J.Lo and Shakira reveal secrets ahead of Super Bowl halftime show

The two superstars shared a glimpse behind the scenes to tease what’s to come on Super Bowl Sunday.
3:01 | 01/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for J.Lo and Shakira reveal secrets ahead of Super Bowl halftime show
We are back with our countdown to the super bowl. The big game just nine days away and we are getting our first look behind the scenes at the huge halftime show from J. Lo and Shakira. T.J. Holmes is here with all this. I'm excited about this part. The conversation is different. Last year in the lead-up to the halftime show it was about, what, controversy. Artists didn't even want to perform because of the whole Colin Kaepernick controversy but what a difference a year and Jay-Z make. Jay-Z partnering with the NFL on the halftime show and he has now given us two icons essentially and they are now giving us just a taste. On the floor Reporter: Dancing. Ready. Reporter: Posing. Teasing. This morning the countdown to the super bowl halftime show is on and with just a little over a week to go, Latin superstars Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are taking their fans behind the scenes sharing glimpses of tiny dancers, clues for what's to come on super bowl Sunday. Shakira posted this photo on Instagram rehearsing for the show leaping across the stage with the caption, ten days. And posting this video throwing around a football writing, stepping up our preparations. J. Lo hot on her heels posting this video overnight on Instagram. Just be here on the 25 yard line waiting for my cue. Reporter: The former fly girl dancing to her megahit "On the floor quote. La la la Reporter: Encouraging her fans to take the J. Lo super bowl challenge by putting their own spin on her chart-topping collaboration with pit bull. Shakira and J. Lo have collaborated with so many famous artists and the goal is to bring as much star power to that stage as possible. It's going to be an exciting show. Reporter: The two powerhouse pop divas have long-standing ties to Miami embracing a community both have called home and paying tribute to their Leighton roots. I love it's in Miami. It's a Latino town and picked the two of us. Reporter: Those cultural connections matter. The first halftime show under Jay-Z's umbrella. Roc nation, his company, is now the NFL's live music entertainment strategist and wants to get it right. Can't go to a city, plop a show down and then leave. You know, like at least speak to the community. Now I don't want to say it's all good. Still some criticism picked these two artists. Miami has a rich music history. Gloria estefan, you even got D.J. Challenge lid. Rick Ross, Enrique say Iglesias. I'll watch. Pit bull, guest appearances so we'll see what happens. It's going to be fun. Too live crew -- they can still show up. You never know. Thank you for that. Coming up our "Play of the

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"The two superstars shared a glimpse behind the scenes to tease what’s to come on Super Bowl Sunday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68501397","title":"J.Lo and Shakira reveal secrets ahead of Super Bowl halftime show","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jlo-shakira-reveal-secrets-ahead-super-bowl-halftime-68501397"}