Monica Aldama of ‘Cheer’ sent home on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Dance pro Cheryl Burke suffered an injury ahead of the “Villains Night” competition, which saw the cheerleading coach and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy make their exit.
4:46 | 10/27/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Monica Aldama of ‘Cheer’ sent home on ‘Dancing With the Stars’
We turn now to "Dancing with the stars" and some wickedly talented performances on villains night but someone had to get the axe. We're talking to the booted couple live in just a moment but first here's a look at the ballroom drama including Cheryl Burke's nasty fall. It was a frightening night on the dance floor. but the scariest part, Cheryl Burke's terrifying fall. Are you okay? Less than 24 hours before last night's competition, the seasoned "Dancing with the stars" pro hitting the ground hard, unsure if she'd be able to dance the next day. If you get dizzy, it's not going to be good. I immediately went to her like in straight dad mode lik I want to make sure she's okay, she's talking to me, she's coherent. She's not going in and out of consciousness and -- If that was Marley or concrete I would have been out. Aj Mclean also not sure if they would make it to the ballroom the next day. Literally she goes down, by down. That's the mentality I have. Number one concern Cheryl's safety. I wasn't sure if she would dance and so to see she pulled through did good and I kept asking even off camera, are you okay are you okay? The duo ultimately dancing it off performing a tango and receiving a 26 from the judges. I am happy with the scores. I know last week we had three 9s but that's last week. It's a different week every week. So -- They're getting tougher. I felt a lot of positive feedback from all the judges tonight. And we are joined now by Monica Aldama from Netflix's "Cheer" and also Val chmerkovskiy, the veteran of "Dancing with the stars" and welcome, you two. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Last week you got your highest scores of the season and then you were tied for first place and this week you're going home. This must be like whsh to Thanks, Mike. Thanks for reminding us. It was a beautiful moment, short-lived. Yeah, definitely crazy going from the top to the bottom so fast. But you know what, Mon characters you talked about how proud you are of your kid, Austin and Ali but they must be proud of you as well. What did you have to say to them tonight or what did they have to say to you last night? Oh, yeah, definitely they just told me how proud they were of me for doing something that's completely out of my comfort zone and,ou know, they're obviously happy to have me back in Texas, but definitely proud of me. And it looked like you guys trusted the big part of this, I'm pretty sure,ause this preperformance routine you guys posted on Instagram with you standing on Val's shoulders, whoo, Monica, you're a cheer coach but it looks like you're taking your choreography to "Dancing with the stars" with this one. Well, you know, I was trying to make a cheerleader out of Did you see that? I haven't done stuff like that in a long time so a little scary on a newbie. My self-oervation of the skill, I'm like, I'm killing it. Maybe can you go back to Navarro where Monica's cheer team, they started reenacting your dances, so will we be seeing some ballroom dance moves in your upcoming cheers? I mean, you never know. I've been a fan of the show since the very first season and I have definitely taken ideas that I've seen over the years and incorporated them into some of our pyramids. We actually had a pyramid called the "Dancing with the stars" pyramid so definitely we' be taking some ideas back, maybe that lift we did last night, I don't know. We'll see. Or that move Val did when you started answering your question, I think he's qualified to join. Your wife Jenna is still in it with her partner Nev. They got the first perfect score of the season last night. Do you think she might come home with her second mirror ball trophy? Yes, I do. Yes, I do and I will have the house clean, ready to receive the trophy. I'm so proud of her. I'm proud of Nev and excited to root her on for the rest of the season and we have PETA, myself, we have now been eliminated and will consolidate our votes in Jenna's direction. All right, sounds like a good plan. Thank you both for waking up and joining us. Monica, great job by both of you. Always a pleasure. Have a great day. Thank you, Michael. Don't miss "Dancing with the stars" next Monday at 8:00 P.M. Eastern, central right here on ABC and, robin, you know, there's going to be a double elimination. I did not know that. Thank you, sir.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"Dance pro Cheryl Burke suffered an injury ahead of the “Villains Night” competition, which saw the cheerleading coach and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy make their exit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73850605","title":"Monica Aldama of ‘Cheer’ sent home on ‘Dancing With the Stars’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/monica-aldama-cheer-home-dancing-stars-73850605"}