Meghan Markle's dad not 1st royal relative caught in scandal

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding is not the first in history to be affected by the bride or groom's relatives.
3:39 | 05/15/18

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Transcript for Meghan Markle's dad not 1st royal relative caught in scandal
As you know we're also counting down to the royal wedding. It is less than a week away and, you know, the royal family I dealing with headlines surrounding Meghan Markle's father. This is not the first time, though, they've run into trouble with the tabloids and ABC's Adrienne Bankert is in Windsor where the royal couple willwed. Hey, Adrienne, good morning. Reporter: Good morning to you, too, Lara. We've got tourists lining the streets here in Windsor. Momentum building for this global event which is magnifying some of these uncomfortable examly matters. Now, what's being written about Meghan's family seems to be more hike a Hollywood drama but evening recent history shows us we've been here before. Their whirlwind lover story has been almost picture perfect. Now that I fell in Lovin' with Meghan so incredibly quickly was sort of confirmation to me that everything -- all the stars were aligned. Everything was just perfect. Reporter: But the road to royal romance and happily ever after usually comes with a side of scandal. Just days before her wedding this Saturday Meghan Markle's dealing with her father potentially withdwing from the wedding accused of being a part of staged photos now allegedly saying he won't be walking her down the aisle. They say that he's told them he's feeling unwell and been having chest pains and he has decided not to be part of the wedding. So not only is she upset about the fact that's not going to happen but she's very worried about him and what is going on. ?????? Reporter: But it's not the first drama right before a major royal wedding. This moment during their engagement photos when a report asked Charles and Diana if they were in love. Of course. Whatever in love means. Charles was till in love with Camilla parker Bowles who was seated at his wedding to Diana and friends of Diana said she tried to block her from being invited. And days before Diana's wedding to prince Charles reports questioning whether her father who suffered a stroke a few years prior would be able to walk her down the aisle. Flash forward 30 years to William and Kate's wedding. The middletons plagued by rumors swirling over a family member, Kate's uncle Gary goldsmith. When Kate married William her family was hugely under the spotlight as well and there were members of her family, her uncle, for example, who were doing things that W making big stories in the media that were causing a lot of controversy for the royal family. Reporter: Goldsmith continuing to make headlines well after the 2011 wedding. In November of last ye, the tech millionaire sentenced to community service and rehabilitation after admitting to assaulting his now ex-wife. If their first interview as a couple is any indication, Meghan and Harry will get through any troubles together. Whatever we have to tackle together or individually we'll always be us together as a team I think she's -- So nicely said, isn't it? And some of those troubles could include health issues as well. TMZ reporting that Thomas Markle Sr. Has been experiencing heart issues this week but London and the world are fond of happy endings and the anticipation and excitement is building right here in Windsor. Lara. Absolutely, Adrienne, thank you so very much. And Michael and robin will be joining you live from Windsor this week. We're so excited for that and then robin and David Muir anchoring our live coverage of the royal wedding on Saturday starting at 5:00 A.M. Eastern. Do not miss it. Yes.

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{"id":55172023,"title":"Meghan Markle's dad not 1st royal relative caught in scandal ","duration":"3:39","description":"Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding is not the first in history to be affected by the bride or groom's relatives.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/meghan-markles-dad-1st-royal-relative-caught-scandal-55172023","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}