'Aquaman' star says 'villainous blondes' have more fun

Wilson, who plays the ocean master Orm, said it took four months to film the elaborate gladiator battle with Jason Momoa, who stars as Aquaman.
5:11 | 12/06/18

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Transcript for 'Aquaman' star says 'villainous blondes' have more fun
there. We have another sweet tweet -- I didn't even eat it and I said tweet. More than 40 movies to his name. His latest, please welcome "aquaman"'s Patrick Wilson. How are you? Good to see you. What's up, brother. Good to see you. I got to follow cookie monster. Yeah. Hard act to follow. I know, very, very tempting. I know. I got to follow cookie monster. Come on. That's not very nice. "C" is for cookie. Nicely done. It is great to have you back. We remember when you were here -- Yes. When you were here earlier in the year in January, it was right after the holiday season and you shared with us the family karaoke session. Yes, yes, we enjoy the karaoke. Are you going to do it again? We are going to and family coming to town so I'm sure we'll make a visit to one of the midtown haunts in New York and take it over. Yeah. Speaking of family your boys must be excited. Big comic book movie coming up. They are. They are so excited. No, I mean, you know, really we were shooting in Australia which is lovely but a long way away from home. So it's a nice sort of book end for them to see what dad was working on for many, many months. I tell you it's great, though. I saw it a few weeks ago with my twins, absolutely loved it. You play a villain, man. You're such a nice guy. The sea master. You play aquaman's half brother. You have these epic trident battles. Jason mamoa, how did you train to take him on? Height doesn't matter underwater. So that's good. That's good. Well said. We did -- it was a ton, a ton of stunt training for months and there was a particular scene that's a gladiator battle. This one right here we were starting. We took at least probably three or four months to shoot this going back and forth so we'd shoot other scenes. Really, we started in may and did not finish it really until October and then, of course, they had to put in all the extra added effects because we're underwater as fate would have it. Such a powerful film. I watched it as well and enjoyed it. The trident, were you able to take it home? Did you get anything to take home, to take with you? I'm sure your kids would love that. Getting it through security is quite an issue. I try to take things from each show if I can. The chairback so you have your name and I took the mask. Ocean mask was cool and the gloves are very cool. A lot of cool stuff. You guys ready to see? Together we're the greatest empire the world had ever seen. Now the throne shattered by arcane laws. Violence is -- has always plagued it. Not before destroying us first. We have been hiding long enough. The time has come for atlantis to rise again. Now, and you couldn't help but notice that you're a blond in the film so I have a question. Do blonds have more fun? Villainous blonds have all the fun so there's that. Oh, my gosh. You were working with the director again. Fifth time. Fifth time. Of course, everybody wants to know will that be coming, the third one -- Yes, we're doing a third one. We start -- I love those. They scare a lot of people and start filming in the spring and will also be a story told from history so it will be a true story of this family in trouble and we'll try to help them. They're fabulous films as well. This movie, "Aquaman," a family affair. You were in Australia as you said filming. Your parents were there. Yes, they were. And they redid their vows, 50th wedding vows. You redid them. Yes, yes, I did. Hi, mom and dad. Love you very much. There they are. Yes, they had their 50th wedding anniversary and they don't get a chance to travel that far, many don't actually. It's a long way away and so we celebrated on the beach and I was ordained and gave them a lovely ceremony. That's awesome. Yeah. It was great. Was he a news guy. Yeah, for 50 years. That hair is all his. I thought he looked familiar. Thank you for being here. The movie is fantastic. It is "Aquaman" in theaters on December 21st. Make sure you go check it out. And thanks to our friends at imax, everyone here is getting two tickets to see "Aquaman" at

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Wilson, who plays the ocean master Orm, said it took four months to film the elaborate gladiator battle with Jason Momoa, who stars as Aquaman.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59646552","title":"'Aquaman' star says 'villainous blondes' have more fun","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/patrick-wilson-opens-aquaman-live-gma-59646552"}