Lucas Hedges opens up about working with his 'hero' dad in 'Ben is Back'

Hedges discusses starring in the new film that was written and directed by his father, who he says was the person who "really gave me my love of film."
4:06 | 12/05/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lucas Hedges opens up about working with his 'hero' dad in 'Ben is Back'
Now to a rising star taking the big screen in some of the year's hottest films, 21-year-old Lucas hedges teaming up with Julia Roberts for the new movie "Ben is back." Adrienne Bankert is back. You sat down with him. I did. Thank you so much, robin. He's had such a phenomenal couple of years, fans will remember his star turning Oscar nominated role in Manchester by the sea and this year hedges is receiving critical acclaim for his portrayal of a teen fighting drug addiction and struggling to stay clean. Lucas hedges is very much following in the family business. Starring in "Ben is back" written and directed by his father, academy award nominee Peter hedges. What was the best thing about being directed by your dad? My dad like really gave me my love of film. He's my first hero. He was that for me, again, and that was special. You didn't call him dad on set. Yeah, I called him Pete. I got to set on the first day and he called me bubba in front of the whole crew. Dad, you can't do that. You were like -- Yeah, it was just like no -- You do not leave my sight. You are mine all mine. Reporter: The movie itself is heavy. A tragic story based around a 19-year-old drug addict with Julia Roberts playing his mother. Your dad met with Julia as the story goes and insisted you be the one. I read the script and fell in love with the script and was like, wow, okay. This could be really special but her being like really wanting me to do that sort of tipped me over the edge. Yeah, I mean of all people. Yeah. Very flattering. These will complement your complexion. Reporter: It takes place over 24 hours focusing on a family determined to have Christmas together while facing the cones againsts of Ben's bad choices. Some of my best friends are in and out of halfway houses and so it feels like a story that I was able to witness from a very close vantage point in the sense that I saw them from a young age and then I saw what their struggle with addiction did to them and I mean it's different in everyone's case but it seems to sort of like in a way be a similar fashion. What did you learn about addiction and this seeing the family dynamics. When I do these projects, I only really bring it back to the relationships that are immediately important to me and I like to think that I can be a little close story my mom and dad after I finish them and a lot of what this movie inspires me to do is to really look honestly at how I've lived my life and say, okay, like maybe I did these things wrong and own them and try to redefine my relationship with the place that I grew up. Please, just get in the car. I didn't do it. Reporter: Hedges has done a lot right. This year alone he starred in two other critically acclaimed flips and is currently on Broadway but juggling is something he's been doing for years. When you were a kid, you uploaded a video on YouTube. Oh, yeah. Called juggle me crazy so I want to you demonstrate if you wouldn't mind. You are really good. Yeah, well, this is -- Look at this, wow. Oh, okay. I'm impressed. Thanks. Thank you. Lucas said this is of course a very heavy personal story for himself and his dad who lost dear friends to drug use and hopes audiences will have more compassion for those going through addiction and going through recovery and what's interesting is that most of us if not all of us know someone who has gone through this exact story. Addiction is a disease. Yes. You know, we have to keep that in mind. Seems like a very powerful film. He is a tender soul. It was really nice to get to know him. You didn't give him a heads-up about the tennis balls. He saw them sitting by my chair and said what's that for? Do you mind if we do a little juggling today? He was a good sport. He was. As are you always, Adrienne, thank you.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Hedges discusses starring in the new film that was written and directed by his father, who he says was the person who \"really gave me my love of film.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59619014","title":"Lucas Hedges opens up about working with his 'hero' dad in 'Ben is Back'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/lucas-hedges-opens-working-hero-dad-ben-back-59619014"}