Jesse Metcalfe eliminated from 'Dancing With the Stars'

The actor and his pro dancing partner Sharna Burgess said goodbye after competing during the show's '80s night, and talk about their journey on "DWTS."
4:59 | 10/13/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jesse Metcalfe eliminated from 'Dancing With the Stars'
"Dancing with the stars" took us back to the future for '80s night. One unlucky couple had to say good-bye. First Lara back with what happened last night. What happened last night, Lara? What didn't happen last night, T.J. It was a blast from the past with performances to classic songs by some of our favorite bands. We're talking bon jovi, journey, new kids on the block. Take a look at the totally awesome night in the ballroom. Maniac Throwback filled with epic comebacks. Rhythm of the night This is live TV reading my Reporter: A technical error leading Tyra banks to falsely tell Monica and Val they were safe when they were in the bottom two really. We went into this week like we have every other week and worked hard. I learn to do the best I can possibly do and hope the scores validated that and they did so it's a good feeling. Run away I have got to get away Reporter: But this week they catapulted from the bottom to the top. Nobody wants to in the bottom that doesn't feel good. That is scary. If you want to talk about redemption look at Monica Aldama and scored incredible scores. Reporter: But leaving the dance floor for good heartthrob Jesse Metcalfe and his partner sharna. Never fun to, you know, to get voted off. But I had an incredible experience. I mean I really did. I had so much fun. Sorry to see Jesse and sharna exit the dance floor. But at the top of the leaderboard Johnny weir got the first pair of 10s for his contemporary dance to "Total eclipse of the heart" and Kaitlyn Bristow pulled off an epic breakdance to Tiffany's "I think we're alone now." Quite a show, T.J. It was quite a show but the show is over for Jesse and sharna and they're joining us hey, good morning, guys. Break dancing. Break dance something back. You were beat out by some breakdancers. I know you didn't want to leave but any part of you think you were robbed? I feel like I had more to give. Yeah, I feel like I have a lot of potential. I didn't get the opportunity to live up to my full potential. Sharna. Definitely have more to give. Do you feel that as well? You're trying to get stuff out of him. A guy who doesn't have a background in dancing. How much more was there this guy had to give? I mean, there was so much more. We were improving week to week. We had great momentum. He came into this with zero dance background or tal -- ability and next to people who have a lot of it so I thought he was doing an amazing job and I'm so sad that we got cut -- I feel like we got cut really short. Jesse, you told us when we first announced the new cast for the season, you said, look, this is something you've been asked to do several times over the years and finally said yes so how does the experience now stack up now that it's over for you after all those years of really waiting to say yes to it? Yeah, the experience exceeded my expectations. It was incredibly challenging. A lot more challenging than I thought it would be but it was also incredibly rewarding. It was a stellar cast this season. One that I was really proud to be a part of. And, sharna, I know you would never blame an injury but you got a pretty bad sprained ankle there. How did you power through that? I did. We were trying to keep it secret but I actually sprained it before the first show. It was a really bad sprain. It's still healing. The first few weeks were kind of shaky. A lot of strapping and braces and the painkillers but it's on the mend, sadly now I have time to rest it. I would rather be working through an injury right now. She's a tough cookie. Jesse, when are we going to see you dancing again? When will you see me dancing? Hopefully soon. Maybe I'll get a role that requires some dance now that I feel like I have a lot of, you know, movement in me. Maybe a new skill set. Yes. But you also, of course, everybody is talking about the pounds people put on during quarantine and you said this was good for you. You dropped how much weight doing this? Oh, yeah, this was great for me. I dropped ten pound. Yeah, amazing. Ten pounds, sharna, you have to tell me the couples that are left, who you got your money on? Ooh, I really, really, really schwantz Sasha and Justina to win and Sasha to get his first mirror ball. Who do you have, Jesse? I concur. Really glad to see you all this morning. Not under these circumstances, but good to see you. No. Take care of that ankle, sharna. Jesse, we'll see you dancing somewhere down the road. You take care. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"The actor and his pro dancing partner Sharna Burgess said goodbye after competing during the show's '80s night, and talk about their journey on \"DWTS.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73582690","title":"Jesse Metcalfe eliminated from 'Dancing With the Stars'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jesse-metcalfe-eliminated-dancing-stars-73582690"}