Queen Elizabeth visits Duchess Kate's garden

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave the queen a personal tour of her garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.
2:18 | 05/21/19

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Transcript for Queen Elizabeth visits Duchess Kate's garden
duchess Kate's special moment with the queen and we showed you those new images of George, Charlotte and little prince Louis in the garden their mom created for charity. Amy is back with us again for another visit to tell us about it. I got royal duty again today. It's called the Chelsea flower show and the queen is the patron. Her majesty came to visit Kate and the very royal tour. It was a moment of majesty. Duchess Kate welcoming the queen to her own personal passion project, a wilderness garden she helped design that includes a rope swing, waterfalls and a tree house. Kate reportedly consulting the queen, a keen gardener herself as she planted. This pair have a close bond with Kate, a de facto queen in training constantly learning from her imagine industry's rule book. It's an opportunity for them to further their bond with her and learn on the job. She's been queen for 67 years and knows what she's doing. Reporter: Kate explaining that she hoped the garden would help encourage children to play outside. I really feel that nature being attractive outdoors has huge benefits on physical and mental well-being particularly for young kiddies. It's a natural creative place for them to play and I really hope the woodland we've created and the huge collaboration here and really inspires families and kids. Reporter: This is all part of the duchess' focus on the importance of a child's early years of development. Amazing and 90% of our adult brain has developed before the age of 5 and what a child experiences in those early years directly affects how the brain Reporter: The duchess' garden given the royal seal of approval by not only the queen but also her son, prince George who gave it his own rating. What would you give it out of 10, how many marks out of 10 would you give it, 10 being the highest. 0. 20 out of 10. Okay. That was pretty good. Looks like prince William was enjoying that swing there but a very important message for families to get outdoors when we had that fortnite story. A little different than fortnite being out in nature. I tell you that much. Thank you so much, Amy.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave the queen a personal tour of her garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63170740","title":"Queen Elizabeth visits Duchess Kate's garden","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/queen-elizabeth-visits-duchess-kates-garden-63170740"}