Rachel Weisz compares her new romance drama to 'Shape of Water'

The Academy Award-winning actress talks to "GMA" about her new forbidden romance film "Disobedience" and what it was like staring alongside Rachel McAdams.
5:18 | 04/25/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rachel Weisz compares her new romance drama to 'Shape of Water'
We have an extraordinarily talented guest to bring to our breakfast table. Starring in the powerful new film called "Disobedience." Please welcome, academy award winner Rachel Weisz. ?????? Okay, mwah. Oh, my goodness. Thank you for the film. Thank you for this film. Thank you for the intro. Absolutely. The strong roles. Where are my manners? Congratulations? You and Daniel Craig, your husband. Bond, James bond, expecting. A baby. Yes. Congratulations on that. Thank you, very kind of you. How are you feeling? Pretty good now. Dodgy for about three, four months. Now I've got the good bits kicked in. The good bits. The good bits. It only gets better. How do you know, Michael? Hey, I have four now. I didn't give birth. I know it gets better. You have four? Yes. As robin said, thank you for "Disobedience." It's a film about two strong characters. A forbidden love story. You produce. You star. Why was this so important for you to get out here? I was really wanted to tell a story about two women. In relation to each other. It could have been about female friendship. I was reading books about female friendship. There may be other books I didn't find. But it ended up being the women getting into fights over a guy. This isn't the story I'm looking for. I found lesbian love stories, like women in relation to each other as lovers. This story set in a tiny community in north London, near where I grew up. An orthodox jewish community. Spirituality is a beautiful thing. If you're gay, you can't express your sexuality. It's a rich place for a story to be told. The woman who wrote the book, she grew up in this community and then, left it. And came to live in New York, a bit like my character. She's writing from the outside looking back ofingly on the inside. But, there's a -- there's drama. Because -- Rachel Mcadams' character and mine are not free to love who they want to love. Kind of like "Shape of water." How can you be free? All human beings in this case, though. Exactly. You want to see a little bit? Thank you for pointing that out. They called you Ronny Curtis. That's my professional name. What's wrong with your real name? Artists change their names sometimes. That's right. Women change their names every day. They take their husband's names and their own history is gone. Oh, wow. We're not used to seeing Rachel play characters like this. She said she could not pass up the opportunity to work on this film and to work with you. How was it working with her? She's just so touching in the this film. She makes a huge -- it's the first time she's played English. She had to become an orthodox jewish woman. She didn't know anything about the religion before. She had to do a deep immersion. She's wonderful to work with. Soulful, wonderful, strong, intelligent. She's praet ity heart breaking. She nailed the accent. Completely. She got it down. You have a wide range of characters over the years. Incredible characters. If you had to pick one from these different time periods you have had the opportunity to lay, based on their fashion, what would it be? The examples. In the mid 1800s, like my cousin Rachel. Or you have achent E gyp chance, like the mummy returns. Or the '70s, lovely bones. It's got to be just based on fashion. Making this clear. The 1970s. A pair of flared jeans and I'm happy. The other ones, all corsets. Takes hours. It's painful. I like to put on pair of jeans and go. You made ittize ze. Could you bring it out. Speaking of fashion. Baby fashion. We have baby fashion for you. Oh. My goodness me. We don't know if it's a boy or a girl. Onesies for you. For you. Someone is going fit into this.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"The Academy Award-winning actress talks to \"GMA\" about her new forbidden romance film \"Disobedience\" and what it was like staring alongside Rachel McAdams.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54708685","title":"Rachel Weisz compares her new romance drama to 'Shape of Water'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/rachel-weisz-compares-romance-drama-shape-water-54708685"}