Dressing Room Reveal: This youth choir is sharing music with a message

The Renaissance Youth Center is bringing inner-city youth back to their communities through music.
10:01 | 07/12/18

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Transcript for Dressing Room Reveal: This youth choir is sharing music with a message
In the. A little and particularly good though a little bit better and more importantly so you can hear some great music. That people. Many people reveals often. Feels. Myself so much risk which office and sanctuary. Where the Florida after being on the morning. Opened up. Feel so. Is grave. And all of my nieces and abuse children. From orbit this girl cousins but it is essentially 75. Or they're already here and put on the way this Brady's life here. Has this been so much. Time. Something that's very important and we always had that much. Like your mother. Oh my goodness music suit the soul and had a mind. It's an interesting will reveal where this morning. Music. With that message about the name the band music wit aim an image it is big Renaissance you know. Center and bill. That. How much much happiness the next group. It was you know grounds with a weekend. The would have sonics all of the world's number answer all powerful weapon. Crazy uncle Lucas. We were great room it was so cute. I had the network e-book. Before you. Mr. Harris. That's wonderful. This is Renaissance center's aren't important right here exclude message recycled it is our property that we educate about. Now we see here is KC news and sports. And is plays for a great young people who are caught disconnected or illegal act risky. Cool minds as possible for us and we do that primarily through education. Music is huge part we'll do. I want. Here. The methods and their music that's. It's. A little new dangerous. New. And. Yeah okay. Yeah Imani OK and okay I'm okay. Yeah. And Idbihi. I don't know. Mean I don't. It's. A okay. Them. I. You. I'm. And America. Live and eating them not only. Okay. Yeah. And. And yeah. In reading and. Yeah. Okay. Okay. I. Yeah. Okay. Okay. And yeah. Okay. Oh yeah. Menendez. Okay. Man. None. Okay. Okay. You lose some blue. And the name. And. OK and that's but I thought that Michael Strahan went. Every morning really it's a little if that's I've never elect Barack. Beautiful name endlessly on you oh my goodness that he what what Clinton portrait is now well. My is how has the name 5025600. Million. Season low home I don't know all of. Asked who. Only Harris and Arizona. I. Oh. Okay. I am okay. OK yeah. OK. You know they didn't. And okay. Money and lives. Let me yeah. Yeah. Things money and yeah. Now I'm the yeah yeah. And I. Okay. Okay. Cool. Not on. The full confession. Commodity air morning America goes with it so much in the don't think primary. Even at this. You're beautiful baby food beautiful voice sounds just can't let because. Our futures are great and mr. execute the. I'm just pictures can you. I'm up for us what this means to you to everybody who's at fault I'm this link to welcome me because I tactics and trying. Some are doing what I enough with my family and thank goodness just do. It's something that can also being activist if these countless others and getting disconnected youth involved in. Music he's important as any instances. As many opportunities. And there's not any Coke and I'm asking me to use thoughtfully this country. We'll. So. Something I saw her. Still we're doing something called you connect so that he has the Jerusalem neighborhood I thought Nazi movement movie for TV. The 63 eight it's. So what he's been trying to do its final unseasonable and publishers you know and Obama's program where he wouldn't do it. We want to discount call business patent entity and find things that is due to get involved quite. Thanking god bless you thank you me again. Thank you for being so positive about music with a message it really use music music soothes the soul of that so many ways but they have a positive message as a whole. Oh yeah thing they know. Hey America I'm. Yeah. Yeah you'll have a great day.

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{"id":56515596,"title":"Dressing Room Reveal: This youth choir is sharing music with a message","duration":"10:01","description":"The Renaissance Youth Center is bringing inner-city youth back to their communities through music. ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/dressing-room-reveal-youth-choir-sharing-music-message-56515596","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}