Kevin Costner on the 'Bodyguard' sequel that never was - starring Princess Diana

The actor talks his favorite roles, from "Field of Dreams" to his latest movie - "The Art of Racing in the Rain" -- where he's going to the dogs.
2:51 | 08/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kevin Costner on the 'Bodyguard' sequel that never was - starring Princess Diana
It's time for our one-on-one with Kevin Costner. The academy award winner and director is opening up about the 30-year anniversary of "Field of dreams" and his conversations with princess Diana and new role in "The art of racing in the rain." Paula Faris had a chance to sit down with him. Here endth the lesson. Reporter: He's been an FBI agent, a baseball player. I believe in low, long, deep kisses that -- Reporter: And a civil war soldier. But Kevin Costner's latest role is for the dogs. Even back then I knew I was different from other dogs. Did you ever think that you would play a dog? No, not really. You know. In acting class you'll play anything. Yeah, I'll do it. I can do that. Reporter: In "The art of racing in the rain," Costner plays Enzo, the philosophical pup who narrates the movie. You didn't have to be convinced to do the movie. You wanted to do it right away. I had it to think about it because I didn't like my voice and I thought you need to get somebody else to play. Either an Italian to play Enzo. You don't like your voice. No. You're an actor. I get that. That's why you're trying to invent voices all the time. Only time will tell if Enzo become as iconic as the baseball farmer in "Field of dreams." Want to catch? 30th anniversary of "Field of dreams." Thanks. If you build it, he will come. How did you celebrate? It's not mine anymore. It's everybody's. That movie and that's what you realize about the things you do. They're not yours anymore. You must be so proud of that movie, though. 30 years late story see how it still resonates is that probably up there with -- That for me. I've had movies doing that. "Bull Durham" will have its anniversary and "Bodyguard" and "JFK" will have it and I think what you want to be is relevant. Will always You mentioned "Bodyguard." Is it true you were lobbying for princess Diana to star in the sequel. I wasn't lobbying, it probably wouldn't have happened. She knew we were working on it with her in mind. I didn't talk to anybody about it. Just her and I. Reporter: From what might have been to what is, Costner is focusing on his current project, a heartwarming story about man's best friend. Why do you want people to see this movie? Supply know what I want for them. I hope they feel like they get their money's worth. If somebody looks at it, it was like an honest effort, movies still interest me. Faster, Danny. Faster. My dog is named Enzo and I love racing so "The art of racing in the rain" is in theaters and I'll be the first in line, coming up on "Strahan &

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"The actor talks his favorite roles, from \"Field of Dreams\" to his latest movie - \"The Art of Racing in the Rain\" -- where he's going to the dogs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64849300","title":"Kevin Costner on the 'Bodyguard' sequel that never was - starring Princess Diana ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/kevin-costner-character-playing-dog-64849300"}