm lucky enough to -- if I work with a Celine or Laura pausini or singers, some of the singers I work with I don't really have to tell them anything. They kind of make what I do, you know, ten times better, you know, with their amazing voices. S, yeah, I usually don't. Sometimes the melody, like I'm like, can you try that? I'll never tell anybody how to sing in my life, I will never do that. Take us into the process a little bit because a lot of the songs that you've written have been a part of these incredible films of our lifetime. When you get -- when you get a new assignment like this, how do you approach that? How do you create? How do you get into that space in your mind to make a great song for the movies? Well, with this movie and I read the script and it really moved me. It was such a -- this was such a beautiful story about people that aren't seen by the outside world and through, you know, love and understanding and seeing each other through their hearts, they do see each other and they do love each other and we live in a time where we don't see each other at all. And so many people feeling invisible so the song took on added meaning, you know, outside of the movie. Inside of the movie actually it was so cool is once it was in Italian the director actually made the song part of the dialogue at the end so it wasn't just putting a song, you know, as an end credit song which there's nothing wrong with but this actually, you know, became madam Rosa leaving -- this is the message she was leaving with Momo in the movie and outside of the movie it became, you know, a whole other thing where people -- even with covid people feel really feel invisible and we're not seeing your family and we're not seeing your friends and here's a simple, you know, just a simple phrase, I want you to know that you're seen, you know, which is pretty, you know -- The music -- perfect way to connect on an emotional level there when so many of us are separated from the people we care about. Diane, we are rooting you on. Thank you so much for coming on the show this morning. Thank you. Can I say one more thing? Absolutely. The oscars are on my dad's birthday this year and I want to show a picture of him. That's my dad. Happy birthday, dad. Thank you. So I'm hoping this year. This is the one. No question about it, Diane, thank you once again. You can tune in to the academy awards on April 25th right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"The legendary songwriter of classics like \"Because You Loved Me,\" \"I Don't Want to Miss a Thing\" and \"Stand Up for Something\" joins \"GMA\" to talk about her upcoming Oscar nomination for \"IO SÌ (SEEN).\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76994385","title":"Diane Warren up for her 12th Oscar nomination","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/diane-warren-12th-oscar-nomination-76994385"}