Going down under to explore New Zealand

Paula Faris took an epic tour to New Zealand, where the beautiful and unique landscape has been the backdrop of some amazing films and TV shows.
3:11 | 10/30/19

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Transcript for Going down under to explore New Zealand
About to take you to an absolutely gorgeous country. Some of our favorite movies have been shot here. Paula Faris went down under New Zealand for an epic tour. Reporter: It's one of the most gorgeous places on the planet. New Zealand, now a top draw for filmmakers. Movies like "A wrinkle in time," the lion, the witch and the wardrobe" and "Lord of the rings" franchise. To get the best view of the unspoiled landscape this is my ride. Hi, Jeremy, I'm Paula. These pilots were part of the team that pulled off this hair-raising stunt in "Mission: Impossible: Fallout." Will you give me the Tom Cruise treatment? If you like. Let's go. Reporter: My guide is Phil griffin. That famous chase scene. Is that in this area. It was, helicopter chase sequence. Reporter: Tourism is one of New Zealand's top industries. Last year raking in $39 billion. One of the big draws is the "Lord of the rings" location. Today I'm getting a tour of middle Earth with a guide with nomad safari. This up here is quite deep. Ah! We company, grown a little bit and "Lord of the rings" came and blew the whole thing out of the water. I don't see any end to it. Reporter: Next the site of one of the most iconic scenes in the trilogy. So we're here at the arrow river. This famous scene with the black riders happened right here. Right here. She conjures up this flood and washes them all away. Reporter: New Zealand is also tackling hot button issues in I was flown here to participate in a summit on diversity like geena Davis and Yara shahidi. A special greeting. Kiwis are also looking ahead. This island nation nearly 9,000 miles away is turning heads in tinseltown. With state-of-the-art technology like auckland based aerials drone photography. What is your drone doing? Much bigger payload than most do and it's designed to operate with these big production cameras. Area they're much quieter not to spook wildlife. Go, go, go. Maintaining, maintaining. 45-51. Very nice. No, gosh, no. Don't put this in my hands. I'm going very slow right now That's fine. That's fantastic. Take cover, everybody. That's perfect. Right there. Okay. Here you go. I did it. Yay! It's so easy. You're a great coach. Thank you. For "Good morning America," Paula Faris, ABC news, paradise, New Zealand. Great job, Paula and what a

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"Paula Faris took an epic tour to New Zealand, where the beautiful and unique landscape has been the backdrop of some amazing films and TV shows.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66629026","title":"Going down under to explore New Zealand","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/explore-zealand-66629026"}