Late-night comic apologizes for Ivanka Trump attack

"Full Frontal" host Samantha Bee is facing an avalanche of criticism and pullouts from advertisers after her vulgar attack on Trump.
5:51 | 06/01/18

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Transcript for Late-night comic apologizes for Ivanka Trump attack
Right now we'll get to comedian Samantha bee under fire for H vicious and vulgar on her to be fired forced T apologize after anvalanche of criticism andpullouts from advertisers but now her show will stay on the air and Eva pilgrim has Y. It's supercharged, course, because it comes right on heels of the Roseanne controversy. Samanbee, the latest comedian feeling the ba fo taking a crackh someone associated with the white house. Many sayg even jokes have to have boundaries. Night late night host samant bee honored by the television academy as backlash againsthe host grows. The firestorm erupting after bee used a vulgar gar expletive to describe her on her sho "Full frontal." Ivanka Trump, who works at the white house chose to post the second most oblivious tweet we've sehis week. You know, ivanka, that's a beautiful photf and your child, let me just say one mother another -- Repor hammeringirst daughter for her ther's tightening immigration LI. Then going on to call ivanka a slur so crude we can't rep it. He listenedyou. Put onom tight and low cut and tell youather to [ bl S it. Tell him it was an obamang and see how it goes, orter: The comments spng an immediate social media cklash. Former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleisher saying there's no uprising again bee. Why? Sea clintonwriting, it's grosslyppropriate just flat-o wrong to describe or a Ivanka Trump or any woman way. Even the white house weighing in, press secretary Sarah Sanders calling the langu vile and vicious. Fd was a full frontalology from bee tweeting I would like to sincerely apolog to Ivanka Trump and to my viewers for using an expletivn my show to describe hest Ni it was inappropriate and inexcusable. I crossed a ne and I deeply regret it. TBS adding in aeparate statement those words should not have B aired. It was ourmistake too. And we regret So yl be here to help if I need you? Kyle, I got you. Rter: Now bee's sponsors state farmnd autotrader ING out. Her comments coming two days after ABC canceled "Roseanne" because its S posted a racist tweet Abou Valerie Jarrett, former senior adviser president Obama. I do not think we would be seeing this kind of ongoin dialogue and debate had the Roseanne thing not happened three D ago. People areseitive, people are angry. Reporter: Roseanne hef ingly addressing bee writing pl don't compare me to other PEOP who have saidble things. I only care about apologizfor the hurt I haveittingly and stupidly caused. The T lady's office putting a Stant saying in part double standard is truly astounding. Bee while accepting that a every week I strive to sho the world as I see it unfiltered and sometimes I probablyuld have a filter. I accept that. I take it seriously when iet it right and I do take responsibility when I Gett wrong. George. , A, thanks. T's bring in Larry Hackett hearing the words Dou standard. The president weighing in said why aren'tyir no talent Samantha for the horrible language used O low ratingshow. Total double sndard but that's . We are winning. He establishedhe idea that what Roseanne S whichas racist and is backing up 400 S slavery and things like that is the Sam as insulting sodynd already won. He didn't -- hedemned this comment about his daughter rightfully but didn't condemn the rnne comment. Nor has he ever apozed for the things that said in the past. There's an attempt to create outrage and shock I think white house has contributed to. We' seen a real lation. People uor age more vile and vr gar language but the penais harsher and more immediate. More cable shows and the idea yove rise above the kind of chatter. At the same T people become smartly more sensitive T the idea that certain things Y N't say about certain people. Then above that, of course,ou have the adminisation and trump who have said Thi tass are inconceivable for another prest to say. The idea talking about whether a woman who used that slur O television show, said that aboutthe bush daughters or Obamas she would have been fired before dawn theext day but I think the standards are shifting ickly. Is she out of the wo is it definite it won't get canceled. TBS for hero F her now look likehey were cav to the white house. They don't W T do that. Number two T oth other issue with tawsuit involving AT&T and the justice department. I don't think shut of the woods butnow how fast the lture moves and maybe Sunday or Monday there's something else we'll being about. For N defendingt all what taking place because I beyond without question -- when tk about double stand also a double standard when it Coto female and mal comedians? Male comedians have been saying not to there that Samantha bee but they have taken to task and don't really fall under the scrutiny that these female -- not defending anyone, ion get the human. Is there a de stand there. Very intting about . If you look at the white H rrespondents' dinner, K griffin, anotheremale comic taken to task, B punished F mecking women but female comics. Whole other level that nee to be looked at. All T, thank you. Coming up miracle recovery. The pitcher W near died in

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"\"Full Frontal\" host Samantha Bee is facing an avalanche of criticism and pullouts from advertisers after her vulgar attack on Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55582541","title":"Late-night comic apologizes for Ivanka Trump attack","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/late-night-comic-apologizes-ivanka-trump-attack-55582541"}