Jean Smart says her character in 'A Simple Favor' wouldn't win 'mom of the year'

The actress discusses her role in the upcoming drama live on "GMA."
4:16 | 09/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jean Smart says her character in 'A Simple Favor' wouldn't win 'mom of the year'
Anything and everything she is an Emmy award. Winning actress known for roles are designing women when he thought about that now she's taking on the big screen in a simple favor please welcome Jean Smart. Okay. Which counts as an employer know like that many people myself included we think of Charlene. First and gas from designing women and it's going to be it's going to be back. Designing when what kind of I think age is different kind of a sequel might generate OK because unfortunately we have lost. Understand ticks me he needs Alice ghostly images would mean the same without them I rooted these rebates. People want to see. Didn't see a new version but it certainly doesn't have that kind of want to see the original or something completely different but I think that Annie and counts and apple. I show up occasionally and you better because of that Carriker monitor what we amateur and I and I have to tell you it's still let me get to stretch ahead of your time. This is that you took again that so relevant bill today you know. Well let's talk about a simple favor. So such a gray Alicia. You play a mom. You are monitor a line I am bomb but this you play that's that's some issues she's yeah she's. Missing if you ever marbles this incident served. Just enter a lot and she drinks straight from the bottles hasn't. Bother with the glass not exactly Blake's mother. And she's not you know just when one mother of the year movement of capital what was that about the role that draw between these two well I I thought it was. I mean it's a there's as a human yes isn't that great thriller in the so it's very scary. You've seen it yet I have did not offset the clot don't go negative and it brings you out that totally yeah. Lila coffee the director and I've known him a little bit socially in mind I was went to work with and somebody asked him to the things that absolutely. So would you all like to see a little sneak peek yeah. Okay. And came straight from. The very strong statement for a mother and human but. Can't. I love every minute. Paul. That you must have brain damage. To thankless business and some children are just born. Okay. You have to look adorable wonderful children what is too young to have seen this your son is old enough what he really love it frightened the singer Marva real god. Now he's just. I just I just a movie with Melissa McCarthy act. For the president. Till night my little girl she's Tannen says. I think you just want mommies when the president went back she said. You're playing trying to hook up. Today today I was attracted talented family you make your husband. During the fighting in Iraq anyway news and he's worth it and then you all are put it together. Yes sir I had to remind you about yeah. But that's how do you plan on working together we would worst interview tomorrow or engage begin a two character play together we have learned ten days methodically and dividends. And and you know get through that we should get going and get married so what's more some other projects that you liked me. You've done so must act I would love to do it period it's really happen reluctantly appear line anchored this just I'm gonna nest. That I expected that Lott's mind did I get lot of theater for years. And a lot of different. You know period pieces and his I would love to do something like what you can dance on. You could do at all and I'm lovely ensemble cast she made a student took us down memory lane with that but designing women and so thank you bless you and Hank and half fun and I'm telling you a simple favor. Error I. Yeah. Favoritism theaters on Friday our thanks to genes or for that.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"The actress discusses her role in the upcoming drama live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57741035","title":"Jean Smart says her character in 'A Simple Favor' wouldn't win 'mom of the year'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jean-smart-opens-simple-favor-57741035"}