Pitbull opens up about his latest projects live on 'GMA'

"Mr. Worldwide" is starring in a new animated film, "UglyDolls."
5:24 | 04/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pitbull opens up about his latest projects live on 'GMA'
You know our next guest by many name, Mr. Worldwide, Mr. 304 or pitbull. He's lending his voice to a new animated movie, "Uglydolls," please welcome our Armando Perez. ������ Yay. You're back. How are you? ������ A lot of love here. I like this chair. You can move and groove. I get to talk now because I did all the teases. To everybody, thank you so much. Good morning. We're so glad you're here. We always love having you. You are playing in this new movie a dog. "Uglydolls." I appreciate the opportunity and thought it through and said, pitbull, I think we want you to play the dog in this movie. It made sense but I'm ugly dog then slick dog. Slick dog. I can see you playing a slick dog. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I told you, I sent you a note. This is -- I love this film. It is so brilliant. It's creative and getting across a very important message of what we think is perfection. What is the message you hope. The reason I got involved in the project, I think in society is needed more than ever right now where everybody feels it's either followers and likes, you need to be a leader and unique. They're so connected to disconnect taking so many pictures and missing the big it is the perfect timing to let everybody know that perfection does not exist. It does not exist. That's what I love about this movie. We got to give you a little taste right now. Let's see it. Good doggie, you call. Is that a dog? It's, all right, guys. Slick dog's got this. ������ What are you doing? Having fun. Getting crazy. Getting loose. Go. Go, go, go. Like right now. You're no stranger to the recording studio. How is this different? It's amazing. What I love about it, they gave me room to be myself. Ugly dog and slick dog is actually Armando in real life, you know. So it was a lot of fun and what I love about it, I go back to the message. We took the word ugly and flipped it. What I mean by ugly, you got to love yourself. Ooh! Fun fact for the day. Congratulate. Did you know that Armando had his hands and feets put in's graumman theater. The Chinese theater. In L.A. We put the hands, feet and we put the glasses in there too. Did you do it. Yeah, then I put -- look. Then my brother's name is up top which I put drama and drama is my brother up there now always with us but that was his graffiti name in Miami. My brother got the tag at the Chinese theater. Not even banksy has done that yet. Real honor. I was reading you're only the third Latino actor to be immortalized there. A blessing, an honor. I always tell everyone I'm in love with one race and one race only, that's the human race. To me it's an honor but to be able to represent for everybody that understands what a struggle it is from nothing to something and go against all obstacles that's what I represent. Everybody out there. You know, for everybody out there I tell them why dream when you can live it. Get on it. Your good friend John travolta was there. What an honor. He was here last summer when you were performing. Did you see him dance? He was getting a little loose. Looks like he had some moves. Yeah. You taught him that. I think he got that from "Saturday night fever" but looks like we inspired had him to shave his head. He has a new bald look. Man. Oh. Looking sharp. Did you -- It was at the Chinese theater where he said, hey, man, I'm thinking about maybe shaving my head. You said, go for it. Looking sharp. Yeah. I hope I look like John travolta. Do you have some new music. New music coming up, new album in Spanish coming out. "547." My father brought over boats, 547 people from Cuba to freedom. This is a channel 7

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"\"Mr. Worldwide\" is starring in a new animated film, \"UglyDolls.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62570365","title":"Pitbull opens up about his latest projects live on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/pitbull-opens-latest-projects-live-gma-62570365"}