Famous 'Carlton' dance denied copyright

Alfonso Ribeiro sued over the dance he made famous on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air," but the U.S. Copyright Office denied that the move could be copyrighted.
2:20 | 02/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Famous 'Carlton' dance denied copyright
We're back now with the new twist in the Carlton case. Get it, Adrienne. Alfonso Ribeiro is suing over the dance he made famous in "The fresh prince of bel-air" and it became a popular fortnite move and now the U.S. Copyright office made a decision in the case. Adrienne, you're going to bring that to us right now. Think about this, okay. First of all, good morning, everybody. The Carlton has never been just a trend, been around longer than flossing and the Kiki challenge. Alfonso Ribeiro played the character on tell television. "The fresh prince of bel-air" star has been denied a copyright for the Carlton dance. No. Yes, the U.S. Copyright office announced that Wednesday in a California federal court in a motion to dismiss Ribeiro's lawsuit against two video gamemakers. Ribeiro says take two interactive is using the dance illegally. The document states that -- the moves, rather, I can say this, make up the Carlton are a simple dance routine rather than a choreographic work which can be copyrighted. What? I know. Have you ever tried this dance? There's nothing simple about it. I agree because I tried to dance the Carlton and it is not just a two-step. No. Ribeiro's character on the popular '90s show as we've all seen on "The fresh prince of bel-air" busting out those dance moves is a happy dance that's remained popular for more than 20 years and had another moment when he competed on "Dancing with the stars" in 2014. I mean, you can't just -- there's something about it. I cannot do that. Ribeiro is also suing epic games over the use of the dance in fortnite joining several rappers suing the game over other dances and a hearing on the motion to dismiss his case is scheduled for next month but, again, I think that just like the moonwalk, not everybody can do it. I just -- I can't -- The Carlton dance belongs to the universe. I can't like -- That means so much coming from you. You have no idea. The dance champ. Really it's like this hip thing with the arms. Have you ever tried to do the Carlton? Excellent question. No. Excellent question, Adrienne. That's like getting a compliment from Fred astaire. Really, no, I mean, George Stephanopoulos said I was doing all right. There's nothing simple about it but Alfonso will always be

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"Alfonso Ribeiro sued over the dance he made famous on \"The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,\" but the U.S. Copyright Office denied that the move could be copyrighted.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61096244","title":"Famous 'Carlton' dance denied copyright ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/famous-carlton-dance-denied-copyright-61096244"}