Mahershala Ali teases possible new rap music coming soon

Plus, the actor talks about his new movie, "Green Book," where he plays Dr. Don Shirley, a world-class African-American pianist who hires a white driver in the Deep South in 1962.
5:11 | 11/15/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mahershala Ali teases possible new rap music coming soon
to have our next guest joining us. He is an Oscar winner for his role in "Moonlight." Now starring in another great movie already getting Oscar buzz called "Green book." Please welcome mahershala Ali. ??? 24 carat magic in the air ??? I love this look. I love this look. How are you? I love this look. Trying to impress. Mission accomplished. Happy early Thanksgiving to you and your family. Happy Thanksgiving. I'm grateful to be here. Just a week away so you and the family have any holiday plans. Oh, we're going to have a little get-together. You know, we have been so fortunate to get our first house together and have a few friends together and keep it low key but looking forward to breaking bread with some folks. Speaking of your family, we know that before in 2017 when you won the Oscar and congratulations again for that. You had just become a dad. How is your little girl? She's great. She's great, amazing, it's just -- she's the grounding force in my life. My family is, you know, my wife but my daughter, things get a little hectic and crazy in alt of our lives but I can turn right at her. She doesn't know anything that's going on and she's like, a-boo or daddy and everything is better so I'm just so happy to have her. I can't wait to take my kids to see "Green book." It sounds like such a great story. True story. Down in the south going on a tour and needs a bodyguard. Yes. So many layers. There are, and I think just what's so beautiful. These two gentlemen are so different. They couldn't be more different and they actually remain different, but there's so much that is revealed about themselves and they're so open and they listen to each other and such a wonderful way that they end up becoming like really close friends and allies and died within three months of each other in 2010. Oh, wow. Yeah, yeah. Viggo Mortensen plays your driver, Tony lip. He had a chance to spend time with the family of Tony to research his role. You didn't have that opportunity so how did you get into character? One thing I did, he's in a documentary called "Little bohemia" about the Arties that lived above Carnegie hall and they were shutting down those artists' lofts and he appears in that several times and so I was able to pull from that and sort of get a sense of his gestures and his rhythm and this speech and posture and how he played the piano so I ha to lean on a bit. I had the stories of Tony which are all on tape, Nick, his son that wrote the screenplay spoke at length with don Shirley. I immersed myself in his music. I read whatever I could read so I equipped myself as best I could with the materials that I needed in order to really try to capture his essence and do justice to this moment in time. Well, you are about to see that he did all of that. Oh, yes. Okay. Here it is. "Green book." It is my feeling that your diction, however charming it may be in the tri-state area, could use some finessing. You mean diction like in what way? Like in the only way the word is ever used. Okay. Your intonation, inflection, your choice of words. Yeah, I got my own problems. Now I got to worry about what people think about the way I talk? The way I talk? The way I talk. You worked so well together. During the movie your character helps Tony write love letters to his wife. We know you're a man of words in real life because you're a rapper -- Very retired. Very retired. We actually have a little video. Oh, no. No. Oh. You have a little free time you're not hanging out with the baby or you're not working, are you still writing rhymes? I've been working on something for a project, associated specifically with a film so in terms of like pursuing a career and doing it and releasing music on a regular basis, no. But for my work as an actor, I'm working on something, I have been working on it for two years. You were always a fashion play. There you go. Mahershala, congratulations. Another great movie. Make sure you guys go check it out. It is "Green book." It will be in select cities tomorrow and in theaters everywhere next Wednesday. Mahershala Ali, everybody.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Plus, the actor talks about his new movie, \"Green Book,\" where he plays Dr. Don Shirley, a world-class African-American pianist who hires a white driver in the Deep South in 1962.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59213197","title":"Mahershala Ali teases possible new rap music coming soon","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/mahershala-ali-talks-film-green-book-59213197"}