Don Cheadle from 'Avengers: End Game' reveals 'BIG' news about the new Marvel movie

The star of the new Showtime series "Black Monday" reveals what fans can expect from his new comedy and gets an '80s flashback to his back-up video dancer days - live on "GMA."
5:02 | 01/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Don Cheadle from 'Avengers: End Game' reveals 'BIG' news about the new Marvel movie
Back now on "Gma" and our next guest, he's an Oscar nominated actor. He's played everything from a jazz musician to a superhero. You listening to this? The elements of the universe, Earth, wind and fire. And now this man is taking us back to the '80s. It's a new show called "Black Monday." Please welcome don Cheadle. ??? Say do you remember ??? What's up, man? Good to see you. How are you doing? This is so good. Thank you, thank you. How are you, my man? I'm good. You got the moves. We'll talk a little about that a little bit later. Yep. "Black Monday" is so good. Thank you, thank you. It's back in the '80s. What do you remember most? In the '80s, I had just graduated from college in '86 so I was trying to make it in '87, you know, some people talk about the stock market crash. I was talking about trying to buy top ramen. I don't have any money in the stocks so I'm good. It's based on 1987 black Monday that big crash. The big crash. And it's a group of traders who ostensibly made the most toxic trade and triggered the crash so, yeah. Not good. But it's a comedy so you can laugh about it. And Regina hall, your co-star in this and one thing I love about this, the '80s fashion. Yeah. So what was your style back in the '80s. My style was whatever I had to buy for auditions that I could hide the tag so that I could return it. The next day, yeah. That's how I did it. That's right. That's how you have to do it. That's the trick. I know. I didn't know that. A lot of people are relating to that right now. You want to very a little bit of "Black Monday"? Yeah. What kind of car you drive? I drive a Honda and you drive a Porsche. I don't drive -- A lamborghini limousine, a lambo limo. Aka a limo. Sow you get none of the speed of the lamborghini and -- It costs twice as much as both. This guy is not a car guy. You talked about the cast. There had to be a lot of improv. Yeah, like you said, Andrew Reynolds, Regina in this and Paul shearer and just a lot of people who understand comedy, a lot of improv going on on the set and a lot of that stuff fines its way into the show which is amazing because it makes it kinetic, live and have a great time on the set all the time. You know what, manage, your accolades say it all. So accomplished in so many ways and one thing we did a little digging in the vault. Uh-oh. This can't be good. You're an accomplished dancer. What? "It's the real thing" video. This is 1989. Yeah. There you go. You still got it. That's some '80s going on right there. You still got it. If I say yes it's something that makes me feel like you'll try to make me do it. Angela Winbush "It's the real thing" watching it last night and was like, don is getting it. That's funny, I tried to quit that job actually. I took a friend to the thing because he was a dancer. I'm not a dancer and Debbie Allen was directing the video and she said, you know, she said, don, why don't you come and try it. I said I can't do it. I did it a couple times. I'm going to quit. She wasn't going to let me stick. Like she had the stick in "Fame." No, baby, you can't quit. Super Debbie. I know you can't tell us too much about "The avengers." Can you give us a little something-something. Okay, you know they're very proprietary and hush-hush about it but you guys want -- All right, one thing, one thing this, is it. It comes out in April. That's it? That's it. That's all we get? You said a little something. Just for that we should make you dance but I wouldn't do that to you, man. But, hey, we love seeing you, always.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"The star of the new Showtime series \"Black Monday\" reveals what fans can expect from his new comedy and gets an '80s flashback to his back-up video dancer days - live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60416005","title":"Don Cheadle from 'Avengers: End Game' reveals 'BIG' news about the new Marvel movie","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/don-cheadle-dishes-black-monday-60416005"}