Take it from Karamo Brown: Own who you are

'Queer Eye' star Karamo Brown serves up advice to his younger self.
5:57 | 07/13/18

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Transcript for Take it from Karamo Brown: Own who you are
I see your photos floods. Sick I was like I know I had the blues. Down even as we need seven. He's okay. And like literally begged I was flags are you ready bravado and I was. I want you spent some rooms. I I've given you straight balloon still missing about. As the boat back there isn't that it was a one shot at night they wish to take a million cell miso is connected to jail. You know I did my type it was a young problem that photo is that you hear his eyes to divide. Eight. And it is headed opt out I haven't. I'll say it. Q. What happens when gaining. But I love them when I got Andrew and how complex. I am here. Allen had taught and how glad I did Kelly. All the fab five. I love them. That photos it's great it's so all of our personal style exit. As quietly. Out I'm always like collect it hasn't been effective. I'm living with. We have a war. Our bodies. I mean it's fun I love these guys. Our cars. It's great to get together. It's different and we are truly and so we get to get both like that were enough. Yeah definitely. Knife actually before. Potential and it's funny because I am a true believers that. Words speak to the world and meet with what they do and feels good. I've worked hard we worked hard it five. Of the people we entities in his law passed. Them off. All that was little me I don't know how old I was. The the real war validity that their eyes to act on even then. They give them belt is coordinating with the shoes and is certain sweat there rightfully. Have been closed down already. I was very happy. This felt good about life. If I would. The advice that would give myself district need to be happy. You're smiling and now let me. Why make you feel that way. And so I think there's something about that Powell might that you're comfortable. And our hope might be. Up that was actually on Father's Day. My kids or make economy they have been I have two sides have business IMAX levees this is our woke up to one of them being like me grab my shirt off. And the other one being hopes problem lies. Are you doing. I guess I have only wanted to use which is at it goes about it really bothers you or really Larry let me help the world. It was a depart from me I'm all about only my body but also the fact that morning. And I don't think that makes that even though they're joking with about that I. Own both my sides of because we are where those. Guar the all the sides wanted the death of view. This is. Though. There's a lot of yeah. All polls. And also you get the government good let's go back to. That yet I yeah there were men are adequately that yen at 98. I can't wait that ninety's that it is I. When my father abandoned me because if need be open about my sexuality. He stepped in immediately and society I love evil you are you going to be amazing. And so he became a surrogate oddly enough he's my grandfather and that let me too. You know things part of why I adopted my second. Because family is supposed to be their fourth support each other. He just a man that has always aspired to want to invest and to do the best in the world I'm just happy that. Happy generational experiences because especially as African American too often. Don't get from those edges. Basically for generations in them that. And wheelchairs that there. Oh. They baby. There's stuff that I ask. I love my life of me and we'll learn from our David. Black and of the black cat when I was working a social worker. I did have an complaints about support my appetite for being expensive for just. And I used to look at the behavior website it myself that's a one out walk from these represented. Classes. It yet still accessibility. And I was like I want and the minute that the TV show came outside and I really naked and cold. January yet and gave out like where did you hear me. Here we are life having them show off. Now both ways of life and worked here as president could you tell myself and I thought of this continues to believe that was. And from world war. And the good people.

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"'Queer Eye' star Karamo Brown serves up advice to his younger self.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56554545","title":"Take it from Karamo Brown: Own who you are","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/karamo-brown-56554545"}