Michelle Obama says her brother is still their mother's favorite

Obama and her brother, Craig Robinson, reflect on growing up on Chicago's South Side, plus the former first lady shares how her daughters have gotten guidance from the Bush sisters.
14:10 | 11/13/18

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Transcript for Michelle Obama says her brother is still their mother's favorite
We are honored to have former first lady Michelle Obama with us and someone would knows her best, her big brother, Craig. Yeah. Yeah. Y'all ready? Ready. Oh, I'm ready. Oh, you're ready. Are you ready? You've heard this great reaction about your -- this book that your sister has written. What does it mean for you? Well, wow. First of all, it's still very hard for me to hear people say Mrs. Obama. Still? Yeah, still after all these years. But, you know, I couldn't be more proud of my sister and this book "Becoming" and I'm just really excited to see everybody's reaction to all the wonderful stories that are in the book. And a lot of those stories, as you know, resonating with people. Have heard from so many people especially, Michelle, when you were talking about the miscarriage. Yeah. Ivt to have your two beautiful daughter, in fact, there was one who wrote in, her name is -- she said that, wow, I salute you, Michelle. This is Alyssa. I salute you, Michelle, for being so open and honest. After going through this myself it is heartwarming to hear. What's your message for those struggling with these issues right now. You're not alone. Miscarriages are more common than we know and infertility is a common problem, but that's the thin. We as women, we talked about this the other day. We just don't talk about these issues so we deal with the stuff in isolation and that doesn't help, so if folks like me coming out and talking about my experiences helps give some comfort and some courage to others to come out, then I'm happy to share my stories if it helps. I know your family was there to help you, in fact, you wrote about you had two children at the time and so she would come over, your sister would come over and would -- My baby fix from -- Yeah, no, she would come over and be that aunt who just messed everything up. You had your schedule and she'd come over and keep them up late and let them walk on the furniture, but she was -- she was a good auntie. She was a good auntie. What kind of mom is she? Funny you should say that. Of all the things I'm most proud of and my sister has done a whole lot of thing, a lot of initiatives but the biggest thing -- One of the biggest things that was apparent to our family was how she made family imperative within our own sort of family so that even though she was busy doing all these wonderful things, we had Thanksgiving at the white house, we'd have fourth of July at the white house and our entire family felt a part of being in such a historical environment. It's great. Thanks. Couldn't have done it without you guys. I love having him forced to say nice things about me. I always say nice things about you. What were you like as kids. I adored my brother. I was -- I have been Craig Robinson's little sister for most of my life and -- Then this happened. Right. And I can have an attitude about it but I am a fan too. Here's the thing that I will tell men out there is having -- for a girl to have strong men in her life, you know, like I had a father who loved me, a brother who adored me and cared -- adored me and cared for me made me stronger. So I want to make sure that men understand the importance of male role models in the life of a strong girl and my brother has been my hero from day one, you know. He's like the enforcer in the family. If bad news has to be delivered like somebody's asking for a little bit too much, it's like, Craig, you got to call. You know, you got to go talk to, you know. Didn't he have to talk your mother into moving into the white house with you. Yes, geez. Craig, come on, mom has got to go. First of all, he is the favorite, right? So like I am the first lady but my mother's like when is Craig coming? And I'm like, I live in the white house. What more do I have to do? So I was like you can talk her into doing anything. I am the favorite. I am the favorite. How did you talk her into moving? So, I just said to -- because my mom and, robin, you know my mom. She was not -- she is not the sort of intrusive in-law so she would never want to even stay over and baby-sit our kids before -- She'd go home. It would be 2:00 in the morning, mom, stay over, no, she's going home. So she really didn't want to join them in the white house for that reason and I just sort of positioned it like, you will be helping your granddaughters out, number one, and if you move into the white house, then I'll come to visit you more. See. Oh. You just made that -- just like that. Just like that. No, it's -- you know, but to my mom's credit she saw the bigger picture and, you know, it's just wonderful to have that kind of support for them giving all the stuff they were going through. How are the girls? Is it they're great. They are thriving. Let me just say this out loud in public, I am so proud of those little girls. They -- they have managed this situation with poise and grace and they are Normal and kind and smart and friendly and open. Gosh, it could have gone so wrong. But I will also say that they had support from a lot of the other former first kids, Jenna and Barbara and Chelsea, I love those girls. I will love them forever for what kind of support they provided to my daughters throughout that. They always had their backs. Somebody went after them in the press, Jenna would get in there and say something, Chelsea would send a tweet out, you know, and that made a big, big difference so they're doing well 13 I'm glad to hear that. Momma? Your mom is doing well. She's good. She's roaming around here somewhere, you know, mom is still like I don't want to be bothered with any of it. I mean, my mother is -- she's a south side mother, you know, who really thinks like -- Why do I want to be bothered? So we talk about this for every major trip we would go on, we traveled around the world, you know, mom, you want to go to cline with us. Why would I want to go to China? It's like, well, because it'll be interesting and then somebody else would have to talk to her, Craig would have to call, mom, you should go to China and she'd go, okay, I'll go to China and she'd be in China and she'd be China is great. I'm having such a great time but you have to push these black mothers on the south side, you got to push them to try some new stuff. She still -- I'm still doing that with her. For eight years it was Mrs. Obama, Michelle's back. Michelle -- Yes. What is she post-white house? How is she different? How has it been? She is much more chill. Really? Yes, because, you know, you know, my sister has had to be -- now she's always very frank and forthright but, you know, when you're in the white house you have to have -- you have to watch your words. We talk about it all the time that words mean a lot and we were raised that words mean a lot. Don't tempt me, I'll -- don't tempt me. Do not start. But you know she's -- she's just been a lot more relaxed and it's not that it's more fun to be around her now, it was always fun. Right, right. It's just -- you can see in her face and in her movements that things are kind of relaxing and I'm sure her daughters feel the same way. I'm sure they do. Well, the book is called "Becoming" and there's some great photos in there so we're going to show you some photos. Okay. And because that helped you become the woman you are today and I want you to say the first word that comes to mind. Okay. When you see these photos. Put up the first one. Right here, as a little girl. Oh, deuce and a quarter. That's the back of the deuce and a quarter right there. Explain to people. The buick elektra 225 to be precise. That was my dad's pride and joy. And then he upgraded that -- oh, it was supposed to be one wordment I'm sorry That's okay. Yeah. Upgrated -- This is what happens leaving the white house. Yeah. He upgraded it to the maroon deuce and a quarter which is the car we both learned to drive on so we basically learned to drive that big old car. We haven't talked about your father. Yeah. We've talked about your mother and the health issues that he went through and he was still so strong and laying a foundation for both of you all. Yeah, yeah, my dad, he's our rock and I think so much of who Craig and I are is because we always wanted to make our parents proud, to grow up with a dad with a disability who never complained, you know, went to work every day, you know, didn't miss a day of work, never remembered dad being sick or talking about being sick. Never. You know, when you grow up with that kind of drive and that kind of -- with those values, you know, we just never wanted to disappoint him. Let me -- I'm so glad because as you said they both had such an influence in your upbringing. Fredricka had a question. I'll read it for you. She said you accomplished so much in your life. Some people want to sky dive or swim with sharks. What's left on your list you still want to do, Mrs. Obama? There's still a lot of travel like we've been around the world and have seen like the backs of hotels and elevators. I want to go back to those places and like walk in the front door, spend some time. See a sight without security so there's a whole travel bucket list of places that I want to go to and go back to. You've got time. Got some time. Got to do it young. This book tour, I know you'll be at the united center. We're not going to tour the book forever. No, no, no, but, you know, we had the special that was so well received and people were touched by your reaction to princeton students, young women who were there on campus now and the example that you set for them. In fact, there's one woman that caught your eye, in particular, let's look at this tape. Belinda there on the campus. Thank you, just from the bottom of my heart. I can't thank you enough and hope to one day be able to convey in person but thank you. Have you ever seen her in person? Is she here? I'm sorry. Why did you do that? We did feel bad. She thought -- It's like the cameras like she's going to come out. Here she is. Here she is. Well, here she is right now. Belinda, come on up. Come on up. It's like a dream come true. You are beautiful. That's my brother. You get a hug too. Thank you. Oh, my god. What year are you? I'm a seen. You're almost out of here. I'm almost done. Your thesis. Thesis under way. Job secured, everything. Go, girl. It is an honor to be able to meet you. Four years ago when I was a high school senior I considered princeton because my mom said you went to press ton and through all the difficulties of knowing that you did it, helped me and so many other black women and students at princeton per severe so thank you from the bottom of my heart. My goodness, thank you. I'm very proud of you. Thank you. Thank you, Belinda. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. And by the way, every student that was shown that video will be seeing you on tour so not just going to be Belinda, everybody that saw you in that video is going to be seeing you. What are you most proud of that you accomplished in the white house? Being an inspiration to younger people. I mean I feel like that's our pain responsibility as adults is to be role models to the young people to follow and, you know, for all the kids who felt some kind of inspiration and ability to do just a little bit more than they thought they could because of something me or Barack or my brother or you have done, that's -- what more could we ask for? Right? Well, thank you. Thank you, Belinda. Thank you. And, guys, in case you haven't heard, "Becoming" is out now. The book is out now.

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{"duration":"14:10","description":"Obama and her brother, Craig Robinson, reflect on growing up on Chicago's South Side, plus the former first lady shares how her daughters have gotten guidance from the Bush sisters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59158489","title":"Michelle Obama says her brother is still their mother's favorite","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/michelle-obama-brother-speak-live-gma-hometown-59158489"}