How Meghan Markle's high school is celebrating the royal wedding

Immaculate Heart, the Los Angeles school where Markle attended middle and high school, is celebrating the royal wedding with a party in her honor.
5:31 | 05/18/18

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Transcript for How Meghan Markle's high school is celebrating the royal wedding
Windsor where fans are already celebrating Meghan and Harry even before they walk down the aisle tomorrow morning. And Meghan is also being celebrated in her hometown of Los Angeles and Adrienne Bankert is back with more on that. Good morning, Adrienne. Good morning to you too, robin. Nice to have you with us here in London. You got to wear the fascinator. It's a big day. That's right. And, you know, Meghan's school, what an awesome story here. They boast a lot of impressive alumni like Mary Tyler Moore, Tyra banks and now the students are saying that not only is Meghan Markle a role model but she's serving them some royal inspiration. ?????? as the world awaits the royal wedding -- ?????? N aba there's already a party going on at the all girls private campus of immaculate heart in Los Angeles where Meghan attended middle and high school. ??? Be that girl watch that queen ??? Reporter: Students singing waving both sets of red, white and blue flags, a flash mob in fascinators celebrating the soon-to-be princess. This corgi rocks an I heart Meghan t-shirt. Let us raise our cups and wave our flags and banners in all that Meghan has achieved and will continue to achieve in the future. Here's to Meghan. Reporter: Now one of their most inspirational graduates. She is from Los Angeles. She's half black. So I feel like no matter what ethnicity you are, no matter where you're from, you can actually make a big change in the world not just being Harry's wife but really taking your platform and using it for a positive change. She's, you know, an incredible role model and humanitarian work and also, you know, I'm a jenecian. She is one too. In the drama club. Her talent began to shine. Following her footsteps in a way. Reporter: In these halls Meghan discovered her passion for giving. It seems that she remembered a conversation that we had had when she was a junior. I told her that one needed to put the needs of others above one's own fears and apparently she's carried that with her and I'm so proud to K that was something that was important to her. She's bringing not just beauty and grace and smarts, but she's bringing this world consciousness. Reporter: These students watching one of their own become royal with a glimpse of what it looks like to see dreams come true. She's one of our sister because everyone that comes here is like -- Technically we could probably be part of the royal family too. Wow. So well spoken too. Many of those students speaking out about how passionate they are and how proud they are. We got to tell you they were very happy for Meghan before she met hause of her humanitarian work and her acting career and immaculate heart families will be joining everybody on that campus for a viewing party tomorrow. Robin and Michael. But will they be wearing wonderful fascinators like you have on right now when they're watching tomorrow? That is the question. Yes. Adrienne Bankert, thank you very much. I hope so. Looking good. I hope so too. Got to be in the spirit. Our royal contributor Victoria Murphy is here, wonderful to see you again. Hello. So we've seen where she grew up and we see the impact that she has had. But her life is going to change tomorrow here on this big stage. From tomorrow Meghan Markle is going to be a working member of the British royal family or the firm as we like to call them. She will be carrying out engages and become patron of charities and representing queen and Britain on the royal stage. What's so intriguing about Meghan, long before she knew this was going to be her life it's almost like she was setting up for it as a child. She stood up for things she believed in, got a commercial change because she thought it was sexist. As soon as she became an actress she realized she had a profile she wanted to take on charity work and I've been watching her and Harry and I have been traveling around the uk with them the last few months as they've been meeting people and it's just been amazing because she's such a natural in the role. When it clo que tan charity and philanthropy we've seen all the things she's done in the past but in this new role what do you think she'll focus on. I think young people, it's going to be a big focus for her and Harry, young people are very excited about them. They're very relatable to young people and I think for Meghan women's empowerment will be a very big issue. She's spoken about it before and described herself as a feminist and once made a great comment where she said she thinks girls should focus less on glass slippers and more on shattering the glass she has the ultimate fairy tale here. She wants girls to think of their education and things of substance. That's the beauty of it. She has lived her life like this in wanting it so it's not a big change. That's not a big change in want thank because that's how she's lived her life thus far. Exactly. I think she feels a great responsibility now that she this profile to use it. The stage. And to enspire, inspire other girls and I think we're going to see her kind of really try and take that on. Back home everyone loves her there. How is she received with the British public. Whenever I have seen her meet the public they go kind of wild for her. They love her and she gets close to the crowds and kind of goes over and says, hi, I'm Meghan and shakes their hand and says she's a hugger so she gives people hug, as well and I think

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{"duration":"5:31","description":"Immaculate Heart, the Los Angeles school where Markle attended middle and high school, is celebrating the royal wedding with a party in her honor. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55258188","title":"How Meghan Markle's high school is celebrating the royal wedding ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/meghan-markles-high-school-celebrating-royal-wedding-55258188"}