Lots of great entertainment choices for the week ahead

PeopleTV's Daryn Carp is here to help us prepare for it.
3:53 | 02/22/20

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Transcript for Lots of great entertainment choices for the week ahead
Well, it's time now for -- Yes, "Binge this." Head over to janai. I love that sound every Saturday. It is time for "Binge this." Lots of great entertainment to come in the week ahead and the host of people TV's reality check daryn carp telling us how we can prepare for it all. Daryn, welcome. So happy to have you. I mean what an intro with the bam, bam, bam, bam. I need that. Wakes me up. We love that. There you go. A Hollywood icon is in a new adventure that just hit the big screen. Tell us what we need to know. Okay, you need to binge a lot of Harrison Ford before going into this movie which isn't a bad thing. He's a pretty good looking guy. Four "Indiana Jones" you can play around with. I'm a fan of the three original for sure and I would absolutely start with that. I mean, it's adventure, it's fun, it's sexy. I absolutely love it and, of course, "Star wars," I mean there's a million franchises. Big "Star wars" fan. Big "Star wars" fan. Best lines in all of it, princess Leia says, I love you and he says, I know. So it's a great, great line to do and, of course, "Bladerunner." I mean, we're going back in time and forward in time with this came out in 1982 originally but then 2017 they came out with a new one so it's jam packed Harrison Ford. And we're going to get ready. Yeah. For his new movie, "Call of the wild." It's really about a sleddog struggling in the yukon with Harrison Ford. It's got a dog. What more could you want, janai? I guess you're right. That's all you need, a dog and Harrison Ford. I could binge it all weekend is all I'm saying. I could binge it all weekend. We've got Harrison Ford. Now let's talk music. A legendary artist is about to release an album. How can we get ready? Have you ever heard of James Taylor? Yes. Okay, well, "Sweet baby James," "Fire and rain" from ace 1970 album. Classic James Taylor put him on the map. He's been around for almost 50 years and he's coming out with his 19th studio album but he also has an audio book, audio original, excuse me, "Break shot," which is narrated about him and by him, so you're really getting the full James Taylor and of course he's coming out with his 19th studio album so we're getting ready for it. "American standard" which is really about, you know, the love of songwriters and the songwriters who wrote them. It's super great, super classic. He's just a great songwriter and a great guy. And all this coming just in time because James Taylor will be performing on "Gma" on Friday. Yes. So keep that in mind. We need an air horn for that. We could probably make that happen. You just want to hear the air horn. Make it happen. Yeah. Even James Taylor needs an air horn every now and then. You know? All right, and if you want to binge some TV, what are you recommending this weekend? Who doesn't want to binge TV? Okay, "Seinfeld" is my favorite show of all time. Bob Odenkirk actually was involved in a couple of the episodes. His is one of my favorite. He's in the abstinence, very, very good episode with Elaine. You've got to love it. There are nine seasons of "Seinfeld" to binge. A whole lot. If you can't make it, just watch the abstinence but, of course "Breaking bad" which is really where I feel Bob Odenkirk got his start, five seasons of that, classic, now normally I'm not a fan of sequels or spin-offs or anything like that. But watching "Breaking bad" is going to get you ready for season 5 of "Better call Saul," which is one of my favorite shows on television. It's smart, it's quick. Season 5. Season 5. We figure out how Saul Goodman, Saul Goodman becomes Saul Goodman. Bob Odenkirk is hilarious, witty but also very dark and see him in a new type of role and very excited, yeah, comes out on Sunday. So awesome. Daryn, you were fantastic. So glad you could be here request us. Get more from daryn as she hosts people TV's "Reality check" Monday through Thursday at 4:30 By the way, you'll get a letter from our lawyer if your next show starts with an air horn. I think we hit an all-time

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"PeopleTV's Daryn Carp is here to help us prepare for it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69142142","title":"Lots of great entertainment choices for the week ahead","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/lots-great-entertainment-choices-week-ahead-69142142"}