Patriots receiver talks new documentary '100% Julian Edelman'

Julian Edelman's film focuses on his underdog journey to success.
3:29 | 06/24/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Patriots receiver talks new documentary '100% Julian Edelman'
three time super bowl winner and MVP, Julian Edelman, yes. He has a brand-new documentary about his journey called "100%: Julian Edelman." Traffic you for being here, my friend. The new documentary, "100%: Julian Edelman," this like takes you back through one of the toughest types in your life. You're coming back this last season from an acl injury. What made you want to relive that on film and let everybody see your journey back? I think it was because when you get hurt, if you've ever been hurt as an athlete you're in a lonely spot. You're kind of isolated and, you know, this kind of gave me an opportunity to work on something else, you know, my creative side and I've been approached about I a bunch of numerous people to do a documentary and what better way to do it than go out and make my own and do it the way I want to do it and kind of just go with it. You control it. You do it yourself. I like that. Okay, "100%: Julian Edelman," people are going to say, are you I think -- I think it's more of a metaphor. Everyone is striving to be 100%. I don't know as a football player you can always -- can never be 100%. True. It's such a physical game. But that's what you're striving for and, you know, I think I'm still striving for it. In this doc, you say you and your father are tight and have a relationship, he's helped you. Encouraged you throughout the years and you clown around a lot but there's also another side to all of this. We'll take a little clip at that. Let's check it out. He'd be anywhere he wants to be. Jewels can do anything he warrants to do when he puts his mind to it. Last thing he needs is me. No. Not true. I think it is. No. Got a little emotional. What was going on there? I think it's just part of my story is my father. You know, he didn't get to live the life that I've lived. He didn't have a father. He didn't have guidance and he's my hero for that because he's instilled me with all these life goes and life lessons, and as a kid, I had him to lean against. He didn't have someone to do it and for him to be able to do it without that guidance, you know, it brought something to me so everything I've done in my life is my parents are a huge part. My mom is involved, as well so but with my pops it was a very special moment. Special relationship. Special moment and your father kind of said it all. This father's day tweet was your father's day tweet was always in nye face, wouldn't have it any other way. Dad's always in your grill. Always. Always in nye grill. He's always trying to make something harder than it is and he's just the stand-up guy frank. Just an excuse to show you with no shirt on. I got to say, man, you have three super bowl rings, you're a super bowl MVP. All earned. Doing things and working hard and all pays off in the end and "100%: Julian Edelman," my guy right here, and the show premieres this Friday on showtime. Make sure you check it out and

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Julian Edelman's film focuses on his underdog journey to success.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63903762","title":"Patriots receiver talks new documentary '100% Julian Edelman'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/patriots-receiver-talks-documentary-100-julian-edelman-63903762"}