Newlywed Liam Hemsworth talks his new film, 'Isn't It Romantic'

Hemsworth appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers" and talks about his surprise wedding, his favorite rom-coms and starring opposite Rebel Wilson.
18:20 | 02/15/19

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Transcript for Newlywed Liam Hemsworth talks his new film, 'Isn't It Romantic'
And if so you want the Valentine's movie if you try is in it romance. It has rebel Wilson and it it has my guest today leaving him sport pulling out completely different sort of part for you. Yeah and I would say. Ballantine view that the U newlywed. It. If is pure romance are you rom com kind of death. Typically. What is visibly that you watch secretly. Doc clueless. That's willing keeps coming up clueless wanna. Didn't Miley are like that is well she does like indeed been a bit of domestic time from when I was a kid and but my moment noise Stuart ago. Those really we would close. It is a fear a few months five of fills a thinker wrote called ten things you all of that though. Grow. Something about Mary it's not a good vocal. Looking unity fest it's a good night and Gocong EP Priscilla Owen forget all the each year is superhero. That's not happening to them so what attracted you do this. I think it at first it was rebel we've been trying to sort of we have another project we've we've been through this together. And we sort of known each other few years cut a bump into each other different places in. Allies in you know room to room. And then this kind of and at first I was a little and so. And then I really loved those I was you know because very humble with them and then I was really unsure again. Which is just I think my process with with members script again I go through this code of up and down. Is this rises throw uses that much pride wrote people who are making a movie in thing. It draws my I agents inside picked but they've pretty good and layers it's movement before we go on seek a look at fifteen for a that people can feed. What they're inform her of cash and. God in your car. I am so sorry my driver was probably distracted by U. I have. What the dialing us. I announced an end on the strides up. Comes out and it that you went in its fan in this morning many felt my cup of agreement development pop in impossible to believe that we've met before a lot of MB. Yeah. It. Up. Q what if he had that we've. Checking in at the don't let me look what just like I'm so ago you'd. You need to explain that. The Australian part of you. That you're almost playing to part in the yes the beginning in the end of the film. He is is. Of the real world the the rebels characters living in the wishful some security. But at the beginning the film. On American. I'm sort of the vaults of architecture company or your horrible yeah I'm horrible at W I don't know its goal line just the rich media kind of in numbers but although what they call you. She did he W hot that was echoes yeah. Ultimately lead of the the alternate that you could be honest he W distracted. You know about it yet but it tacky products and that is and if it that. And they lighter on in the beginning of the the First Act. Reveals character gets ahead she gets knocked out and she wakes up and some of this ultimate reality of you know a Rome called blow which spin on a plane Australian. Very honest guy a pretty hard pretty pretty wacky yet yet that's that's the stretch from it. A wacky sort of go to Gaza's. Sickly and cry easily and in love with rebels character. Because she filled the god. She's beguiling is the key word yeah York it is the other you. The visitors three experiences. This movie is big guy. Except it's what's wonderful as a premise that's why I ask you about your rom com mr. Boone. If that rebels character he. All the up front yeah she thinks this is trying to find a way to get out of that you know and species she basically -- on the united in order to get out of this this romantic comedy world. She scuffled love with some. But progressively through the film you realize it's its belt. It's better. Respecting her self loving yourself and an empowering ourselves then she goes so. Some some it may or may not be yet she thinks it's my character actor and effective. He does for a while but I don't wanna while. And happen to him in front of this but I mean I think it's kind of great that this can now. You just got married. Crockett shopper through Asia America manages real rebel net. What was going not hit his liberty of this movie to insert video. Development issues next Samaria with neck. The other to flee washed off on me in for Erica but you are pretty busy in a few Marie Smith. Will not that getting married to it but. What went on in your home for you in mind. And with a fine yeah we we look to hash over the. Yeah it was. Awful we go through. Lost lost. Holloman those those funds. I was actually shooting a film and Alabama are at the time. And just by chance. I had two days off before that weekend those funds happens of the fires started those dying on. And now I go back Wednesday and on and those of Prada offset those on which is my only two guys off of this entire issues. In just by chance I was back and mother was actually. In South Africa shooting. Something else. And Thursday know -- my brother told me that there was there was flies in the glory hills which is about twenty minutes away from Malibu area. You know didn't think too much about it because of news you know it's twenty minutes away you sort of assume that they'll get it contained before it. You know that the law of the land before it gets the mellow. And and then the next morning Friday morning Iowa Kaufman radical Meehan. He cities stuff party and issue mandatory evacuation. Erica. So when showed up because with gas was obviously a lot of other people doing the same thing you know standing gas station and that was caused fluent in the PC it's in this really eerie kind of apocalyptic feel where everyone's trying to get away from whatever is about to happen notice it's caught a silent but then there was also this horrible wind. Blowing stride towards Malibu from where the flies were which is why it spread so quickly when it is now owns them. You're fine yes I've thought because with gastric packed my house and then. Basically loaded up seven dogs to league's two horses. Were the closest guy actually much more my friends will bubbles to the base. And some cast votes. That was quite an ordeal took about it. Rules and save them the dad he had if if our wasn't back that we can on another we would have had someone. That to be unpredictable I'm it would go the dogs out but the pigs and horses and those bibles burned them. So that the flu. So is it was really lucky that I was there and I would get the animals excellent. And might have been preceded the skies yet. You're the hero you make all the rest but with I just did what he PW and she isn't sure where that happened in did you get where did you put me. The Woodside yeah we have run is that the pigs was really tough the pigs as the hottest buck has. You know there this told there about 25300. Pounds from the age. And we have to get them into these massive don't cries and took about 45 minutes to steer the pigs in today's correct. And were sprite you know truck they just keep running alive environment and squealing and scream and it. So we're trying to cut a hose them down and force them into this corner with a cry it was an immensely. The smoke was getting closer and close of this holds on settlements there just grabbed the pagan is forced that in the this thing blows squealing and screw regarded in net. And then they went on the gun yeah and then made another guy lifted on the back my truck. Via and then trumbull. Laugh via it was looking. Wouldn't knighted for left them so that half. Burned to Bagram that announcement of the grant program took you guys had to get married in Tennessee. Yet we sort of and it's that you I'm sure it was a great to hit and we we have a place in Tennessee in most damage from so. It was kind of you know somewhat osment sort of thing and I'm it'd been coming for awhile but emerges. Group. Think we're alone things we do coast brother Phil it it was informal. It was just the acting only. Immediate family mostly in. We're led the survey showed swayed and then just it was just about in you know with the Rwandans writing it was brought full Christmas. It was it was a really going on what you thought you blitzer you're song. So everybody has when we. Would play the song. When we first met we there was an elm. Bus which would. I don't know if you noticed which foot yeah. And that kind of is very nostalgic for Oscars brings back excellence it was a song from that I think replied at some point during. Well it's a big change now via YouTube both Brothers married now you want her. All three boys matter. And yet. Well you've got no kids yet that's that would be pretty quick now we have just read a lot animals which is yet Angela gates the horses dogs two cats and everything else that after a little off it completely and but. The two met. On a movie via. On the last song so those were first revealed in the sides it was. Almost ten years ago yet. Describe some Savannah I think it's romantic it's later it is like it's from it's its own brown com. Yeah it's a little bit then getting gains it was loaded on engaged in getting engaged again it will interludes around that we met Cy Young so he's. You know I think everybody has grown to move before were I was so complex in the we always is sort of felt you know this was going to be the rug decisions as what's gonna happen eventually assist in of those things that we need to go through. Which one of used the most romantic as a person just having that sensibility. This. School. Probably made him flowers awful clothes jewelry. Chocolate news analyst with Humana romantic things Aubrayo. As their diet something. Along so good some of the dislike capita giver of polls them. You know would have a good and yet it will benefit I regular theater the viral being on YouTube. You and Miami. The last song. Where you're singing to her in the yeah and he's. Hoping you know just hate that you think. I have got. It is that same reaction I have this weird thing in the morning what the mornings and officer. Usually pretty wicked. Liked him a couple of languages and and that it comes out in so so generally make breakfast room weird. All of language so. What usual from the should be seriously some music for a couple of before after a and usually you you know here should from the bedroom. I just kicked down his the beginning of mud and that road and athletes alike afterward they idea and art is money fluent in your language. And a little anyone Nolan and Adidas. Completely different political. The slugger Serbs I'm. Now I think would it happen. That's gonna be great if the vote that parents. Because your uncle for. Him having Chris has got. Three introductory news that's got three kids so what kind of uncle Mario the best of the web. The best this uncle possible. Well again constantly just. Yeah and new surprises in prisons and look uncle into Nabisco in the world but. If I'm lovely it's it's their own ways do is let him Wear his uncle William ordered my. She was him she was my dad that's what I hear lots. Briefs about. Great I'm sure that you'll get a lot of responses from your. Brother. We have you eaten. I think grew up that way. That area views and different ages you're the baby yeah. Which one with the most trouble beyond. Probably many widows when I was a kid nothing grows I was the world Soes. Referred to is triples six doubles Lama. That's what local school made the ultimate. It's that I tried to exercise if you notes in one. Great Damian and yet up until about about ten or. Those sort of Edwards is drug tantrums this. I was released wait. On the nose really evil. Him and I don't know what woes. Has grown up against them. And then when I was that senator Levin because children. Will we have some social media questions for him right which you things like that would you be willing to we have to I think it's look at this what's long. High in the and a big fan and a view from Guatemala and I just wanted to tell you that you're the best actor climate activists and you. I wanted to know do you have any secret fan. Who both look at guys post or view from isn't it romantic with the if that is that you is that an one that that is no. Him a secret. Or convince. Yet no light you know I just commit to it and think that's that's the way I think that's why I got jobs in the beginning about it was just committing fully to whether it was a Rottweiler wrongly just. Just make it clear choice about it commit to its and that's what do in specifically who can. But now come by I tried to blow to a couple on them. Nothing he got there is now nothing's that a good coming. I'm will what are the real secret. A secret talents who. Like for the goods movies. Conundrum hopefully it's it's been known you know that even pigs and horses mother loves most Jewelers. She's it was make me some of these things. Go through these of the bed at. This secret of a long lasting marriage is to make this news yeah okay let's look at another question now. When will we see you and your other fine Brothers on screen together. Who. Yet. We've we've talked about a few tons of a couple of ideas about things. There was kind of incidents that particular here it is a legends of the full oh that's obviously look good sort of advice for for a brotherly filled with. Sure it's one of the Gaza the war room. Doesn't like about in the yellow and comes back the old messed up from the war. The older Brothers to group loans are doing things. I think we've got to fit with me Chris. Hope everybody has the ability and I noticed reback villages hopeful. I it I don't know culprit that everybody ran I think most remake a big deal Brothers but don't you have. You know the last song. With but 90%. When you and we gonna do me. Sort of oh well no you what when I read scripts and what's going elective office. Female bottom there look maybe refundable Marley and somewhere. Something like that bottom fifth. We're over she's pretty focused on music business. Well as we and Asia as you know from the left I'm book and you were difficult about it we end in a little bit wrong. But now you don't have to do that room five. Forget the less wrong but there. You but I become obsessed. With your secret language. Yeah and I know you won't give me a lot of what. Can you confuse the audience taking us out. With a little bit that's musical that in your secret language because it would just make all of our days and are back. Law dot com mom. Here's my whole AI LY. Might tell YA. Oh mullah. Some bugs and saluted nausea is going hanging a little bit when easily. Loaded. Merry eyes visibly out of targets a little bit will literally numb I'm just coinciding. All of woods tamales so that she wakes up and come. People who advocates it we're giving. This opportunity to hear what Miley here every day. You know our hearts go out for and I hope it's a broad anger. People who are. And it.

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{"duration":"18:20","description":"Hemsworth appears on \"Popcorn with Peter Travers\" and talks about his surprise wedding, his favorite rom-coms and starring opposite Rebel Wilson.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61098460","title":"Newlywed Liam Hemsworth talks his new film, 'Isn't It Romantic' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/newlywed-liam-hemsworth-talks-film-isnt-romantic-61098460"}