'Radioactive' star Rosamund Pike on her role as Marie Curie

The actress talks to Peter Travers about the making of her new film.
17:05 | 07/31/20

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Transcript for 'Radioactive' star Rosamund Pike on her role as Marie Curie
Hello everybody. Peter Travers in this popcorn movie that you what is happening at the movies. And there is a wonderful movie treats you right now called radioactive. And its start my guess Rodman I. I'm curious this is making rod welcome welcome. I haven't seen since guy or girl. You were pregnant so I guess that sun is walking around them being five or six years Ole. Signs and use. An. Michael and his mounted a summary it's not controlling the very big kind of unique ailments they. I won't go into debt anyway. In watching this movie which is so beautifully done. Yeah it's just. Mark time as a director. And putting. What this life is not at all stodgy by a man and our. Great. I'll let you know and I'm thinking of your journey first movie aren't girl. The day he remembered. In that same line are we gonna get this wrong but it was I don't know all about you. A book sat. Sex or dinner. Reckless. When. I. And now your hereditary. This is no other bongo done I feel that I'd say. You're yet now. Than they would try now but it's too. I'm nutrients he she. I mean yeah. She is a formidable creature I don't mean to. You couldn't maintain conventional oil and cherry my rep and she was ready. To each his opponent and he needed much needed and directly to grow and and a perched. That was going to come slowly or it is. Well she's got that and she's got kind of you are missed you know I remember when I first met US plot went out. So it's going to be quite imperious you know she she does age working did this that you're just mad. Just. Miss you I really. He admits it is great great. And yeah. A team and was kind of conduct for the team missed. Notes unison. He should be you know and that. You know I'd want to go back to this because again I said. This radioactive it is not like any buyout that's why is that what rack to. You know everybody would say yes I'd look like mad street in a movie made back in Ortiz. We agree Garzon and Walters and where I'm at it as. The look OK this is regulation. There seems like in media laugh at all the rules and Brooke. Does it at school. Science. And she. She conventional she. In the day it. It. And you can just see chic. She's. Left and he's. She's saying and she just never played by the rules even when it was just getting to and from an. Electrical and want to play this woman is. Mischief to Internet. Search. Yeah. She's right and you know we can dress this and he should quit giving them some. Period drama. Don't deliver. You know we exclude her being at the boundaries and I thought it would anyone. News any parent who could legitimize each of two laps 08 it would be somewhat during the rain which. You wouldn't cut an inkling would have honing in the future critical with the discovery of the settlement on the radio Tutsis and it is exciting to meet him. And I I probably could any and. English. Steve. Want to say about them is equal job into the future it will come and saying look it. What she invented with our eyes and hair look at fees. Elements discoveries. And what radio that he didn't know each note there would be unique problem about being around. True eight I think there's this misconception. That it is. Science. Sexy. Eight I think. You know who wants the phone and a scientist is curiosity. She bacteria in space or that he. Get an ancient and yet they revealed you know weighing scientist you'll never really aren't in your repeating an excuse that well you're just an exit. The time they were lucky surgeries and it's been. Yeah successfully I'm. Taken at the Indians on human body and he had seen the inside and leading human. I reliving it very exciting time in light was coming in the trains into. A tree and it was like. Must've been an incredible time. In reading. England and senator ceded the future. Greece is almost the opposite. Of win you win gun girl where your character who knows what she's work. Where it. Defining. What a cool girl you know. And to her it was you pulled me. And you may be compliant with their wishes. That you were cool because he gave them no they want to. Regular it was yeah. So even though this is a love story. And it is getting heating is basically. Are saying at a my web. She's she's she was a Cingular with. I think she. Didn't I just La eight and you did it when she meets him in GOK. She's been. Oh. She's just making that need to be on its technical know I'm. Yeah arrogance and ends it just immediate eight. So yeah but he's. Got my hands and she may be regional. Creamy. Making an. Such sad news here but. That. I know brass band that I don't know how. Mary jury would have dealt with asked me to movement but I think she would have been in their lines. And she she wants I mean she wins she T she she learned she knew that I think she was Sutton. I have grin. Was he was happy to them and statements are and I think she can she was woman and mountain she didn't Grady. Yeah you know when people trying to praise being want to credit he ran and she already. Greatest compliment she wouldn't just drop the price seem to get more extraordinary for doing cheat other woman she wanted to be. It. Well she won that first Nobel Prize with her husband with Pierre because they were collaborators in this way and it is despite the hostile. Meet cute that happens at the beginning. It was a real story. And the story in the risk and convinced seem. Who aren't better portray any onscreen think it was. I was keyed into that because you always honest arming. There have been curious state released increased journal that she in the weeks giant and honesty. With I. It is it's the most devastating Haiti option grants are important enough that someone. I thought wow inside it's for racists. Italians. Angular woman was means we're losers. He's written is a passion and two will be Indian Iranian scene for us into play because. I may be she. She didn't realize quite what she Boston's nick was gone let's. You know ducks. And when accommodations are asking in. Could stunt woman could really be responsible. Any name was on the recommendation. Am. It cited by not names seem so you know I had some right here is an elaborate and definitely my security wouldn't eat. How she is without ups sounds. Good understanding of urgency compassionate and being on T he would alchemy. TV's news. It is yet finds aren't using you and me so to push spiking. Folk what you are very playful with how to do this despite you know it is tragic that pretty early and but also those things we wouldn't see in a movie that was made in the forties is. We didn't see her actor. Dead had an affair with a colleague who knew opened yet in that are scam doll. In a way that it acted had she was being treated in the community how could you do this. Roads are millionaires she didn't acts. Already on the brink of war and I'll be seen as rich region and aimed or mention where prices and suddenly. She saw nothing at route once again. Who was married. She was the outsider and she was exerted to anti immigrant coming in with breaking the French new. It was wrecked. Oh. She not me Mack readies the press and we'll change it. Because I didn't you. If you really a lot of self be carried on the tidal wave that full and I think what it's not against. She really can hear it rains through death and in Prague's. In early changed and buried now it's on like it's very dramatic just arrange that. Well. It's. FB IEU in the future and expect a range storm. And yes. It's something dramatic. That what's also remarkable about her is. One of her daughters Irene who I'm Taylor Jordan plays so well again another no hope profits. Are. Worrell. I've pink. She's frozen out. Now. Crafts. Being that is what I mean. I'm. Not in the. Well before it happens again he's probably on their. We know this is. Let me finish up. By just saying is you're playing this. Notably in Oceanside. Woman. Great intellect and I don't know what you knew about science or how you did well when you work school you know in. Did you have it in the Asian about staying sure I can play Archie Nobel's. Well I thought Oscar now managed. A you're in. Yes I mean. In yet. IE. My. I. Or. I. I didn't you it's wouldn't it be used. Getting through that so did not last yeah it's answering their arms and she runs like evenings and school. I'm. We're and it's our mind to Wednesday. Yeah I mean I got hot and she's think he. In these violent content genes incidents thinking about some. Why aren't war now so are you learn. I've got to how. Science signals. Road around the great sounds and the left I'm excited to pretty serious. No that's right. A natural left handed person which is a national wonder what it. Costs. Moms moms written my thumbs or use the Euro. I don't know what it's imperative that set the rest of the world that's normal and I'm not so it's okay by me in our. I've always had both found that you've had. Some distance from normality which is what Mitch he's so good as an act eager. So that's what I'm calling you. And that's what makes it. You can eat clay. He didn't recall another boundary you know when you do agree coal. And what are. You get. In our. Yeah. I tried to you can mean. Units to date once that's the rule. Him. I just call girl is not something so it's. No I think. You go. There and you. Exodus and and then collecting the body takes everything on the but he remembrance these. If you if you all can you beat her to feel these things are in deep in. Your brain. Murder you know as your US ECE. All of those people insane and so I'm saying aunt's current science or. In. It is. Are going up. And a they're going up so I'm you know we end our show always saw. And I can't. Say there on what I don't. Know. There are literally the Mellon at some you can leave us with what adjacent to the two sons. All lane La. Com and for not. I'm not. It on. Lol and you come home Barack. Not it and I'm. Age old. Doing this in a storm. We've ever had. Or so I thank you so lot and great luck with me all. We don't know how to watch them but we do. Madonna. And cinema. Lacking and studios. All I've huge I think just living here. You don't want anyway thank you name cash. Yet buy back.

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{"duration":"17:05","description":"The actress talks to Peter Travers about the making of her new film. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72102134","title":"'Radioactive' star Rosamund Pike on her role as Marie Curie ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/radioactive-star-rosamund-pike-role-marie-curie-72102134"}