Newly crowned Miss America Nia Franklin speaks out on 'GMA'

The 24-year-old opera singer opens up about how she plans to use her new platform after winning the revamped Miss America 2.0 on Sunday night.
4:49 | 09/11/18

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Transcript for Newly crowned Miss America Nia Franklin speaks out on 'GMA'
This New York you Franklin became best so America plan in nineteen that was on Sunday night. So what do you say let's bring. America. I. So we just saw it again. I mean what was that moment what was going through your mind. If you've heard me. It was so surreal won't mind that actually went blank for a moment because I was just taking all and I think I shed one tear but I was also as a felon in shock. Federal actually happening something I've been working board. Heard something other working for reform. It's day. And in this is called Miss America 2.0. The chairwoman Gretchen Carlson kidnapped contestants would no longer be judged on their outward physical appearance would do the really big thing of the first. First. The coveted Methodist twelve. Crawford vision. Which is huge in what are the meaning for you to be part of the issues that. It's a part on the part of history this is a first time that we haven't had the sense of competition that. Miss America fired off of the solicit competition but I think it's important that were evolving and so. Excited to be apartment may have different Miss America 2.0 and I really want to cinemas that I can this year to. Really have a firm private foundation going forward and you've been involved did that feel order different. Read this time being in this. Competition yeah Sosa others yes I I was just telling some people I I had the most fun I've ever had and it at a competition in up think it's become a lot of that pressure off about the physical appearance it was about what you have. In your mind and in your heart and. And in the reigning mrs. America car mind chic she call for the resignation of Gretchen Carlson in arrested aboard claiming she was bullied and also that she was silent. But after all of this controversy how could Miss America move forward from what is been turbulent this past year. We can mean four by making sure that we are invested in harmonization more than we ever have been an it's important that people know that this is a scholarship organization that's of course I got involved my father was diagnosed with cancer back between eleven and boss's job a few years later and I really had to find a way to put myself through school I have my master's degree in music composition. It's our reached out and became part of this great organization Aniston so much for me just its fourth furthering our calm my my education. Yeah and he's pic of your father yes oh my goodness when I saw him in the audience. Bush your heart viewers stem cell donor might Mott my sister was my stem cell donor. And you were for your father what does that mean a look at into both your parents there it is just met. The world they have always supported me in my goals and he I remember when I was in high school my mom. We decided to help me get voice lessons because I wanted to study classical voice so that I can go ambient music composer. And they just supporting every step of the way they were just beaming from me and I'm so excited that I made them proud and glad your dad is doing well in long. What she's a school teacher for spring we're paying our kids yeah. I think that you hear that your teacher her daughter it is Miss America about this in most of gotten from them. Yes they actually wrote some letters mean she brought them up with her to Atlantic City. And they literally we're so heartwarming naming each year of during the week. And everyone in her class mail letter and can miss a thing but you can do this needs just have to believe in yourself or main engine pictures of me and it is really. That extra push it and needed that extra motivation from children but that I care so deeply about then and it actually goes along with my social and an initiative impact and so was just the best thing ever. And we know growing up you mention that you felt out of place for you and played primarily white school telling you out of place. What do you have as a message to kids out there who may be struggling to connect maybe they feel a little bit log out of place as well. For me it wasn't getting involved with the arts and getting an in my course class and even bandit Amy thought I had a place. And I definitely want everyone to get involved in the arts because I think they are amazing in. Studies show there summoning fact that there about that but the whenever it is if it's sports at this the debate club that its chest whenever you can find that makes you figure out who you are. As a person what can develop your skills and your interpersonal skills that's how people can find their place when they feel out of place. Well you look right in place Gary Thayer a background of delay and another music lessons that you tough minded Mort you're really working with an amazing. Reyes and thank you wish you all the best going pro. A.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"The 24-year-old opera singer opens up about how she plans to use her new platform after winning the revamped Miss America 2.0 on Sunday night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57740988","title":"Newly crowned Miss America Nia Franklin speaks out on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/newly-crowned-miss-america-nia-franklin-speaks-gma-57740988"}