Take it from Niecy Nash: 'Not everyone is going to like you and that's OK'

If there's one thing we can learn from Niecy Nash, it's that anything and everything is possible.
8:37 | 08/10/18

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Transcript for Take it from Niecy Nash: 'Not everyone is going to like you and that's OK'
Me. As little as it now we keeping at all again that he can't. Come from adorable begin. I have better fashion. We just think. Now photograph outlive me. That me. I had a great personality. Which got me into trouble because how would you know say they are probably shift Wednesday but they and that I had to give gay and black and I was topped only adds. At that age I will probably say not everybody is the lack. And OK but I heard it was Thomas update yet this is Philip Glass and you know in my Annapolis popular. I don't know with a feeble lights here hated me. Is it. Photo here. We'll. And then. I for the at pat brown and I look at me me out when an accurate in. And when I got there and I tried not tight enough. Well that's correct and that it felt right at the end of his book hit out of Holden in the and I do believe god when. Go back and that act sent out he. Out of we went two. Amusement park picnic day I was in my car broke in every way. If in the badly out of his car. My best rate at the time flat isn't what I I didn't think weren't gonna be OK my. What you know when you're younger years old dramatic and everything the thing so I felt myself at an aids. Or it. There they have aren't. There they are my babies. I give them when they are. You know. Hopkins. I was the only girl bringing children to live on this but I didn't have actually go out with them. Yeah this. And I was just a little corner and make it the black panther in the Greek words that I live by different I'm in my life are no matter. Although the magic street where I hear what the obstacle was in my life I knew what I wanted to do and I was going to make that happen. No matter what. That about the life issue where you have to be funny which apple by which many all the way there and hit up a car. That make them back again ash and I give him. Harmon went how much that when my children with still arms they wanted her to audition. It was used in. Now hopefully I don't know how to where there was another acre of the house right they care how old. And then you hear that he's the head and I think home. Here are my babies now I'm a little but his program operatives hat. Like I had my feet already ready if my back. But I came back out she was about to debut on publicly thanked speaker of them both art and I'm gonna make this task. Rainy chilly yeah. I love her. Own bill it's all at this time in my life because I never. Down. In I didn't know you of that work what I found myself at this when it might well make it didn't. Call me and I'll go in this jolly news. Would you like you know at Utica in an odd or you know it's actually you do that I abhor. And I remember it we're taking a long. And I went. They weren't as they did T in the rule hatch it would be whom he'd gotten themselves. They would like are you and every would end soon and then have the management. G them. Nearly jumped on the mouth and eloped. It got me even today will make. They let me on the issue. And and I got a call back at this time but he's helped me already don't playing in the tree that was. And checking. I don't know that I will. The best girl the most acre on the ideas but I can't. I was the woman was the polls have him. I take away. That commitment is. Your team because there is no whom he knew what you. Schools radiation. Then just a minute. I laugh at that time in died. That sentiment that. Then it says that NN I started off wanting to meet a day. I have reviewed the ankle wasn't that Bob Egan now than it was like I'll hate him you know Irene amber. Being felt hat because I would like I give it away they Glenn. As of eyelashes. At about. Let me. Leave is what I lack hit it off with what are. They would like nothing cap it didn't. Around but dance at out of my cats I am about act but it's got to this appointment that with our knives and collect out of here I don't leave it up to that yet I think that scrutiny. She. That I peered through its. It means the homeless this. To be recognized right European. I was a little Guerrero. What are my dad and I I without acting like that it has nothing but that it aggravated it and I'll run over them like fair and that. But company in actively and run in the building right here at grant it if it. And I got a card letter from head happen this summer. At that I'm so happy that led a crotchety old me stated your dream and a website again. And I wet like a baby. I invited him to start ceremony locals question we'll circle moment that he show them. That's been through it. That these. Because the milk. It took Aaron. But aren't you that part isn't forty years but will work. There. Love hope all. I love the fact that the majority of the women on the show on the outside authority that there are real body that we. Camera that we play characters fall flawed. Funny we're doing things on this show that typically get rid Daryn tore me. These women hardship as bad. Happens today he lives hard to unite. I was up in hybrid but at the time because initially very much saying you to comment. Back with. Yeah. But I remember I had a meeting with my hold me thinks it would it would immediately. Collectively we. And you thought you. This morning. When you don't see how OK get off right right here. Because I know. What have we written on it hit the commandment is currently you know comfortable with the go. And it you can help but let's say that the media play. They took those working toward his car bow when they finally came home let the work place. I went to three.

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{"duration":"8:37","description":"If there's one thing we can learn from Niecy Nash, it's that anything and everything is possible.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57130090","title":"Take it from Niecy Nash: 'Not everyone is going to like you and that's OK'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/niecy-nash-57130090"}