Lori Loughlin dropped from Hallmark channel amid college scandal

The network ended its relationship with the actress, and her daughter, Olivia Jade, lost a cosmetics contract amid the fallout.
4:57 | 03/15/19

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Transcript for Lori Loughlin dropped from Hallmark channel amid college scandal
the eighth largest in its history. New fallout from the cheating scandal. The Hallmark Channel ending its relationship with Lori Loughlin saying she will no longer appear on the network and her daughter losing a cosmetics contract and Eva pilgrim has the latest. The first class action lawsuits have been filed. Reporter: That's right. The alleged details of this scandal just leave you shaking your head. Wealthy parents pulling strings plotting and planning to push their children into the school of their dreams. This morning doors closing as the backlash grows. This morning, the once beloved actress Lori Loughlin unemployed. The Hallmark Channel telng ABC news they've cut ties with the star after discovering her alleged involvement in the largest college admissions cheating scandal ever, charged along with her husband with paying a $500,000 bribe to get her two daughters into usc. It's very festive. Reporter: The actress a staple on the network for years showcasing her sweetheart image in a spring of successful Christmas movies and the whodunit series "Garage sale mysteries." How does this involve you? I seem to have a knack. Reporter: Hallmark pulling the plug on another show. The network telling us her work will no longer appear on their air. I have just been taken? I don't know. Have you? Seems I'm not the only one with secrets. Reporter: Her daughter Olivia jade also feeling the backlash. Sephora collection pro blending brush. Reporter: Sephora ending their partnership removing the 19-year-old's makeup palette from its stores. Olivia jade. Reporter: Tresemme following suit saying they're no longer working with Olivia jade giannulli. They used their home as collateral. Thursday morning additional fallout. The first class action lawsuits were filed. A pair of Stanford students suing. Their attorneys saying in a statement they request anyone who paid an application fee to any of the eight named universities but was denied admission gets their application fee returned. When your friends tell to you lie on your resume, you 100% do not do it. Reporter: Marketing CEO Jane Buckingham is also charged accused of paying $50,000 to have an A.C.T. Procter take her son's exam. Now her son jack is opening up telling horde I am upset that I was unknowingly involved in a large scheme that helps give kids who may not work as hard as others an advantage over those who truly deserve those spots. And so far at least one of the university's named in that class action lawsuit has responded. A Stanford spokesperson saying the suit is without merit. Let's bring in entertainment expert Larry Hackett, managing part of 10ten media to break down the Hollywood side of it. The irony, Lori Loughlin plays this person with a wholesome reputation through so many of her role, aunt Becky. Is her reputation gone for good. It's in a bit of a bind. I'm not sure if it's gone for good. The hallmark chapel is a marketing channel so I think there is an opportunity here after a certain period of time is done and speak to their lawyers and the Kays are adjudicated to do mea culpas. I lost my way. I lost my moral grounding and people can understand doing things for my kids. I think this one is salvageable. It's going to be tough and have to navigate it. Really? You think that? I don't know. I don't know. What about the kids? You said I did it for my kids but what about Olivia jade? We don't know whether or not she knew what her parents were Right. Is it fair that they're losing lucrative opportunity, as well. It's inevitable. Whether it's fair or not, is it fair for them to get paid crazy amounts of represent makeup companies. Marketers run away at the first -- Look at the comments on her -- They're brutal. Any kind of hint of scandal that may affect the market or advertiser they flee. They always do. Sometimes they come back. Sometimes they don't. Felicity Huffman has a series coming out on Netflix. What does Netflix do about it. I think they plow ahead. I said I may tune in to see "Garage sale mysteries" to see. I think at a certain period they will perhaps appear on a show like this and explain what went wrong and I think people will respond to it. It's about the kids and I think people have a certain connection to that. Among the Hollywood group won't they be ostracized. You think they are the only ones that did this? Touche. Okay, thank you, Larry. Always like your perspective.

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"The network ended its relationship with the actress, and her daughter, Olivia Jade, lost a cosmetics contract amid the fallout.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61706360","title":"Lori Loughlin dropped from Hallmark channel amid college scandal","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/lori-loughlin-dropped-hallmark-channel-amid-college-scandal-61706360"}