Entertainment choices for the long holiday weekend

Jeremy Parsons from "People Now" recommends "binge-worthy" viewing choices this weekend.
3:43 | 05/23/20

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Transcript for Entertainment choices for the long holiday weekend
We do want to shift gears and talk about what we want to binge for the weekend. "People now's" Jeremy parsons is breaking down the buzziest entertainment to binge. Jeremy, you get the airhorn welcome as always. There it is, buddy. Cheers. Look at you with -- I don't even have a "Gma" mug. Me either. I stole one last time I was there. That's right. Nice move. Can't hate you for that. That's why your picture is up in the lobby, don't let this man -- Exactly. Yeah. I've been at home ever since. Of course, of course. And, hey, you know, I know you have kids as well, and first up there is a whole new way to experience Disney magic. Tell us more. Yeah, zenimation, this is really cool from Disney plus. It's from Walt Disney animation studios producing it. Here's how they describe it. An animated soundscape experience to give a moment of mindfulness which is right now up Dan's alley. This is a mash-up of scenes and settings from iconic Disney movies all stripped down to just the sound design that environment for those scenes and enhanced the sound and weave it all together. It has ten short themed episodes, water, cityscapes. Some of the titles. I watched a couple last night, guys. I was actually calm, and that may be because my little girls were not scream singing the songs because there are no songs. It's just warm soundscapes. Really good stuff. You can check it out. It's well done and it's on Disney plus. I plan to show it to my son but I have grave reservations about whether he's going to actually calm down. Or maybe he'll create his own song. Worth a try. Anything is worth trying. It's really well done. Well, up next for all the TV fans out there, where should we be turning? "Homecoming," season two on prime video. It's a heavy stylized psychological thriller. Julia Roberts starred in the first season. She's executive producing this season. This time around it's Janelle monae taking over the lead. We know her from "Hidden figures" and "Moonlight" she wakes up, doesn't know who she is, what's going on. I actually talked to Janelle earlier this week. She was so excited to be a part of this and recalled this great story about Julia Roberts, kind of seeing her work in the role for the first time and loving it and how excited she was. She's executive producer. We kind of learn what's happening in this series as Janelle does. It's really great. Love how the onion peels back. That's on prime video now. I saw season one, it's really good. I'm looking forward to seeing this one. Finally if we just finish "The last dance," the great Michael Jordan documentary on ESPN, do you have any recommendations for what to watch next? Yep, you can watch "Lance." It's on the next ESPN doc, this brutally honest interview with Lance bass -- not Lance bass -- Lance Amstrong. Different Lance. Lance Amstrong. His family, friends and even some of his enemies and covers Lance Amstrong's life from his rise as a world champion cyclist battling cancer and of course his epic fall from grace after that doping scandal. But it's not intended to be a rehabilitation of his image. The director really wanted to figure out what makes him tick, paint a full picture of who he is from all sides. Lance has no editorial control over this. So we're getting a pretty honest picture. And this was moved up after the success of "The last dance" from the fall, and then part two is next Sunday on ESPN. And the Lance bass documentary is on VH1? That's right. They're working on that. That is going to be -- I think that is in the fall, yeah, yeah. When I hear Lance, I think 'nsync too. Don't worry. Yeah, of course. Jeremy, so great to see you as always, and security will be and security will be knocking on your door. Good to see you too. Have a great weekend. Hard times. See you, bud. Talk soon. Of course, catch Jeremy hosting "People now" streaming weekdays at 1:00 P.M. Eastern and pick up this week's issue of "People" on newsstands

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Jeremy Parsons from \"People Now\" recommends \"binge-worthy\" viewing choices this weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70847471","title":"Entertainment choices for the long holiday weekend","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/entertainment-choices-long-holiday-weekend-70847471"}