Who's behind the internet's 'youngest flexer,' 9-year-old 'Lil Tay'?

The social media influencer and her mother open up in an exclusive interview with ABC News' Juju Chang.
4:27 | 05/23/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Who's behind the internet's 'youngest flexer,' 9-year-old 'Lil Tay'?
social media star lil Tay. She and her mom are drawing fire for the outrageous behavior posted online and inland's juju Chang sat down with both of them and this mom has a lot to answer for. Absolutely, George. Good morning to you. You know, lil Tay is a 9-year-old who told me she's come to Hollywood to pursue her dreams of being a social media star. Now, child stardom is nothing new but her act involves cursing up a storm and even pretending to do drugs. It's raising alarm bells about good parenting. I spoke with lil Tay who says it's all her idea. She's the 9-year-old whose outrageous stunts and foul mouth bragging about luxury homes and cars she claims to own. And now we be living in the hills. See our view. Y'all don't have that view and I be holding your momma's rent. Getting tons of notoriety and a whopping 2 million followers on Instagram. You're like a legit fan. A legit fan. How would you respond to critics who say you're just going to profit off your daughter now? No one is forcing me to do this. That's not true that she wants to make money off of me. What about those homes she claims to own? "Gma" talked to mom Angie's former boss at a Vancouver real estate firm who told us lil Tay filmed using his car and some of his properties for sale all without his approval. I didn't shoot in anyone else's house. You didn't shoot in anyone else's house? Just like -- No one has proof that I did. Reporter: Who is behind the shocking content on lil Tay's social media accounts? My mom doesn't run social media. I use my own Instagram. These images will live on and follow you for the rest of your life. Is a 9-year-old really capable of making this kind of decision? This is my decision. I'm happy with what I'm doing. Reporter: We spent time with her and her family. Six weeks after they moved from Canada to Hollywood. I'm going to have my name on one of these stars one day. Reporter: We were surprised 20 find a precocious softspoken 9-year-old whose mom says is a straight "A" student. She is a well-mannered and a great kid. But that's not what comes across on the internet. People think it's like funny. I guess, because I'm 9 years old and I've accomplished so much. I don't think a lot of people are believing you're making millions of dollars at 9. If they don't believe that then I don't really like care. Reporter: Jake Paul and other stars are either co-opting her ago or trashing it. Noon dog accusing her 16-year-old brother of coaching her. A lot of people are going to say this and that. We just keep going. Reporter: As for her schooling. I'm a Harvard dropout. What city is Harvard in? I kind of forgot because I haven't been there in a long time. Reporter: Mom says she's going to be homeschooled and has picked up at least one sponsor with more she says in the works. Y'all can get headphones too. All y'all haters. I'm trying to make my mom proud. You don't look very happy. That was before like now I'm happier than before. What's your reaction to all of the haters who are basically online bullying your daughter? We choose just not, ignore them. She has a passion. Passion and a dream. You know, many are asking is this legal to allow your child to do all this? Well, her mom says she's always supervising, even when lil Tay was driving that rolls-royce you saw, now, there are child labor laws and rules about putting child stars' income into trust funds but they're Canadians and just moved here to Hollywood. Juju, I'm glad you pressed her. I got it tell you I took a lot of heat at home from my girls for even giving lil Tay a platform because they say that what she's doneline is just inappropriate. It is inappropriate and there are a lot of questions about whether or not she should even be on social media. Technically you have to be 13 to open an Instagram account and her mom says her social media is run by her management team but there are plenty of kids all over social media doing all sorts of outrageous things who are under age and, of course, tons of parents who post their kids online. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"The social media influencer and her mother open up in an exclusive interview with ABC News' Juju Chang. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55376496","title":"Who's behind the internet's 'youngest flexer,' 9-year-old 'Lil Tay'?","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/internets-youngest-flexer-year-lil-tay-55376496"}