Michael B. Jordan surprises high school students in his hometown

The "Black Panther" star returned to high school to inspire and mentor students pursuing careers in the arts
3:24 | 01/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael B. Jordan surprises high school students in his hometown
With Michael B. Jordan. The Hollywood heavy weight from the films like "Creed" and "Black panther." He went back to his high school. You went with him. Look at that face. Look at that face right there. That is actually now, yes, a global face. First ever men's global face of coach. That was just announced. He could team with a loft brand. He chose coach because they have a treatment it real initiative that inspires kids in pro gentlemens around the country. One of those projects was in his hometown. Some of those kids got a surprise of a lifetime. All right. Reporter: Newark's barringer high school was buzzing. With camera crews. Excitement. And the speculation about the day's surprise guest. The students never imagined this. One of Hollywood's hottest. What's up? How y'all doing? Reporter: Michael bchld Jordan back in his hometown and in their school to help out in a variety of way. How y'all doing? Reporter: First, co-host of a talent show. Hey, black child. Do you know where you're going? Where you're really going? Reporter: And while the kids can't believe he's really here. He's bloup away by them. To see these kids get up her and be fearless. Put themselves out there. I got inspired again. I got the chills. Reporter: The show was organized by students with the future project. It's a student empower CHLT program found in my high schools across the country. Look at this. Jordan proudly serves as an honorary director and dream ambassador and real-life inspiration. Working closely with kids as a mentor. How big of a deal was arts emg occasion to you when you're coming up? Dreams are so important. The arts manifest those emotions. Those dreams. You know, you cut the arts out, I mean, you're cutting kids's ability to dream. Show that chalk brd marker. I'm confused. Chalk, Michael, chalk. Day saw him as someone from Newark like them. Someone with big dreams, like them. Someone what has accomplished so much, like they will. The first thing, the thing that truly matters is that he's just like them. My mother is going to see it. So she can get a little bit mad. Reporter: It was a day of surprises for these high school students. You're about to see more faces. You have had good one on one and personal time with some of these kids. You look sba those faces. What do you see? I see a future. Reporter: Yeah? They're coming after your job. No, hopefully, I'll give them a job in the next five, ten years. That's the thing. Reporter: In particular, some of those kids with the future project. They were not star-struck. They were in awe and inspired. He's a hunk but a home boy. He's not too far removed from being a high school student in Newark just like them. My mama would say, he's a gad man.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"The \"Black Panther\" star returned to high school to inspire and mentor students pursuing careers in the arts","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60359925","title":"Michael B. Jordan surprises high school students in his hometown ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/michael-jordan-surprises-high-school-students-hometown-60359925"}