Evangeline Lilly: 5 things to know about her role in Marvel's 'Ant-Man and the Wasp'

Lilly appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and talks about how she almost passed on the role of a lifetime in Marvel's "Ant-Man and the Wasp."
19:14 | 07/06/18

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Transcript for Evangeline Lilly: 5 things to know about her role in Marvel's 'Ant-Man and the Wasp'
I was a little over qualified to be on NC. My flying skills were off the charts and that you know I had to sort of decide whether or not it was willing to dumb down my talents aren't yet to do that. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers welcome to puff core. Where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's no movie now except ant man and one that's just fit and. This is history making move in a way because the lost my guest mentions in he's the first marvel. Woman to ever ever name in the title of a movie. Hate. With that in the contract and it's it's it's pretty amazing they didn't put it my contract. It actually was that I I knew I would take on the mantle of the watts when I signed up for at the first gig Edmunds. I mean I read the script and in description its students has spent time. But what they kept secret and they didn't tell me and didn't revealed until late we were well into. Pre production on and then in the watts. Was that her name would be tied up. And so they sent me they sent me the title cards as a surprise. So how would you eventually explained for those benighted souls. That still have no idea what the marvel universe it is. War what it means. Anything who your character hope thing done actually. Who is this one. First of all. I was one of those people nine years ago I was when marvel first approached me. To engage about the dialogue and you know if I would like to be a part of the and then Feller that would interest me. Actually sell it wouldn't interest me because of the superhero movies I've never read comic books is just not my jam. And then my manager was like hang on a minute has told the let me. Let me give you a little education and like these guys are doing something released nationally really cool. And so then I do an educated myself I watched a bunch of marvel films like it's something core I mean I wanted to get part of a room. About six. Like I did quite well because I don't watch a lot of movies in one weekend and the Imus get through about six slot for a mother of two U. I write a mother of two has an excuse not to watch all twenty. But my character hope and dine is in the original comic books she he is am Janet and dying. And Hank. Hands are married couple there at the original founding members of the avengers. They're very important features in the comic books for the avengers. And my character was fabricated for the Batman movie. Her name is hope and eyes to her mother's last name. Because she had major emotional issues with her father and her mother's death. And she's a highly intelligent highly driven varied disciplines science. Who also happens to be an expert in wheat high and also happens to be an expert in controlling. Hats and also happens to be able to create amazing C pursuits and fly around and beat you. So you had all those talents to do so they fit let's test events in the because she can do this and Phisix all of that is nothing. Her no of course I mean I was a little over qualify Xeon and my flying skills were off the charts and exit you know I had to sort of decide whether or not it was willing to dumb down my talent. Yes we do that. Without giving away the store which you won't do because I know what happens if you state anything that marvel doesn't like yap. Regis this whole stage just opens up and we and I guess while we get while out in terms of doing exactly and by the way. I'm used to this level of national security because it was do you. Think Kenny Everett about. When Los Angeles you couldn't say a word or they would execute. Out and then he decides he'd who. Is which of the same security. At Los I had have a lock box attached to different or just like he gets delivered. Sonya I know I can't say anything but he's so that I can be charming life and it's a beautiful where did it was great it was unlikely want to do don't know. So let's take what they think you are what did you ever you always get asked them. How. Don't know Jack or Sawyer for us now I would pick it up. Who wasn't that you view the field this but I'm interest it in the parallels. To the holidays because it didn't think it care as well that's like. Let's create something and it makes those people that's a in their basements and steady it's like hired that now subtract his of them we a lot like who is shooting. But don't let me. Who which he would audition. And we what is she doing in this world why is she at Miller wise in that marvel birth come. Have been much more receptive of hope and I and they were Antonio I think touting how have these like very intense. Care of for her or against her you know I was like Hillary Clinton. But then win. Coat and that I India at what does it was some it was a little bit more are we well received I think for a little less protective over and I think partly that's. Because. The original creator is still alive and involved. And so he can put his stamp of approval on whereas token is nine. You know and so he we weren't you know Peter had license you take liberties. And so he did and I think he did and wonderfully because we needed more women in middle earth. Token right many of them into the hub it. But with the mark with an enlightened yet. Know it takes a man he lived he could not could have done that but you know you had this year's. They were point was that your choice at large and wonderful. I sat down they said. Lead to fight years it will feature head. It would like Max your phase in the size shape here had an I want that biggest news me. The small things let's let's look at the little ones like one big years may be a medium 1000 you can put them on but I'm telling you I'm getting that they at. And I got it that. We did you have anything on an aunt in in the once and for the ones that you wanted that they gave you were didn't give you. Well I was very excited to get wings. I that would not entitled I mean I was that little girl who fantasize about being a ferry and where pixie. The able to fly I am. Wow what I. Anti US I didn't get. It didn't get the clothes that want it to her. She's in the suit a lot but she's also in civilian Mozilla. Who spends about anything like a compromise between the director at things being popcorn everywhere it's okay that's what is there how does pop and you know the freighter or. Now it's always freshly knows that doesn't taste like that really but I still eating it was that an unprovoked personal attack against. I think it was once. While that was when they know that as I would provoke focus I think it was just pot use said it was just popped and I had about you've got it and journals and this ain't press stuck in the T it's just about Arnold but a little that Huey. Not currency adding we'll learn the butter like ever so slightly fermented and it's been here since Spiderman and like he's a patriot you had to keep the you know it shows that he can't be really that bad. So did you or that I'm does that desperate for food. I just eight. To the north enormous sandwiches I really shouldn't have to premier to go to you stop tempting you with your help conflict pushing it eager to do this to do that. But. Why is the most exciting thing to them for you to play in the doom like getting into this action in the stops. I was very excited and the action stunts that sad. An enormous production we had three and four units for any time. We would have might unit where we re doing scenes with the incredible. Of that list I've read. And the rest of the amazing cast. Where there would be fight scenes being shot in the third you know art therapy cart chase scenes shot in Akron unit where all the little stuff means means while playing with being shot so. This character. Ethical waiting here is yet yet. Yeah instantly and is the Mac unit. All happen in an act. Again greats. And so often I felt like this character. In the end is this rentable collaborative effort so. The producer and the director and me in this team and special effects team and then accurate team and everybody came together to to deal this character. And sometimes that meant. Sometimes that meant anything to do and it is all about servicing what was gonna make the batsman Ian. Get as well you can't be too much danger either Cain. In the review thank you thank you tap it as well. That you've probably wanted to do I'm and if not fury. But. To keeping. Them. Always steal things. To do you are ice feel very justified in vindicated because I feel like well. If you just think of me I wouldn't have to steal them exactly true right so what did you steal from lost. From Los icicle a deer slayer letter. Does that mean anything to you didn't ever see now here in the now I hired a fix that way. Happening to you and everybody just why that way you and all that Rupert lots and thank you because that was six years of our lives and blood sweat and here's is giving into that meet that east at monster. And you know your guises. Obsession makes it all worth it it sounds like well she's in why. This has read. That could possibly be happening. It's it it's like there's no I think there's no such thing as true the paradise because. There are problems everywhere you go there in conveniences Mary. There and easing things everywhere you go at me. You can go into a small town in Iowa. And think there's nothing amazing about it but just different supplements and pitching you fight and easing. You know just. The world is beautiful complicated and they feel like Hawaii was this. Amazing gift in my office half the time I was. Standing on the beach and the North Shore up a while watching whales each in the middle and work right that's heart to feel sorry for. That's me I remember at the time. You're seeing things like. This is exhausted. I don't think I ever want to act again. I think. It's 18. No parent I have no experience. I eat the limited experience and was tied them. Extra work on films that's where basically sit around and eat all day and more from ruling a lot of you know not a lot of sales that's. And this season stomach for my next three years and that's why agony or or. I like. Me and I didn't know I was getting myself into high. And can't be just because I can write this and think this is your show yes it's our time and that the lost people you know they can't watch it anymore anyway. Time is it that you work that I thought I can remember. I was going on the street is that was a hard time for me I was I was starting to adjust fame. I was struggling to adjust to life in Hawaii and being away from ever in anything I knew. Or from air rich and I've had a right. With the happen shock of it you know coming. Up even just moving to America with incredible culture shock. We are very different. Americans. Are so many similarities and we're sort of like a step siblings. But because we come from different parents. There are major differences and it it was a very as a big adjustment. I think. There's no surprise to hear it like America's tough you know to tough. Country and Canadians of sop you know we're I only came in pretty. I think good morning everyone in this Allen in I don't know whether scaling. Now. Is everything I mean I just think ticket when he for four year old girl. Small town can you throw her in to international fame and stardom and it's unless you've been hiding after that for years and user mentally prepared for that. We think he'd be protected a little bit in Hawaii. That you're not shooting at major areas. But it's went back out into the rest of the world that they what's happening. Well I going on I had paparazzi issues and why. Spending two years in the house just get rid of them not battles I'll go. Oh no. Options and Mac it's either I got you get me or I'll show you if I'm just in home. Learned how to beat the odds in the war on manager and night and never go to the beach are enjoying life off. And you and I will show you. Fifteen years that lap. Yeah I'd be ready this isn't. Are what you kept to that you're saw no matter what did you keep from. Pop from the hot it I took the the rinds to. That Healy gives to Tammy that beautiful blue stone gives her. And I it's like a big steel. Oh man I did in the most horrible way. So instead of waiting and the production was over in like sneaky sneaky somehow getting into the props. Truck or something if buying it. While we were shooting the most important right instant seen on location. That daylight hours and no time to ways. And I'm nursing a child's I'm interacting perhaps in a lot so we're like really tight for time. In the scene he gives me this stone and they had a perfect one that they had chosen an RTC has moved once that this was but one blow one that Peter wanted to photograph because it had been cut in just such a way that the stone. It was so brilliantly blue it has such an incredible Sheen. With court it was perfect. And at the end of every take and be left with in my hands. And I don't easy for a look you. And heat of a plot. Was wearing a big park because it was very cold. I would put my hands in the pocket of the park between every take so that this became the normal routine. And then at a standstill for indebted. Critically I Britain and they handed back to the prop guys and one tape. I cooked hopeful my parents of my pocket it was like. And we're we're on a stone beach so there's just pebbles and stones everywhere I looked and I know I'm oxygen to. I don't know where it is home and I had an. Teen people on and singing. It out looking for is still in them mile of beach stone we all now we feel it. You're so good an actor that she's too convinced yourself. I feeling sent to juvenile telling I think I like a five year albeit. What are my favorite story I don't think. The only area because when people say that they don't really want anything from what it is and it's over when it's over and never believe it. Not if you're doing that your New Zealand with Peter Jackson you it's it's beautiful there and you know in the U hitting Taylor instant and know I loved it that change that was like. Real steel and hot it where the turning points for me of like well acting can be really fun and enemies he had had you react to me and this. To this day one of my favorite actors to work. So but the thing is about wanting things from the scent like the three examples you just you're about to get his ring and then I'm sure we'll get to end well I guess I think front until UN right now. Alan shore and Kevin public about it I. I I am I have that Canadian fault of this and every thing whether I should or should it just comes out period pounds and what I want is bad thing. You have so. But those three things are still iconic happening now something happened because of because you can have to show up in the aid mangers. I'm down two so is it lets that's all right is it odd. I can say that takes and yet Darren did it Tiffany does something obviously mistake. We thank you. Well. I key didn't I keep taking the same thing I keep forgetting that I took it and I keep taking it again every every marvel film I do I take the scene. Stupid prop and I keep forgetting that I haven't already I should choose something outs this time. It you. I know I should more into far more conniving. I also mean you've seen my CV is and smarter than hope and shines a light. Really I should be able to consider them better ideas I tell her necklace hope whereas this necklace in all three films and it's a necklace that her. I have this back story about an up and bore you with it because it's not even part of movies it's my own thing it's my money back story that and I. Took the necklace is that means something to me it's got this connection to. And maybe we should have pride. And made heated up about how best to be kept and it's. Not part of the meat says. The watts and again that. It's. Because this is the first time and show you don't know that we sing at the end. And I know you prepare them of course they did and I'm ready it's just something I don't know whether something you that he. Little Latin learn. I'm and it's. This Latin nine. And it's. Basically flat at. I'm gonna vanish and let it shine it shop in niche. Fabulous of the colts like Carolyn I think very well right now now I got very bad call it's likely they'll use when I pretended I dropped a rocket Pavel yeah actually it was in my pocket I'd be worried Iraq argue I'm a lie under a I'm gonna check. Attic I cut mania. My keys and wallet after. A pleasure and really in your life. Beat burst of science. It in a day things cloud.

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{"id":56381017,"title":"Evangeline Lilly: 5 things to know about her role in Marvel's 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' ","duration":"19:14","description":"Lilly appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" and talks about how she almost passed on the role of a lifetime in Marvel's \"Ant-Man and the Wasp.\"","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/evangeline-lilly-things-role-marvels-ant-man-wasp-56381017","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}