Garth Brooks shares inspiration behind his cover of ‘Shallow’

The country singer is out with two albums this weekend: "Fun" and "Triple Live Deluxe."
5:18 | 11/19/20

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Transcript for Garth Brooks shares inspiration behind his cover of ‘Shallow’
Get ready to welcome one of our favorite guests, Garth brooks, as he gets ready for a big day, releasing not one but two albums, "Fun" and "Triple live deluxe." A special performance for us coming up but first we'll catch up with our friend, Garth. Now, I like this way better than it was last week when you were filling in for Ellen and host her show and you were the one asking questions when I was on there, but I got to say, rth, you're a natural, kid. So some people are wondering is a Garth brooks show in the future and if so, what would be your tag line, my friend? What would be what? My tag line? I don't know. Something rich like party on, Garth or, you know, good afternoon, America. I like that one. There you go. It's worked well for us. But really, you did so well. A man of many, many talents. We know tomorrow -- It was fun. You sweeped me. She sweeps everything and holds us down too. Tomorrow is a big day. You are releasing not one but two albums, "Fun" and "Triple live deluxe." So how excited are you? You got to be excited about that. Yeah, man, I'm excited simply for the difference in the two albums. One is a very in close kind of studio record we've been threatening for a year but like you said earlier with covid I'm hoping instead of celebrating fun during a time when people are struggling now toward the end of the year it's, hey, man, can we just have a little bit of fun during this struggle. Hopefully a sweet way to end on a fun note and then, of course, man, if there's one thing I miss more than anything right now it's the sound of that crowd. To hear them all together laughing and singing and, oh, so the triple live thing, I listened to it actually last night and it just -- I'm amazed how much that sounds so warm even in a big stadium it feels like everybody is right on top of you. I love that and miss it and know everyone that plays music misses it as well. No doubt and you talked about "Fun." What parts of making the album "Fun" were the most fun for you? I think a lot of it was just kind of getting to feel free for the first time in a long time because we did the comeback starting in 2014 and with -- I don't want to sound egotistical but with the success we saw on that it sure made you kind of relax and made you feel like, okay, now let's just go in the studio, now let's just have fun and that's exactly what happened so same cats played on the record but you can hear in the grooves they're having a blast and so was I. I imagine you had some fun doing that cover of "Shallow" with Trisha Yearwood on "Fun." What inspired that. It was one of those Facebook live things and people kept requesting us do a duet so we did it but when you hear miss Yearwood sings it's like, holy cow, and pretty cool and then so they kept talking about putting it on the record and I told them, of course, we'll cut it for the record knowing we were never ever going to put it on the record and -- the band made it its own and she made it her own and it's a beautiful record and the sickle on country radio for us. You just never know. I cannot believe, it's been more than two decades since "Double live." More than two decades since that time. Crazy. Is crazy. It is crazy. I wanted to call you cat because you said that. Hey, cat, that'scrazy, man. But what is -- other than the live music you're talking about and how we all are craving that again, what is different between this now and two decades ago? What I love about it is the songs, I think the crowds if they can get better are already better on this record for sure because now there's two or three generations singing these songs and they though them forward and backward and so we just really focused on trying to show you what it was like to stand on that stage and to hear those people sing and so it's great and it's everything from the historic Ryman auditorium to Yankee stadium to the stadium tour and comeback tour so a lot of fun on here and just I don't know, like I said, it brings back some kind of normalcy in a year that is anything but. Thanksgiving is coming up, Garth. You said it earlier, miss Yearwood. I heard you call her miss Yearwood. Never a shortage of good food and fun on the farm for you guys. What are your Thanksgiving plans? Well, Thanksgiving plans are going to be the same and totally different at the same time. What the deal is she's still going to cook for 20 people. It's just going to be me. Ah. Boom. I'm excited. Oh, 2020's been very, very good to you. I will say that, my friend. Amen. Well deserved. Garth, always and but, wait, there's more. Coming up later Garth brooks is going to bring us a very special performance. We cannot wait for that. Thank you. Thank you, Garth. Love that the two albums are coming out tomorrow and performance coming up.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"The country singer is out with two albums this weekend: \"Fun\" and \"Triple Live Deluxe.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74292320","title":"Garth Brooks shares inspiration behind his cover of ‘Shallow’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/garth-brooks-shares-inspiration-cover-shallow-74292320"}