Kelsey Grammer on new Netflix movie 'Like Father'

The "Cheers" and "Frasier" actor stars alongside Kristen Bell in the new comedy.
6:14 | 08/08/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kelsey Grammer on new Netflix movie 'Like Father'
And great crowd. We have to have a great guest E one inthe business for more than three decades. Yo him from small shows ongside Kristen ll in "Likefather." Plse welcomegrammer. Good to see you. [ Applau My H do we love this man? I'm tell you. Wow. Well Kelsey, wemovie, youot to this on a cruise ship. Yes, R. You go the do some cool -- May I congratulations T art you were poachedrom some other show a while back and I'm so impressed with you and I was impressed with today and your previous -- Thank Yo thkyou. I apprtethat. You aays hen great T me. So I appreciatthat. And, you , back to this movie,oh, yes. U shot T on cp and you goto do some cool stuff and G to Z Lin did S zip-lining. We WHE water like slides and stuff LN E . It was aot of fun. Zip line thing W co actually. Yeah. Ooh. It'he longest one in the D in Haiti sewhere which actual sort of not in of Haiti. T of like the cruise boutieceai that just itsown. I don't kow they pretend thewniece O Haiti bu nonetheless it seems to be they it's set up. Theyid down cruihip. No, the were people on board if you want to be in a vie you can be. Oh, wow. They'd sayer first hour -- What's happg? Aoupleours they're , is that ithave W ain yet? We got one shot off. Don'ty. You're going to be here all just S here? That's howworks. Theiropes about being starsin filmied veryic but S being on the boat was facing. 'S the largest ship in the world "The harmonyf seas called, the ral and E captainf the night, I arngo himnd thought this guy -- I used run some bts myself W was he's the most importanum on the seashonestly. Mean it's bigger ships. It's the thingreated that moves. D heunit. So I mdlethe night we're getting a little -- mu wind blowing up he says, you're having some double. He hasor of a nordic accent. He is aing, I suppo and H sa well if you like, an turn the Shi and wean slow down a littleor awhile. I sa, don't you have place to be it's right, I'm the captain. It's goodocan. Ang the Shi the wind went ay. It was all quite extraordin you know,'m vy impress guys likehat. Power. Ou guys are playing a father ghter who try rekindle the relationshiper she is E altar. Right. My chacter, lt her N she was about 5 years old. And wants to rekind a relationipal reasons it's timend inks he'llhoose Thi day, her wedding because he's beenpick of her on the internetoreacquaint selves. Anheetsef at the altar and T E O Thi cruise together because that was the honeymoon cruise and so, oh, there's lot of Sor of tradnal jokes Ted from tt but it's a really fun la a great to work . She is reallyrofessiona and focused andws upo work because she wants to get Hom andnjoy her LE as we. That's how I feel so it was a great time and forgive hairins. M growing I O for another role. Ant to see a little bit fit? Hi. I' act. Rachel's Rachel decide the not T get marrso shenvited me to see, I left her when she was 5 ol it's unforgable, I know so I showed ath wedding few days and THAs WHE O ded to be a little bleep ] Left her at the altar so took her out hen goter and that's W we're here. Oy gosh. Also a great scene WHE you two are sing and you both having backgrounds. Yes. Let'say the ouou wearing are a bit colorful. Shiny. Sort of vegasesq.eis, how many times did you have to rehrse that wa about THR days of shooting. Oo. The oil sg was not this son and it wasuch smaller venue and everybody thought it the clima event and said we got to do shoots and how is the beard? Said,well,t's still ther oso weang a differentgnd it took quit a while to shoot but it successful ow LG were on that cruise? Yeah. We sat down -- that was shot onn actualstage. The poor pee cruise thought they were G for a few urs, were goneor days. We'r so happy you C and joined us this morning Ks. Aal you're such a great GU we wish yousucces

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"The \"Cheers\" and \"Frasier\" actor stars alongside Kristen Bell in the new comedy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57105520","title":"Kelsey Grammer on new Netflix movie 'Like Father'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/kelsey-grammer-netflix-movie-father-57105520"}