One-on-one with the NBA champions

Stephen Curry and the Warriors met up with ABC News' T.J. Holmes after their sweep of Cleveland in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.
3:13 | 06/09/18

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Transcript for One-on-one with the NBA champions
From the 2018 NBA champion, good morning, America. That's an interesting place for the cigar. Interesting. He can do what he wants. They won three titles in the last four years. Steph curry celebrating his warrior championship in his own way but with a win like that you can do whatever you want. I think so. He had the bigger hat, though, so he could fit the cigars. You tried this before? No, I haven't but I will now and hanging with T.J. Holmes after the victory, T.J., so what did they have to say after the big win? Well, they had plenty to say but, guys, it's strange to start an interview by asking somebody is there more champagne on you or in you? All right, these guys all came out to me on the court after they had been celebrating in the locker room for a little bit so they've done this three times now out of the past four years so maybe you think this is starting to get old, but there was still something about this championship that made it particularly sweet. The celebrations are just beginning as the warriors sweep the Cavs for a third title in four years. This is just an amazing feeling, man, especially to go back-to-back with this group of guys. You can't beat that. Reporter: 29-year-old Kevin Durant took home his second NBA MVP award. Just a dream come true. You know, I love the game so much. It's changed my life. It's taught me everything. Reporter: But he stayed humble despite the sweep against the king, Lebron. And Durant wide open down the other end. Reporter: How important was it for you guys to sweep? It was just important for us to play a good basketball game. Reporter: But our interview was interrupted by, of course, draymond. Oh! What's the deal, man? A lot of dancing from you. Feeling good. Make you want to dance a little bit. Reporter: But it wasn't just about feeling good. It's about what we do. And I know if we play our best game and any other team play their best game, we'll win. Reporter: But this year draymond acknowledged he's got places to be. I'm trying to get out of here, though. I'm trying to get -- What, out of Cleveland? Definitely, definitely. I'm always trying to get out of Cleveland. Reporter: While draymond green was looking to leave, Steph curry relished in the Cleveland concessions. Cleveland's popcorn is really good. I actually rank opposing arenas based on their popcorn. Reporter: Popcorn aside the three-time champ couldn't rave enough about his teammates. I got three rings and done it with a great group of guys and K.D. Back-to-back MVP and can't be more happy for my teammate, my brother and hopefully we'll have another crack at it next year. Reporter: Yes, they will have another crack at it. This team is going to be together for awhile, but, again, the whole conversation is going to shift to what is Lebron James going to do in the off-season? Is he going to break hearts once again? We know draymond was excited to get out of Cleveland. How do you feel? Me to get out of Cleveland. I love Cleveland. It's a lovely, lovely town. Great downtown, great convention city. I could stay here all day but I'll see you tonight. He'll be on his way home back to New York City. He's got a beautiful wife and a beautiful little girl to come home to. T.J., great coverage throughout the whole finals, we want to say and love the Jean jacket, by the way. See you soon.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Stephen Curry and the Warriors met up with ABC News' T.J. Holmes after their sweep of Cleveland in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55770958","title":"One-on-one with the NBA champions","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/nba-champions-55770958"}