Matthew Rhys on 'Perry Mason' role: 'It terrified me but I said I have to play it'

The actor talks to Peter Travers about the first season of the detective series.
21:54 | 08/07/20

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Transcript for Matthew Rhys on 'Perry Mason' role: 'It terrified me but I said I have to play it'
Yes that is when I was six years old I interviewed John when he. He. My favorite western of his was the searchers are. And as Ed a week there you may even be out west. And I kept nagging him about that trial on the search the next exit and I do something with it and when he died. He'd let me. I know. It was one of the greatest thing that ever happened mart says he has. Through years and offered me a lot of money where it's up 200 million dollars and I'll never sell non Islamic them. Boot re never doing it will always thing. Hello everybody I am. What's happening in the air and I have acts. Which may. That upset that I used. Who watched the pilot. Pilot errors. In the and I. Really am and I'm looking at there and dad and in quarantine. These were they not. See that looks like. And not rent and food. Remnants Hoch and I want I and the law the most important impede eight that he keeps children away. And you've got to got kids there. Yeah last count not roll call victory are you doing most dubbed the care taking our air. Eight I did to me. Sheikh probably disagree. That it or we started. Google what people were saying about you res oh. The Ortiz been warts but most interest. What was how much. Problem as Matthew Reese may. And yeah just that you reached he Russian. The third one is our Matt you recent Keri Russell a Koppel. Oh no not notches this whole. State news magazines and yeah. And at the Portland my favorite when after all those questions is. What was. It. Trouble. Well that's. You're not in cremation. Which I assume you honestly think is kind of each increase XE are on television. As an anti Euro and you. If your. But made huge that you sell. I want to let. An inordinate number ready. Because festival at. My eight Latin mass same we want to talk about that really makes. Well Lou Reed baker I may. I would re cutting. And then when I spoke to him say. Saudi BO want to be ready may not always to be every HBO let me in an eatery in my. There's no way you don't builds and he resigned trying to re may and I would write dowdy that well. I don't. Need ER or how race became right. Oh yeah and how could become. I'm. You know they get out and it's. You know there's always the speaker. At. The last part was courtrooms. All out and out you know. Trying to sell. Its. Lawyer leeway. I'm. Loaded. When you meet this guy. He's not just one thing as an inordinate markings on his shoulder. Basically the world. And it's all these three against him. As a whole thing going on these things in cost. Some notable it will be 80. And that's still in the scripts were from them I was incredibly. Attracted. End it didn't hit outraged me. Also regarding being selfish. Yes being an old school. Yeah student James Karen neat am proud to go out. I. Lay out all your ear right you. Know that cigarette. Totaled one China. On I'm. Or the boy it would three watching movies. You. Trepidation when he beat Ian playing a car when you start this series. Episodes. In American Ian. Yours into this you're Perry may. Karen Moore notes deal to go in the kitchen and. Oh yeah. Yeah so it it's our. With that I was at primary and ice. To. Our goal. And I'd say there's no real. News no one out high. I think you know begins and an little fools squarely Armani. Shoulder of all the hot. Oh. And yet know it as it it's going to be used to consider but I want to know what are you shop. This year he's well why would you what we doing in that are seen bay with an exit acts. I can I do. Not we. Will all want. They need to remember reason. It was meat eating at its rocket. Field. I read lot of loot. My cold and weak. I'm the men and I I. I don't know. Does this incredible. She made up. All many east policies meant could they kind of brilliant. Argued it is just about all. Some kind they would all do you. Grew. I'll. Sit this current. And. On day one not all. Odds how do you read oh yeah. Yeah yeah. He. Uniforms. Are you I am. They're totally in love. Body. At a they would embrace it monitor. It. There's nobody visiting here in the cats. Nobody wakes you now remembering those days now really cute lawyer you all know. My degree. Although our. You getting into a character it's not just that it's as the star and Asia. You have this tunnel. Responsibility. Yes it may not yet yet upon on one. Lane of the rock and roll and everything goes within and I. Six. Look at Tikrit army you and Tom Hanks I NB. A high. Encompasses what jobs are high IE. Ate it and have money enormously. All go away all leadership of setting a tone on senate. Looking now at and crew. Sending. Senator boxer the work. Rob high number at the IOI. Try. But it Dion also that is that there is an agreed that he riot I include. Really. Radio mom and I I try to do basically is due out. Of season two. I'm so excited she EU whenever it happens I can't imagine what happened. Well sure he had been and are they know they'll the next hour. Don't know but they're. All please call. 88980. Dole is going on they'll. How do we knew. How can make. Eight Harry Sochi on. Creating. A way. You kindly or maybe foolishly. Secretly own jokes so. I get a sitter that this growing stable and throwing my knee in mean. Now you know and I'm suggestion. And they have to not elect. I'm you all are adjusting coffee. Or. He'll go away. And yet but usually when you lost this just added in 1930 weeks she government corruption. We see week brutality. Reached epic racism. And deceive the world that was Lebanon. You know. All this heart of why. Wanted to do when you and the creators get together do. When we dig out. You'll. The ground and ready Rio. I'm. Relate to both sadly themes. So. It didn't you know it it did a number of things. From the from me to say yes I'm glad you know on those issues. This show that many reasons I'd like it go any higher war all outlets and end at thirty. And it via. Our you're just. You know U. And well. And just seen and grumpy car engine is happy with life and I read somewhere that they. In Matt meet. An expert. On a basically. Darkness. And one outlets it was and ray ray Brittany. Does. It air and masculine. Realty. We'll just love all. You know the one thing the show isn't on. Is the actual Perry Mason she reached. A snippet. Fixing. It took until episode six. They see you in a courtroom. As a lawyer. And he did. Let you know we are. About. Oh. Yeah. I. Was out on good job right. Now and I'll. In cool too little because how you need. A senior owed one and may miss operation as I'm some. I would've been ruled would have been shut down. But the youth yeah I was I bet he can be. On it. On your out. The only deeply you researcher role did you are. Alert he dropped. Yeah. Waiting to that. Those people that. That they just that they never seen any Americans never watched humans out your kitchen. Nevertheless try to turn on mr. Rogers or any of those things yeah Eric. And why he talks are well why didn't you. I'm into yeah. Yep but. There. Whales. I. Agree condit's in Wales which is countries. We round tonight. I'll. Your childhood go. So that it made you such a dark expert. In human frailty. And darkness. What Curtis and there's not. Unique and he noted can be annual trade. We are hidden in new countries and island whale. I'm Colin world. Art house. I've always maintained that it medically resilient export cal legal gold met. Due out. They're not arguing that. How will the first well but I never interviewed with our. Own yes. He started the interview by saying that he drinking and then at the rest are we. He had ordered Beers. Said. Is that that she stopped and that's. I'm from way a show you what that really. I can't do that accent. Are your parents the lie. Day job there not a big old youth. They saw him at all like yeah. I'm set. It. It is that they go well. You know one week and the you know your math on it and number Mo it's well we seek. I eat. And you or submitting wigs. They didn't recognize. Their beloved 100. My oh. Not. Do you know that she calls a wire arguing that showed. He's. Gotten high. Oh. Here. Otherwise their lead you think that you may to life. What. Originally team and he knows how it like it or. I have. Being you. There are. Being able to pay rent and mold it I think it is six. Yeah thinking on that enemy that you want the Americans. That we are. Well I. Hundreds and should be any Inco is that the office is due that you. So broad public. Sold. Effort. That art. And technical rules are raw old rule on the way it's going to eat and then I'm greeted and he doesn't I am. Well and we didn't basically like Gary yes and five months you're an actor but it can't do anything. I'm. Really using thank god or suggest we use the missing it. I want to be out there why don't you. Now. We IIRA. Green golf incredible hall. Spite of my. Any number of model. Today and it's a degree over on nights when we Hillary old all eight. And the children like. Hot. It will be. Once you are ringing. What you're actually doing. Basic basic. The Herald. It's very high. Jason I agree on. Not addressed you. I'm RI. Yeah we just do what I told pero. Oh. So really there's not this since that supposed end nobody knows how long in the past. Do another five months working. Well I'd love you rest your eye on it 80. Park street my. Oh. This be just that dog opening group B I'm sorry I are seeing it yeah just does he got. In the unit will rest didn't know you look at Harry definite you know I don't know. All those lines are. Wrong. Then and oh no there but they did not. One. How the what's happening so yes. Dug around me peppered. But I'll get. It. Time in its UIIE. The gruesome it's full. And do it are just gotten. Well you know I've alone there were all waiting for Sunday in what we're gonna hate you can. Do another. Because a lot depends on that you know I don't know. It. Unity parks and we watched. To finally get to the point where yeah but. Competent and confident that don't work and that you will what they can work and Arnold. Who. Yet. Isn't new but as you know this show always sentence. All I did always what did you aren't in New York studio and yet you with your best that it and yet I've just around. That win was seventy years old uniquely Elvis Presley I don't know where with that in some strange. Well. Schools all would have. It's cruel. A little eldest Reza is that I am. At all should. Know he's not my game but he did it and if with a little bit out Elvis. Ferraro. Out. I'd like this and in that there was little left that you brought to block the warming murdered. And heard all the Perry Mason would never be collected and let it wouldn't be doing it you. Wish the best I loved it shows that he. And I can't wait out and I hope one day. We're all. Ares and now we unique and her. Right on. Old when. I'm Andy. I can happen but I will play pool port. Dot dot. Red.

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{"duration":"21:54","description":"The actor talks to Peter Travers about the first season of the detective series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72234668","title":"Matthew Rhys on 'Perry Mason' role: 'It terrified me but I said I have to play it'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/matthew-rhys-perry-mason-role-terrified-play-72234668"}