Jennifer Lopez surprises a super fan live on 'GMA'

The singer and actress surprises Kimberly, one of the star's biggest fans, by meeting her in person live on "GMA."
8:16 | 12/12/18

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Transcript for Jennifer Lopez surprises a super fan live on 'GMA'
You have to see her new movie "Second act." It's perfect for the Christmas holidays. It is all about believing in yourself and taking that chance to create a second act in your life so, Jennifer, we need you to help us with something. Okay. A lot of people look up to you and they are inspired by you. Thank you. And what we did is we asked people to share their second act with us. Oh, nice. Their stories and there was one that stood out. Her name is Kimberly. She is upstairs. Okay. Okay. Our producers -- Look at her. She doesn't know. Our producers said she needed to come to New York for a final round of interviews and one of many talking about her second act. No idea she's going to be on live TV. How do you think she'll do. Great. You are one of her biggest inspirations. I want people to meet her. Take a look at her second act. Kimberly didn't have the easiest childhood. At just 4 years old she came to America from Costa Rica with her mom in hopes of a better life. She have a hard time in life. Reporter: At 18 she was broke, had to drop out of college and her fiance was unfaithful and left her. It was probably the most hopeless time in my life. I got really depressed and for about a year and a half all I did was cry. But Kimberly knew she had so much more to live for leaving everything behind and joining the air force. Very hard working woman. She have very hard times but everything she went through, she prove herself better. And Kimberly finding the true love of her life, Ramsey, who says she's inspired by her every day. She inspires me to move forward having a spouse like that. You can't allow yourself to, you know, back off the gas. It's amazing to watch her blossom into a new person. While Kimberly has made a lot of incredible life choices, the next is her best one yet, he second act doing what truly makes her happy helping others becoming a neonatal nurse practitioners. It was time to make decisions tore my life. If this is what you want to do and in your heart of hearts you have to keep fighting for it. Against all odds. Very, very impressed with who she was before, how she is right now, it's like the night and the sun shine. I believe in myself to accomplish whatever it is I set my mind to no matter what and I didn't have that kind of belief in myself before. That belief. Yes. Okay. I want to you go sit in the audience. We -- we brought her downstairs. Just sit there? Bestie from biloxi, that's Shelby. I'll be waiting right here. Shhh. She's coming? She does not know. Kimberly does not know. Has had earplugs in, the whole bit. Is she all set? Is she good, okay, guys, hey, Kimberly, can we have Kimberly come on out here and join us on "Good morning America." Hi, Kimberly. Oh, my god. Yeah. Come on, sit down. Sit down, girl. Hi, nice to see you. You're so beautiful. You are beautiful. Why don't you sit on down here. Oh, my gosh. We showed people your story. You thought you were like a finalist to tell your second act. You got me so good. I have to say. Live on TV. You have some family you want to wave to at home because -- Yes, hi. Husband, mom, oh, my gosh. Oh, gosh. Hi. Just breathe. Yes. I know that you were saying that Jennifer Lopez was somebody that you looked to. What was it about her story that helped you, Kimberly? Just her tenacity to fight and to just listen to herself and what she knew was meant for her. You no he, she said she had a dream that she's meant to be an entertainer and went with that full fight and didn't let anybody stop. She's always been a role model. Such an inspiration to me. We need to see that sometimes, you know, just people going for what they want. We see that with you. We see that with you, girl. And I mean people in the audience were so inspired watching your story so does anybody want to ask a question -- okay, there in the back. Stand up. Stand up. I'm really inspired by you. I'm really inspired by your story. Can I come -- okay, okay. Hi. Oh, my god. I know. Yes. Look at you. Can you stay for a moment. I can stay for a moment. You know, she was about to skedaddle and we were like, hey, no. Oh, my gosh. What is it you want to say. Jennifer, you're -- you're so beautiful I mean in person, she's even more gorgeous. But just thank you so much. You don't know. I've seen all your vh-1 making the music behind the scenes and so I know your story and you've always been such a role model, an inspiration to me. You really have and just keep doing what you're doing. Just keep doing what you're doing. You always reinvent yourself and always looking for ways to improve yourself and where you can be better and that's just -- Thank you. So amazing. Everybody gets a second act. I loved your story. Your story was so touching. It's exactly that thing where you think you have these terrible like moments in your life and you don't know how you're going to go on and then that actual thing leads you to exactly where you're supposed to be and we just have to have faith, right? You talk open -- we see you now. Yes. And don't realize the road that you were on. Oh, yeah. And you share that so openly to help us know that -- Absolutely, absolutely. It's a big -- it's definitely a theme for me. I can't stop staring at her. I can't believe she's here. She's here. She is here. And you know what, don't you have another surprise for her. Yeah, oh, oh, oh. Oh, my gosh. I just remembered, so the premiere of "Second act" is tonight. Here in New York City. We have a big huge premiere and I'd love it if you could come. Oh, my gosh. Yes! Do you have a date? I know, I know. That would be great. You don't want to go by yourself. But I think -- Do we have a date for you. Maybe your husband? Maybe. He's here. Yes. You guys. Oh, my gosh. Hi. Hey there. Hey, sweetie. Mwah. Oh, my gosh. He's good. Oh, my gosh. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too, Ramsey. So you're all set. We're going to go to the premiere tonight. How did you not let her know you were in town. I knew it. I knew it. You knew. I knew something was wrong because I called my mom, mom, Ramsey has not answered the phone like all day. He's been just kind of like -- That's red lights. Yeah. And my mom is like, oh, don't worry about it. It'll be fine. Hmm, I don't know. Something is going on, but anyway, I have too much to focus on. She's like, facetime, facetime me now so I turned my phoning off. You'll have a great date night thanks to Jennifer Lopez. Thank you.

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{"duration":"8:16","description":"The singer and actress surprises Kimberly, one of the star's biggest fans, by meeting her in person live on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59771694","title":"Jennifer Lopez surprises a super fan live on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jennifer-lopez-surprises-super-fan-live-gma-59771694"}