'Game of Thrones' finale sets records

The show became the single most watched HBO telecast of all time, but its end is raising questions about what's next for the network.
3:25 | 05/21/19

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Transcript for 'Game of Thrones' finale sets records
Possibly two years and a chance he to -- could avoid prison altogether. This morning the stars are weighing in on the shocking series ending which set records for HBO, sent fans into a frenzy and is now raising questions about what's next for the Amy is here with it all. Yes, good morning, guys. 13.6 million viewers tuning in for the long awaited finale with nearly 6 million additional people watching on other platforms but now that our watch has ended will HBO be dethroned as the king of cable? We do want to warn you in this one there are spoilers. The game is over. Pop culture behemoth "Game of thrones" drawing nearly 20 million viewers for the final episode according to HBO. Becoming the single most watched HBO telecast of all time. Queen daenerys famously portrayed by Emilia Clarke was very surprised by her character's fate. The mother of dragons telling the "L.A. Times" she called her mom after reading the final script. It was a huge amount to digest and my 1307bs was complete shock. In the end it wasn't Danny or Jon that ruled westeros but it was a stark. Why do you think I came all this way? Bran stark surviving to reign over the realm and if that surprised you, you're not alone. Isaac hem stead Wright who plays bran was equally stunned telling "Entertainment weekly" he genuinely thought it was a joke script but this massive finale not without its share of critics. Disappointed even outraged fans taking to Twitter with the #unsubscribe. An action one research firm says fans might follow through on due to a possible uptick in HBO cancellations now that it's concluded. You know nothing, Jon snow. Reporter: Actor kit Harington who portrayed Jon snow told "Esquire" if people feel let down by the final season, I don't give an expletive because everyone tried their hardest. Sophie turner told "The New York Times" so many worked so hard on it and for people to just rubbish because it's not what they want to see is just disrespectful. You know, disrespectful or just honest. Some of us just feel what we have feel because we've invested so much of our time in the show. Wright tells "The Hollywood reporter" those final scenes of the megahit show so top secret the cast were told not to leave their hotel rooms. HBO booking every single room with a possible view of those climactic scenes so nobody could capture covert photographs. Certainly the secret was well kept because we were all so shocked. I think we ought to give you 30 seconds to tell us what you really think. Wow, my goodness. It wasn't what I wanted. It wasn't how I wanted it to end. We have kit Harington on the phone. He has a few choice words for me. Our director didn't watch your piece. So it's amazing how we were able to get the shot. That's amazing. Yeah. All right. Well, it's over. It is over. Is it? Is it, Amy. Well, there is a prequel so I'm excited about that in ten You're going back in. There we go. When we come back that

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"The show became the single most watched HBO telecast of all time, but its end is raising questions about what's next for the network.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63169382","title":"'Game of Thrones' finale sets records","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/game-thrones-finale-sets-records-draws-backlash-63169382"}