Olympic medalist Adam Rippon talks new show on Quibi

The figure skating and “Dancing With the Stars” champion shares fun facts about his new show, “Useless Celebrity History.”
3:00 | 05/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Olympic medalist Adam Rippon talks new show on Quibi
We are back now with olympic medalist -- midconversation -- also figure skater, author and "Dancing with the stars" champ, Adam Rippon. That's right and Adam has a new show on quibi called "Useless celebrity history" which is something we could all use right now. He is joining us live. Hey, Adam, good morning. Hey, guys, how are you? We are great. Happy that you're joining us. You always make us smile. How have you been handling the quarantine? I know you're quarantined yet you say you've still been going to the club. How is that possible? Let me explain it to you. So I was going crazy like the first maybe like week or two I was just like sitting at home so I decided with my roommate that we would like create a club experience like at my house. As you can see right here this was my celebrity entrance look. You know, it was an old skating costume, a pair of boots and light-up star I found so we've been trying to like do this every weekend and like we've gotten our friends in on it too where we'll give a list of different outfits they have to do throughout the night and we start pretty early like 7:00 and are like done by 9:00, good night so we have two white claws and it's like all over. Two white claws and it's all over, just two, all right. Yeah. You're known for your hairstyles and trying some out during these times. A bit. I have romantic French curl going on in the front right now that I didn't really know was happening until I saw myself like on "Good morning America" right in this moment. But in the back, see, like that's nice, I comb my hair. In the back I sort of have bangs growing because I've been cutting my own hair. You know, it's pretty troubling what I've been doing to myself but I mean at least from like the front right now you can see I know it looksike I live in Moma with this painting in the back but just home goods so don't worry. Don't be too jealous. And this is kind of what I'm dealing with. Also you're working and have your new show, "Useless celebrity history." We'll watch a clip of it rye now and goes back in time to celebrate Rihanna's big met gala let's check it out. Considering this outfit will Landry Han in on any best dressed list for all of eternity, yeah, I'd say it was definitely worth it. I did that once and they gave me $20 to get out. We cannot wait for this show, Adam. By the way, I love home goods, I have some in my house too so fully supporting that. I knew you were a good woman, thank you for telling me that. Thank you for joining us. We cannot wait to watch the first eight episodes of "Useless celebrity history" available now on quibi with more episodes coming soon. Can't wait for it. I'm Greg, I'm 68 years old.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The figure skating and “Dancing With the Stars” champion shares fun facts about his new show, “Useless Celebrity History.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70879385","title":"Olympic medalist Adam Rippon talks new show on Quibi ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/olympic-medalist-adam-rippon-talks-show-quibi-70879385"}