How Meghan Markle breaks the mold as royal bride

Markle, 36, a California native and former actress, will soon wed Prince Harry, the sixth in line to the British throne.
7:48 | 05/18/18

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Transcript for How Meghan Markle breaks the mold as royal bride
But they get excited. We build it up. Meghan is making history. The actress from L.A. Breaking the mold and Deborah Roberts is also here in Windsor at castle hill with a look at her road to royalty. Good morning there, deb. Reporter: Good morning, robin. I confess I'm excited too and what a jump if I it has been. Meghan probably had an idea about big fame, I mean, obviously she was a television star. But now on the eve of her royal wedding she is arguably the most watched woman in the world. Meghan's just hours away cementing her place in the British royal family and as an American and biracial woman changing the face of the British monarchy. She represents a new kind of diversity and modernity. And, you know, the royal family is an institution, very protected institution and to have someone of mixed heritage who is American, who isn't, you know, of royal blood accepted in shows I think a level of progress. Reporter: Meghan addressing her ethnicity and the British tabloid's scrutiny of it in her engagement interview. It is a shame that is the climate in this world to focus that much on that or that it would be discriminatory in that sense but I think, you know, at the end of the day I'm really just proud of who I am and where I come from. Reporter: She's becoming a role model to a new generation. She's definitely really inspiring and she knows what she'scia saying. We're following her footsteps in a way. Reporter: Students at her ALMA mater, the immaculate heart in Los Angeles say she makes them believe the sky is the limit. I see myself in her. Reporter: Meghan grew up with an interest in the world around her. "Mother!" Doria a social worker and yoga instructor, her father who won't be able to attend the wedding because of health reasons, a successful lighting director who helped her feel comfortable in the spotlight, often bringing her on set with him. I grew up on the set of "Married with children" every day for ten years. Reporter: Like her future husband she's become deeply dedicated to humanitarian work serving as a U.N. Women's ambassador. Isn't enough to simply talk about equality. One must believe in it. Reporter: Meghan is the first self-made woman to enter the royal family. She's a feminist. The words breath of fresh air is often used in connection with the royal family. In terms of Meghan Markle it's absolutely T Reporter: And that is no doubt what fascinates so many people about this American woman, yes, she is parrying Harry and stepping into royalty, becoming a newly minted princess but as you just heard she walks up to that altar already an established and powerful woman. That's pretty big stuff. Robin and Michael. It sure is. Thank you, deb. Absolutely and we're going to be joined by India hicks, author, goddaughter of prince Charles and one of princess Diana's former bridesmaids and we have to say, you walked in, what an incredible dress. You look amazing. Amelia wicks, a very good British designer and one of Meghan's favorites, as well. Right. You were in the wedding for prince Charles and Diana back in 1981. Do we have to say the date? Come on, India. Can you give us insight and details about that and also what is Meghan going to experience tomorrow? Oh, lordy. Precision, the royal family are very precise, the timing will be impeccable at every moment there will be another step that she takes that has been mapped out long, long in advance. But also there's always mayhem as well. With Diana there was absolute mayhem. The morning of, we were getting changed in Clarence house which is the queen mother's house which was lovely so there very much as part of the family already and there was a little TV screen and there she was watching herself on the screen. Didn't want anyone in the way and wanted to see herself. In her jeans and had the tiara on. There was just chaos everywhere, princess Margaret came up to check on her. It was really lovely. Very intimate. That's how it felt. As much as you know and have heard about Meghan, is she for such a global event tomorrow? You know, it's interesting because, of course, Diana had been around that type of life and that kind of upbringing. Meghan clearly no experience of that. But Meghan is 36. So she's lived life a little more. Diana was -- A baby. So young. So young. And I think having to live with the prurient interest of the press every single day and as it grew there was no guidelines for any of that. They come now with more experience, Harry has lived this life so at least knows where the battles are and I think will be beside Meghan every step of the way. When Diana became the princess of Wales, the queen gave her two of her ladies in waiting to really help her to guide her, to show her the ropes because there's a lot. It's a lot. And I suspect that Meghan will get the same kind of support but even more. She has Kate who has got the experience now and has managed the balance because that's what it is, it is a balance. Both Harry and Meghan said obviously they wish Diana could be here at this wedding, but what similarities do you see between Meghan and Diana? Everybody is inevitably going to ask this question and drawing conclusions. We know nothing really about Meghan and how she will be able to cope with this but I think because she's got more experience she'll have a greater view on it. What one hopes is Harry's role is very undefined. If you look back in history, prince Andrew, it's a slightly guideless way to go. You're the spare, quite literally so what one could hope is that Harry and Meghan together form some kind of strong platform or take some kind of role that fills them, that makes them feel content and worthwhile and then they can cope with not having that role of inheriting the future. But people feel that's the bond that brought them together, because that's how they have to this point lived their lives and now this incredible team that they're going to be and the lessons that perhaps Meghan can from princess Diana and how she was able to help those that were less fortunate and I love how prince Harry said that his mother and Meghan would have been thick as thieves. That's a term that he used. Definitely and I think, you know, Diana was extraordinary. I mean, she was a star when she walked into the everybody took notice. It's a quality. But prince Charles is unbelievable as well. He's been a single parent for all of these years, so the breaking news of him able to walk Meghan down the aisle is just so perfect. It's kind of comes full circle because I think especially in America one tends to forget the role Charles has played because Diana was sump a star. She was so incredible with what she did. The foundations she was on board with, the way she reached out and touched the people, the princess' people but Charles has done so much good. He has so many, many, many charitable endeavors. His prince's trust is phenomenal, the work that it does and I think it's so lovely that he gets this starring role intomorrow's scene. Lovely for you to stop by and talk to us. We really appreciate it. Your insight is always just so brilliant. Always brilliant and always appreciated. India, thank you very much.

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{"duration":"7:48","description":"Markle, 36, a California native and former actress, will soon wed Prince Harry, the sixth in line to the British throne.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55256120","title":"How Meghan Markle breaks the mold as royal bride ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/meghan-markle-breaks-mold-royal-bride-55256120"}