Pro polo player on attending Prince Harry's wedding

Look back at Harry's life before his marriage to Meghan Markle and hear from Nacho Figueras, a professional polo player and one of Harry's friends.
8:52 | 05/18/18

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Transcript for Pro polo player on attending Prince Harry's wedding
Live from Windsor where prince Harry and Meghan Markle will say their vows less than 24 hours from now. And you can feel that excitement everywhere you go here in town. You really can and we've watched prince Harry go from a young man to a bachelor and now a man in love. We know that. He was once considered the royal rebel of the family, he struggled, of course, with the loss of his beloved mother at a young age. Then he emerged as a helicopter pilot in the military championing those who serve and tomorrow he's going to be a happily married man. We'll speak to one of his closest friends in a moment. But first a look back at prince Harry's journey. It is a boy. Reporter: His royal highness prince Henry of Wales also known as prince Harry has grown up on the world's stage, through life's joys and the sorrows. Who could forget the heartbreaking image of the 12-year-old prince walking next to his beloved mother's casket. Harry. Reporter: Growing up in the spotlight without his mother was not always easy. We watched him struggle over the years, but princess Diana left an indelible imprint on her sons as she hoped she would when she spoke to bbc one panorama in 1995. I want them to have an understanding of people's emotions, people's insecurities, people's distress and people's hopes and dreams and they have a knowledge, they may never use it but the seed is there and I hope it will grow because knowledge is power. Reporter: Eventually prince Harry found his path in the military. It was an experience that changed him which we spoke about in a 2016 interview. Ten years in the army was the best escape that I've ever had. I thought I was achieving something. I felt as though I was part of a team. I wanted to prove to people I had a certain set of skill, flying an apache helicopter rather than just being prince Harry. Reporter: Today prince Harry is a passionate advocate for the armed forces especially for wounded veterans. We are invictus. Reporter: His annual invictus games. Nobody wants sympathy. No one wants sympathy. All they want is an opportunity to prove themselves. And that's what this is all about. Yes, sir. More training. Come on. Reporter: This is the camaraderie we're talking about. He's part of this community. Reporter: Prince Harry sharing humor and heart with those around him. Just like his mother once did. And prince Harry continues to honor her in many facets of his life, something he reflected on in our interview. Is it important to you an your brother to carry on in some ways her legacy? We will do everything we can to make sure that she's never forgotten and carry on all of the special gifts as such that she had and that she portrayed through her life. I hope that a lot of my mother's talents are shown in a lot of the work that I do. The family that you and your brother, sister-in-law have built, what do you think how your mother would feel about this family. I hope she's looking down with tears in her eyes being incredibly proud of what we've, you know established, I suppose. You know, I hope that once again that everything we do privately and officially that it makes her proud. Well, it is great to have one of prince Harry's best mate, professional polo player nacho Figueras with us. Nacho, thanks for joining us. You're here for the royal wedding and got to know prince Harry through his charity work, sentebale, helps out African kids with AIDS. How did you meet? We met in 2007 back when he just started the organization with prince seeiso and they created sentebale in honor of their mothers and help orphan kids in Lesotho which is this tiny country in Africa and my first impressions were this guy really cared. He really cared about this mission and it's been an honor for me to help him help these kids, it's been amazing. Your heart, both of your hearts are really truly into it. You also have fun with him especially playing polo. How is he? Is he fun to poke fun at. He's wonderful. We've been playing polo for over 11 years now raising money for this great cause and he's competitive athlete so we always go to each other when we play against each other and we have fun when we play together but inside the field he goes, it's fun? How is he different from his brother? How do they differ? William plays more defense, he plays back which is the defensive player like you. Harry plays more in the front and -- More aggressive. A little bit. More aggressive, more trying to score goals. Their different positions in the field. Different positions in the feel. I like that. You've watched Harry over the years and known him over the years, when he was one of the most eligible bachelors in the wore. Now he's about to -- He still is until tomorrow. Hey. That's a true friend. That's a true friend. Until tomorrow. Until tomorrow. Yes. So until tomorrow he's still one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. How do you think this relationship and this very soon marriage has changed him? I think -- I think very much. I think that he -- he's going to be an amazing husband. He hopefully will be a great father. I can't wait for him to go into the stage of his life. I think he's been willing to get into this stage of his life for a while and I am so happy he has found that he has found Meghan. I think, you know, hopefully they'll be very, very happy. It does seem like he is in a place where this is -- he was ready for this and he was -- I'm not saying looking for it but he was ready for something like this to happen then she -- they were just -- the way they met. You'll be there. You'll be -- you're one of the invited guests. What's that moment going to be like for you when you see your best mate walk down that aisle. I'm here for my friend's wedding so I'm excited about that. I'm happy about him and I'm very happy for him so that's what matters to me the most. I know you can give him some great advice. You've been married for 18 years, have you four kids. As you say you think he'll be an incredible father and husband and you spoke to him recently. How is he feeling leading up to all this? I think that he, you know, is happy. This is a big deal obviously look the awe guys, you made your own house right here, so this is obviously where is thus but I think he's been ready for this for awhile and I think the best part of his life is about to come so I'm very, very happy for him. This next chapter in his life and, you know, he and his brother, it's not easy to be a royal. No. It is not and the way that they -- I think he has handled it so well. It's not easy at all. But he did -- he had his fun years. Harry had his fun years. We all have, right. That's right. But still -- Not you. Not you? I was always at home. I never did anything. No. But to see how he has grown and matured and how he has really accepted his role and has embraced it. But I think that role has been with him there all the time. We were just not focusing on who he really is. He really is an amazing man who cares about other people. He really cares. He loves children. That's always been there. It was just highlighted from a different place and now I'm very happy that he and Meghan will continue to, you know, do the things that they love which are helping others and making the world a better place. You say sentebale, the charity, he created that to honor his mother. Do you think he'll do something special to honor her tomorrow? I don't know. I'm not into -- I'm not part of the wedding committee. I'm just here. As a friend and a guest. That's a good friend. Good for you. He needs that. He needs just friends like that. I hope. We appreciate you taking your time to come here and I thought about playing polo but I always feel bad for the horses. Why? Carrying me around. I thought you were going to. I said I'm so happy to put this super bowl guy on a horse and put him where he belongs. Oh. We'll do it. We'll do it -- I really wanted to see if you are really tough or not like they say. Oh, wow. Way to go, nacho. Argentina, here I come. Right here on "Gma." Nacho is throwing down the challenge. Yes, he is. Talk to a guy about that he'll ride away, right? That's true. We are. We love that about you both.

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{"duration":"8:52","description":"Look back at Harry's life before his marriage to Meghan Markle and hear from Nacho Figueras, a professional polo player and one of Harry's friends.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55258035","title":"Pro polo player on attending Prince Harry's wedding","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/prince-harrys-best-friend-speaks-ahead-royal-wedding-55258035"}