Take it from me': Proud LGBTQ celebs share their most empowering advice

Proud LGBTQ celebs share empowering advice
4:57 | 06/25/19

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Transcript for Take it from me': Proud LGBTQ celebs share their most empowering advice
Even when I was five years older. I knew I was engaged. Trusted my life if there. As a kid I was really energetic. I was just like this really funny outgoing. Kris K. I think grown up in the south. As as a gay person. It is hard on him because even when I was five years old I knew I was. On but I remember I knew that have to hide it rests my life because I knew all. Feel empathy campuses. That was on. His mind a lot. There's nothing wrong with you at all you can be and. We went from this USA to repulse records season five. I had no idea what I was arguments. About me walk into the work permits to divide us immediately pads just. On how large a scare with repulse attached. No not at all. Another self discovery moment I've watched vaccines and no wonder what about media wondered what about. Drag. In general. And are formed traffic. On thin sickly have been priced everything about myself. Flaws and all that let me also are few short years later and I think you can see the evolution of the globalized. That speech on apologetic it was. Better luck she's finally day folks and she is kids. JK. Fixes. With my girlfriend any. Who was my high school sweetheart. And mrs. we stayed together her pioneers like I look at the pilot hidden fat like. That's what everyone should get the feeling like the feel fully in themselves but my vice myself as like. You know look at how good it feels to be yourself. Off a plane maybe ease. That was actually on Father's Day. My kids are making fun of me they think that I had two sides I had business Baghdad's bloody side this is our woke up to one of them being like me grab my shirt off. And the other one being host rob. Are you doing I got that only wanted to use it is adage goes about it really got as are really Larry let me help the world. Elizabeth Smart for me I'm all about only my sexuality but also holding them back and hopefully people and I don't think that makes me that even though they're joking with. Old people the right side of the line and I wanted to know that it's okay. Whatever parts it's they are. God intersection now bodies. That make us who are those in just beautiful view memoir to be all the sides are because that means you. In. Best day of my life for it there. When I met Glenn and I stepped in to myself for the first time she gave me a sense of love. I had nerves this day only because I wanted to be so perfect. I had to accept. The best most beautiful picturesque lake that I could envision as being my actual life for the first time. I think that's something lot of people struggle I think a lot of people. Have an idea what they want and they go about. Putting obstacles in their own way it's like the self fulfilling prophecy freight and for me I had actually let myself believe that I deserved. The best that beautiful true. And that's on it from time. I. Pool and that was prompt. It was it was my tent figured it was probably just give president Michael Jackson curled if you might look a lot of here product. And I thought I'd be flashy and where I broke it fast and advice. From a store called merry go round it was a good luck and knowing that I was gang. You know lightning and he's I think that most of it can almost hear younger daylight with the ambulance lights in the eighties it's not end here is don't worry about it and just keep using hair cut like this it's eight. It's worked that well. So this is a picture. Me and my mom. And and using her hair the real human hair waved. So even at that age have expensive tastes. The best lesson my mom ever taught me was to. Always. Dreamed big. It's always think they. All the dreams in the goals that I had growing up my mom always told me not to put a limit on them. And I never did I never thought it would be impossible to. Go to the human. I never thought it would be impossible to do anything things I've gotten to you because my mom always talking. Actually. Put a limit on what happens.

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"Proud LGBTQ celebs share empowering advice ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63922605","title":"Take it from me': Proud LGBTQ celebs share their most empowering advice ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/proud-lgbtq-celebs-share-empowering-advice-63922605"}