Prince Harry says being a royal is like ‘being in a zoo’

Robert Jobson and Omid Scobie react to the Duke of Sussex’s candid interview about being a royal, his parenting style and mental health struggles on the “Armchair Expert” podcast.
4:20 | 05/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prince Harry says being a royal is like ‘being in a zoo’
Joining us now are ABC news royal contributors omid Scobie and Robert Jobson. On Twitter you said Harry through his father, the queen and late prince Philip under the bus for their parenting style. Do you think he's gone too far? I do. I think obviously we have to take any issue with mental health seriously, of course, we do, but the reality is he's only been a dad himself for a little while. Parenting is difficult enough. I've got a 20-year-old. It's not easy. I don't actually think he's been fair to the queen and Philip. Philip certainly just -- he's only just -- we had that funeral and now he's attacking his father who is actually grieving himself, so I do believe that he should have been a little bit more circumspect in what he's saying. I have some sympathy for him but at this moment in time I think he should be more sympathetic to his father who has just lost his dad as well. Omid, how much does it mean to Harry to be able to express himself like this? I think for Harry we've always seen him act his best when able to speak openly and candidly. We're reaching the end of mental health awareness week here in the uk and prince Harry has always been a big advocate for that and played a huge role in destigmatizing some of the issues surrounding mental health. So for him to be able to speak now candidly and openly about his own experiences to a very receptive audience is exactly what he's always wanted. Omid, what is Harry's end gamy what does he gain by being so open about his past and current life? I think ultimately we have a better understanding of him about I think he's speaking about things people are often afraid to speak about or embarrassed to talk about and I think by normalizing some of these conversations it's very important. But it's also worth remembering that he is not the first member of the royal family to speak about some of their own childhood experiences. In 1994 a biography written on prince Charles was authorized by prince Charles and in it the future king spoke about his own difficult relationship with his father and his mother and so we have seen this happen before. It's obviously not a difficult and easy family to grow up in and, you know, Harry is sort of following in the same footsteps we've seen his father share. This is a little different, I feel, because Harry is actually saying it. We can see him say these words unlike a book written by somebody else, but, Robert, Harry compared his life to a quote of being in "The Truman show" and being in the zoo. Meaning that the public was watching his every move. Now, that comes with the life of being a royal but seems it wasn't the life Harry wanted. Well, it was great film "The Truman show" but I think he might be a little lost in his thoughts there. You know, the fact is he's not like "The Truman show" at all. I think and it's not like being in the zoo either. He had a privileged life. Lived in a palace and when growing up a lot of the guys, I remember dealing with his protection officer used to have a great time so I think he's been selective with his memory and should be Kinder to the memory of his late grandfather and the queen and prince Charles and it's not the time to be airing this sort of thing in I think it's the time to reflect upon his thoughts and I think this is more to do with him selling his mental health series than it is to being fair to his family. This won't build bridges but will make the situation worse. What will happen when he comes back for the statue unveiling? It will be even more drama and intrigue and I think it's time for it to stop. Interesting to see and, mid, prince Williams has talked about modernizing the monarchy but does Harry's openness in some ways help him accomplish that? Yeah, absolutely. I mean I think both William and Harry have spoken openly about their own mental health journeys so Harry is doing what we've seen William already do. I think he'll be very happy to see just how active Harry still is in that field, of course, they started the heads together initiative together some years ago and, of course, that work continues over here separately without Harry so for him to be doing his work on the other side of the pond, they all benefit from it. We thank you both for your contrasting opinions on this. We really look forward to talking to you pretty soon. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"Robert Jobson and Omid Scobie react to the Duke of Sussex’s candid interview about being a royal, his parenting style and mental health struggles on the “Armchair Expert” podcast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77690295","title":"Prince Harry says being a royal is like ‘being in a zoo’ ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/prince-harry-royal-zoo-77690295"}