Paul Stanley's life advice and 99-year-old father

The KISS frontman shares stories from his book "Backstage Pass."
6:16 | 04/30/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Paul Stanley's life advice and 99-year-old father
Not only has he sold over 100 million albums, but he's also a "The New York Times" bestselling author. His latest book is "Backstage pass." Please welcome the starchild, Paul Stanley. Good to see you, man. I barely recognized you without the makeup. Boy, things have changed. I things have changed. I said, I barely recognized you without the makeup. We have to start you with the question of the day. We asked other people if you H had ridiculous amounts O of money, but you do, so it's not hypothical. What's the stupidest thing you have ever spent your money on? When I was a child, so it's all relative. Comic books used to have these ads on the back. They were kind of dubious in the truthfulness. One of them had a log cabin and it has a kid dressed like Davy Crockett a and it's a doll. I went G bin for a dollar, I can move intthis. 'M moving out, mom. So I sent away ani waited every day and all of a sudden, this little envelope showed up. I opened it up and it's a plastic tableclothhat goes over your table E and that was the log cabin. Oh, no. The dollar was for the little -- It was a tablecloth wh a locabin printed on it. Did you cry? I was disappointed. That's kind of sad. It's like a psa for Ung people, don't buy stuff off the back of boxes. You used to have a job here in times square? I did, I did. I used to come down on the corner of 42nd street -- not what you think. I was going to say, keep going, Paul, you're losing people. And wouldtand on the corner- not what you think -- It's just getting worse. It's just getting worse. And "New York post" trucks wod pull up and they would throw the bundles of newspapers off, and I would put them ony shoulders and rry them down to the subways and I also had a cart and take it to the

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"The KISS frontman shares stories from his book \"Backstage Pass.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62729943","title":"Paul Stanley's life advice and 99-year-old father","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/paul-stanleys-life-advice-99-year-father-62729943"}