‘GMA’ hosts share their top bingeable Emmy-nominated picks

From “Schitt’s Creek” to “The Mandalorian,” there’s something for everyone to watch in this edition of “Binge This!”
6:08 | 08/13/20

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Transcript for ‘GMA’ hosts share their top bingeable Emmy-nominated picks
Whoa. We got a special edition of "Binge this" this morning. It's the road to the emmys, also it's so special that Sam champion is back for this one joining us again, so let's get going with the emmys just over a month away here on ABC. We're getting ready for TV's big night bringing you our best picks to enjoy all weekend long kicking off with a show that celebrates young love so it's a short show. I'm just kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. This hulu show is called "Normal people" and it stars Paul mezcal earned his first Emmy nomination has a message for us this morning. Hello. My name is Paul mezcal and I am beyond thrilled and honored to have been nominated for playing conner in "Normal people." I'm obviously incredibly proud of the show and its subject matter and, yeah, I'm just still trying to process it and to be in the company that I'm in but if you haven't watched the show or if you have, watch it again. So it's a breakout role for him. Big congratulations. Show is getting all kind of rave reviews, robach. Now, you have a show that's all about a good laugh. So it's literally my favorite show that I can't say on television. But if you're looking for a laugh this week why don't you watch "Beep creek." This show scored an incredible 15 nominations for its sixth and final season. I'm so sad its over but if you haven't discovered it you get to have the joy. It is funny. It's heart felt. It's just what we need right now and if you have already seen it, you know what, I'm up for this. Maybe it's time for a rewatch because it's just that good. But I didn't catch the name of it. "Beep creek." To my producer, just kidding, not going to do that. We'd have to pay a fine so I'm not going to say that. Next up here if you're busy this next show is for you. It's all about a quick binge. It's called "Free raeshon" and episodes on quibi and they're ten minutes long and picked up three Emmy nominations, including one for leading man at the ton James. He stopped by and take a listen about the star. Hey, everybody, Stephan James from "Free rayshawn." I'm incredibly proud of the cast and crew for their Emmy nominations, honestly this was a true labor of love and an important story about the plight of a young black man this this country and I'm so incredibly proud to be a part of telling this story. And congrats to him and, whit, people will recognize him. He played Jesse Owen. He was in "21 bridges" so he is doing great things. Big star. We've got something here. If this looks familiar to anybody. Oh, wow. If you're interested in the galaxy far, far away, "The mandalorian" nominated for 15 emmys. I love this show. My daughter and I really got into it this year and another season is coming out, so, you know, there's my girl right there wearing the baby -- making noises, I'm sorry, it's a little distracting here. But, yes, another season is coming out later in the year, of course, baby yoda was introduced to all of that so perhaps some more explanation in terms of the child and its origins coming up in season two so we'll binge it again. All right. But some people might want to deep dive here, folks, into this year's emmys and need help from a professional. "Entertainment weekly" with a look at what you need. As the emmys approach there are a few shows we keep coming back to as part of our award that you should binge before the trophies had handed out. "Watchmen" scored 26, the most of any series, Regina king, a national treasure. Likely a very big winner. And I have to give a shoutout to "Rupaul's drag race" entertaining while also addressing important issues. Thanks to Gerard. You can stream or listen to entertainment weekly's what to watch. Let's bring you back in here. Have you a binge, a throwback, a binge. I'm going to bring the throwback Austan I'm the only one that remembers the's 70s. I pick up your grab with a prop. Grab your black beret. We're talking Mary Tyler Moore. I don't have one. Everybody has one because why not. Get ready for the emmys by watching one of the most awarded shows in history. "The Mary Tyler Moore show" scored 29 wins including outstanding comedy series three years in a row. The series is on hulu and just feels as fresh as it did when it started 50 years ago, 1970. Most importantly, it'll have you thinking that really and truly we are going to make it after all. I love that, Sam. One of my favorites. I was here in the '70s, by the way. You were not. I was. Barely here. Barely here. Like this. I feel like Sam is going to serve us a baguette and cheese. At least paint us a picture, Sam. Now, Sam, it's appropriate, this is our "Binge this" and usually this day of the year includes a different type of binge. It's Sam's birthday, folks. Yes. What? Happy birthday. Happy birthday, Sam. We're usually binging in a different way on Sam's birthday but we can't celebrate with you in person so wanted to make sure we had a little bit of a party. You deserve a little something. Are you kidding? Quarantine style. Oh, come on. Look at this. Guys, thank you. Thank you very much. Happy birthday, young fella. Thank you, guys. Yay. I love this one. Look at this. That's how you look to us in the morning, pure sunshine, Sam. Happy birthday. Thank you, Amy. Love you, guys. Love you back. The emmys will be right here on ABC. Coming up, Danny Devito. He talks "The one and only

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"From “Schitt’s Creek” to “The Mandalorian,” there’s something for everyone to watch in this edition of “Binge This!” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72345400","title":"‘GMA’ hosts share their top bingeable Emmy-nominated picks ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/gma-hosts-share-top-bingeable-emmy-nominated-picks-72345400"}