Leah Remini dishes about her co-star and BFF Jennifer Lopez

Remini and Lopez are starring together in a new film.
6:37 | 12/11/18

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Transcript for Leah Remini dishes about her co-star and BFF Jennifer Lopez
Our next guest is an Emmy award winning actress and producer of the she's made us laugh. My favorite show, I watch reruns every day "The king of queens" because she was there for nine seasons now on the big screen in "Second act." Please welcome Leah remini. ??? Bad girls talking about the sad girls ??? Hi. ??? Sad girls ??? ??? talking about bad girls ??? How are you? Great. Thank you. She has. It every day. I had the box set that comes like a bus in a -- That's it. I have it all. I know. Well, you know, it is the Christmas spirit so we're not going to fight but we are curious in your house do you have any traditions for the holidays. I don't know if they're tradition. It's like what we do. I force my family to do which is I -- I'm really obsessed with personalization like I just personalize everything, if it's a pa jam ma, a sock, like I just -- but I get my family -- I love these pictures. -- Christmas pictures every year with their names on it and force them to wear them and by the way I'm like, oh, you have to put on the morning because I don't want to hug you, you give me a gift I want you to -- put it on in the morning. Don't wear it -- Don't sleep in it. It comes with caveats. No one rebel. My mother. Shut up, you know. But, you know, like I force people to watch movies. Remember the claymation -- so I watch those then I watch "Polar express" then I watch "It's a wonderful life" and it's usually me in a room by myself. Is that not -- That's classic. Okay, "Second act," "Second act." Oh, you and Jennifer Lopez. You play best friends in the movie but in real life you guys are besties too. How is that? It's beautiful. When is the first time you met her. I met her at Marc Anthony is a friend of mine so I was friends with Marc first. He said I want you to meet my girl. Yeah, we went to his man on fire premiere, right. Jennifer was there and I was like, I've seen Jennifer, I know who Jennifer is but hoping I was with my husband too, I hope she's not as pretty in real life. You know what I mean because it's upsetting. It's upsetting. Okay, so I was like, okay, she'll be ugly and present -- She let you down. Yes! Selfish so I walk up -- I walk up to her at the after party and I'm like, maybe because it's dim so I get close up, nice meet -- Perfection then my husband says -- this was bad and it's still a problem. He hasn't had sex since with me anyway. I'm just kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Calm down, everybody. It's morning. Good morning, America. So my husband leans over. I guess he forgot it was me, his wife, and he's like, she really does have flawless skin. Yeah. And I go -- Not going to get away with that. You're not getting -- but then I was hoping. It gets worse. I'm hoping she's dumb so I'm like, oh, you're -- and I cursed beautiful in real life. I go, this sucks and she laughs. I was hoping she would have an attitude. Pretty but not nice. Right? Couldn't do that because she was laughing. She's like, oh, my god. You're beautiful and I'm like, eh. This girl is so selfish. You know, so nice. So you decided to make a movie together. Exactly. We've been friends ever since. Just sitting here watching you do that but you have to work together, first time working together. Yeah. How was it on set because I can only imagine. Great. You know, that's the thing. You don't know -- I've worked with my mother and worked with family. They're like what do we got to do -- I'm like, eh. Because it's my show. But, you know, but with my friends but it's so nice to work with friends -- like a friend you really respect and she was so loving and she let me do things to her, not, you know don't think -- you guys -- you really get your minds out of gutter. I was like slapping her and you see that like her real reaction in the movie, like I didn't tell her I was going to slap her. A lot of improv. She went with it and she was so loving and supportive and do your thing, Leah, we had an amazing time making this movie. You guys want to see it? Yeah, yeah. Let's show you. Oh, my gosh. In the door. But you got the job, baby. I mean, come on. You can do this. You can do this. A moment. Hey, who is the champ? What? You're the champ. Come on. Who's the champ? Who's the champ. Wake up. What's the champ? Let's go. I'm the champ? You're the champ. Come on. Stop it. Now, that was good. That's the line -- you the champ. Because that's what I do. I go to all her performances and I'm like, before she goes out, who's the champ? I don't want to crack her in the face but, you know, I'm like who is the champ? I'm the champ. She does that for me when I'm doing stuff. She didn't know I was doing it. She cracked me so hard I almost Peed my pants. Are you a lot -- you seem a lot like your character. I'm not an actress. But that's who you are. No, but I just was being me and they just allowed me to do my thing and it was just -- like I said it really was -- this is my first big movie, you know, I've done little parts in other movies but so to be able to do it with friends. And I can attest to us sitting here and I'm sure everybody at home watching, everybody in the studio, you being you is a gift to us. It is. It is a gift. Love it.

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{"duration":"6:37","description":"Remini and Lopez are starring together in a new film. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59745643","title":"Leah Remini dishes about her co-star and BFF Jennifer Lopez","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/leah-remini-dishes-star-bff-jennifer-lopez-59745643"}