Previewing the Screen Actors Guild Awards

Could tonight’s ceremony provide any clues about what to expect from this year’s Oscars?
2:56 | 01/19/20

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Transcript for Previewing the Screen Actors Guild Awards
I was a centerfold once. No way. Oscar season in full force, and the question is will tonight's screen actors' guild award show who's taking home top prizes? Chris Connelly is at the shrine aurd -- auditorium in los Angeles. Good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning to you, Dan. Yes, we are on the silver carpet outside the shrine where in a few hours, the nominees will be processing in their awards show finery, probably a little more than those two behind me right now. It's the S.A.G. Awards. That means it's only actors and that means TV and film. It's Oscar season, so we're focused on the movies. The S.A.G. Awards, actors choosing actors. For some, that means a lot. Oh my gosh. Reporter: They might have rolled out the red carpet for the 2020 S.A.G.S just last Friday, but its nomination deadline was way back on December 8th, meaning names eligible for Hollywood's heaviest statue do not reflect the last five weeks of skirmishes in the award show culture wars. Upset that "Little women" didn't get a best director nod from the well, the movie didn't get a single S.A.G. Nomination, not one. Last weekend's top grossing movie, the Oscar contender "1917," not here either, but Jennifer Lopez is. The unstoppable "Hustlers" star cited as the supporting female actor category. I guess I'm a people person. Reporter: That also includes two nominations for the explosive "Bombshell." Nicole kidman and Margot Robbie. I don't want to be on TV. I want to be on fox. Reporter: The favorite in this category remains "Marriage story's" Laura Dern who is a S.A.G. Awards double nominee since she's also in the cast of the acclaimed TV series, "Big little lies." Supporting male actor, looks like Brad Pitt for "Once upon a time in Hollywood." I can do that. Reporter: While "Joker's" Joaquin Phoenix seems to be the front-runner in lead actor. Lead female actor seems to be Renee zellweger and Lupita nyong'o for her dual role in Jordan Peele's "Us." Now that leaves best motion picture cast. I think "Bombshell" has a shot, but I don't know if anybody agrees with me. Remember though, this weekend has already given us an Oscar best picture favorite. It's "1917," the World War I epic that won the producer's guild award last night. Guys? I'm excited to see it. You're not sure anybody agrees with you on "Bombshell"? I agree. I think those of us on the set that watched the movie really liked it. Absolutely. We have no vote, although we do have a vote in the S.A.G. Awards. We don't have a vote in the oscars. The S.A.G. Awards. I did pay my union dues. Chris Connelly, thank you very much. I want to remind everybody, the big 92nd annual oscars takes place February 9th right here on ABC, and "Gma" will be live there. You're losing your voting rights. Coming up on "Good morning

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Could tonight’s ceremony provide any clues about what to expect from this year’s Oscars?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68384776","title":"Previewing the Screen Actors Guild Awards","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/previewing-screen-actors-guild-awards-68384776"}